The heart of a Virgo man

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  • Hi ABB, just want to say hello , so nice to hear from you !

  • If any of the lovely ladies still around, would love to know how everyone is doing and if they're still with their V's! Have a wonderful Halloween!

  • Do not date a Virgo man ever.

  • This is so bizarre, I haven't been on this forum for over a year. Why today? I don't know really, but what a surprise to see a post from Sunday. Some psychic thing going on maybe, lol?

    Anyway, @Hope, I'd still like to think that not all Virgo men are as bad as the experiences shared on this thread. If you're still around, maybe you want to share what led you to your conclusion to avoid dating Virgo men. I finally came to understand that my Virgo has deep emotional/mental issues. I know, I should have probably accepted that as the truth a long time ago, but I couldn't know whether bad circumstances were shaping him and his actions, or he was creating bad circumstances. Once circumstances were different, and after his divorce and he was free to make his own choices, the truth revealed itself.

    In any case, I hope that whatever has led you to your conclusion about Virgo men, that you have resolved the situation and moved forward to discover better things for yourself.

  • Hello Jenever7 !

    Too many bad experiences with this particular sign has led me to this conclusion. I dated 3 Virgo men Sep3 Sep9 Step 5 in my life. All had almost same traits. I will not do it again . Thankx. They all seem to have ISSUES. We all have issues but we don't use people.

    Conclusion- They are human ROBOTS.

  • Agree with you Hope. "We all have issues but we don't use people". I still think that the "using" is a result of manipulation and control issues. If I have any sympathy for these guys at all (and believe me, it's only a crumb of sympathy at this point), it's knowing that those behaviors come from their own fear, distrust, and insecurities. Unless they have psychopathic traits. Then they have no excuse other than they were born that way. They manipulate and hurt for fun, like a sport or a game of chess. Born wicked.

    I'm still not sure which it is for my Virgo. I struggle to accept that there are people out there who are truly numb to the hurt they cause others. But there are. My Virgo could make the statement, "I hate to hurt people" and in the next instant dole it out and rationalize it all very logically to himself to boot. I think that in his mind people deserve what they get if they're willing to take it. And that message was a theme throughout this thread actually. The idea that anyone putting up with these Virgo's b.s. is asking for it. But my time with Virgo, and some of the other stories here, were not so simple. Things were twisted because of their "yoyo" behavior. In a healthy relationship both parties work towards peaceful resolutions. With these guys they'd try for a minute and then either intentionally re-create conflict or disappear altogether, only to come wandering back for another round. It is enough to drive everyone around them mad, and to drive people away from them for good.

    The last time my Virgo came around, which was a couple months ago, he was seeing another woman and yet in short order was seducing me. I had been through enough with his relationship triangles in the past. I didn't want to get involved. Next thing you know he told me he had broken up with his girlfriend, he was a free man. So that was fine. We went through a couple of weeks talking about getting together, but attempts to get together kept falling apart (on his end), next thing you know he wasn't responding to my calls or texts. Came to find out that he was back with his girlfriend, and "oh btw, she went through his phone and saw all of my texts". (Like that's my fault or my problem? Lol!) Wow.

    I was like, "wtf? Why didn't you just tell me you were back with your girlfriend? Why weren't you just honest?" Just exactly how long was he going to string me along letting me think he was interested in me, when the truth was he is with someone else? I'd like to have some choice in this matter. Same game he was playing the day I met him really; when I didn't know he was married, and I thought he was an honest and sincere man. All he was, was a catfish.

    So you talk about "users", Hope. He would have lied and used me for fun, lied and cheated on his girlfriend, (who knows if he has other women he's stringing along as well) and yet he still had the audacity to get angry with me because my request for "honesty" was the equivalent of calling him a liar and he just "hates being called a liar". I suspect that it wasn't an accident at all that his girlfriend went through his phone. I suspect that he probably made it very easy for her to access his phone. I suspect that he already has her insecure enough about their relationship that he knew she'd rifle through his phone if given half a chance. I suspect that he just enjoys making her jealous and keeping her off balance, and he used me to make that happen. Encouraging jealousy is a very hurtful, but effective, way to cultivate fear and maintain control of a person's emotions. Yet he turns around and whines because of all the drama in his life (he's still always the victim somehow). "I hate drama!" he says. Yeesh, it's him who turns people into frustrated nut-cases with all his games and drama and provoking conflicts. Hard to believe sometimes that this is a grown, middle-aged man, when he's usually operating like a squirrely 13-year-old girl.

    Anyway, I finally said, "I'm fine with being friends, but there can't be talk of anything beyond that". I actually like things about him, but definitely boundaries are needed in order to protect myself from his impulsive behaviors. But I guess my friendship isn't enough for him since I haven't heard from him since. And this is the same old script we've played out in all of our past. I try to do the right thing and that just pisses him off. "No good deed goes unpunished" with this man. It's like he takes what's good and healthy in people and intentionally seeks to break them down. Looking back, it's what he did to his ex, members of his family, and even his own children. If he's not getting things just the way he wants with people, then to heck with them. He just cuts them up and then cuts them off because he claims he doesn't need the "negativity" in his life. Well I guess not since he's creating so much all on his own. I mean seriously, he was willing - without telling me or his girlfriend - to bring me into a situation of a relationship triangle, put me at risk for STD's, and put me in the line of fire of a distrusting, jealous woman...but I'm the one who brings negativity and drama to the situation? Seriously........

  • Jenver7 !

    This zodiak (talking about males) sign I've been dealing with is strange as well as deranged. Flaky as hell. They are Hypocrites to say the least. I haven't read this SAGA yet but I will and it will take sometime as it is 572 pg long. Read first few pages and I was nodding with all the same story posted here..It was like WTF...??

    The Virgo men I've came across had same qualities(strange enough) ; changeable ..shallow..passive-aggressive..LIARs. They were messed up in there heads each and every one of them USERS ..Gold diggers.


    I know where you are coming from ; I've experienced them all including abusive behaviour. Their gaslighting technique is very unique. After meeting them for the first time you feel like oh yeah !!! he is your ultimate soulmate knight in shining armour; no man is like him and he is the one ; then as time passes by their true COLOURs become apparent. I was never interested in astrological signs before or you may say I've never believed in them but something happened and someone made me aware of this thingy and I was plain shocked that how accurate this can be.


    My last 3 boyf. were Virgo and I attract alot of them. If I knew it before then I would have never dated the last 2.

    They are covert NARCiSsists playing cool on the outside but inside SELF-Deluded individuals with no respect for others feelings. Really pathetic inadequate as human BEINGS.

  • @Hope04 Checking back to see if you're still around, I was curious if you actually read through the "saga".

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  • Haven't been here in a long time. I hope that you are all well!

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  • Wow Ladies !! All I can say is WOW . ._. Nope I will never date another one again. He was a living nightmare.. Another one is trying to get me. Nope I am done with this sign. :S

  • These men are nothing but assh0les in disguise. They love hœs. Its because they are the biggest hœs in disguise. I hate them with passion. The september ones are disgusting. August borns are little better. Have made the mistake twice of dating two of them. Both were born in September and both of them were horrible in bed. Disgusting people with disgusting thought process. They love weak women to prey on and admire strong women but hate them for their strength. All the virgos I personally know are living or have lived double life. My 3rd sept virgo neighbour is banging a cappie chick who is 10 years younger to him. His wife is a Loud mouth pisces who have come to know about this recently and like all other doormat pisces woman she is trying to cover it up. This cappie chick is also a hœ who loves married guys. Previously she was caught with a married taurus. So my advice to any younger woman who is trying to date a man like this. There is only one word for them -- DON'T DO IT. YOU WILL REGRET FOR SURE. RUN .

  • Yes Ladies I've been there. Hope you lovely ladies are all doing well. I was once fooled by a virgo man whom I thought to be the most kind and gentle man but I was wrong. I loved him with all my heart but in return I got nothing except heartache and pain that lasted for almost 5 years. I was so naive and foolish. I lost all my prime years loving a man who was not capable of loving any woman .Its sad to read this forum like how many beautiful women got played in the hands of these Cowards.Shame on these virgo men who are shallow, cold little selfish jerks. Now I've trust issues with men as I cannot trust another one. He has destroyed me so bad. I never believed in astrology but boy this forum is spot on and each and every one of your story is similar and I can relate. Its hard to gain back the life we had before we met our virgo men as our trust completely changed. My heart goes out to each and every one of you ladies who went through this nightmare. And sorry for my English as it is not my spoken Language. Take care you all.

  • KK33, please don't tell me your Virgo man has the last name Gray. Maryland is familiar of mine and the fact that he disconnected his cell phone without telling me. I truly hope we aren't referring to the same man.

  • KK33, please do not tell me this Virgo man has the last name Gray and lives in Gaithersburg, MD. The one I know all disconnected Ted host phone without telling me. I truly hope they are not one and the same.

  • Sorry, I posted the same comment twice.

  • I'm (27y) a Aries woman and my ascendent is in Capricorn born at April 3rd. He (30y) is Virgo born at August 23rd, so maybe he is a little Leo as well, I don't know. We have been hanging out every week for almost 4 months now. He was doing some little things everyday but I was always so impatient and trying to doing everything to please him and make him feel more about me. One month ago things started to be a little weird. His brother would come to visit him (he's still here) and they would travel for a week to another country. Since we never talked about our feelings or our status, I asked him if we were exclusives, and then he just freaked out. He started to compare me with his ex girfriend and also said he thought I was different. I was confused because in my head I just asked a simple question, and I was expecting only a yes or no answer. It made me feel so bad and miserable, I apologize to him in different ways and explained it was just a simple question. And in the end he was kinda nice, but still he didn't answer. After that day, I knew things had changed inside of me, I was so insecure and he was always so distant, well, he always been that way but after that conversation I started to be a little bit needy. He was nice most of the time, with little things but still he was nice but I wasn't reacting, I don't know, I wanted to feel a little more from him.

    His brother came, they went to their trip and almost no messages from him but still he was adding the new girls on Facebook. I was so scared but at the same time I was texting him like I was totally ok. I didn't want to ruin his trip. He came back and I spent the whole day with his brother while he was at work and in the end of the day we had dinner together and he was doing nice little things as well, and when we went to bed (I slept in his house that night like usual after hanging out) while we were having sex he told me that night was mine to tell him what I wanted to do. But my head was so full at that moment, It was so hard to react because I was so insecure and sad. After sex I was totally opened with him. I told him in a calm way what I was feeling about everything and that I would like him to touch me more, because we were barely touching each other, since the beginning. He said he would rather be in a casual relationship because this way he was always feeling pressure and obligate to text me or even to hang out with me every weekend. The next day I told him he was free now when I was leaving and in front of his brother, I was so sad and feeling it would be the last time I would see him, I was about to cry, so I left. He didn't text me after, so I waited. After two days I sent him a voice message telling him what I think I was doing wrong all this time. He said he couldn't talk at that moment but we should talk later or during the next day. And nothing from him since that day. I don't know if this means we broke up, or if he just need some time and he will talk to me later, or even if he want me to talk to him first. I really like him but I don't know what to do, he's so hard to understand.

    Thanks and I hope everything is well written, English is not my mother language.


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