The heart of a Virgo man

  • hey hey everyone, i know its a very late happy new year, but wishing you all a very awesome one....hope all you are well, happy and enjoyed some goodness over xmas (hoping santa was kind lol)did you all have good holidays?? this year our summer has been at its best hitting 30s and almost to hot to be outside, amazing, and i was loving it

    anyway, sorry i havent dropped past but none of you were far from my thoughts, things sounded like they got a wee tad mad round dec on here

    much love


  • Wishing everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day and hoping everyone is doing well! ♥

  • So nice to hear from you, Coolkharma and ABB ! It looks like everyone is doing well, judging by the quiet period on the thread, lol ! I've suddenly found myself very busy with all kinds of creative projects, and the Academy has finally paid most of the money that they owed the teachers, so it feels good. Hope all the ladies are feeling and doing well too !

  • Hi all. First off, I am a Leo, he is a Virgo. We have known each other for 8 years. He would come to my place of business weekly. We would talk for long periods of time, in my office, but never dated until December of last year. A friend gave him my phone number and he contacted me to ask me out. We dated for about 9weeks. We would text a few times a week, and always spend the weekends together. It all seemed mutual and moving at a nice albeit slow pace. I had a weekend trip planned in advance, which he knew about. I returned on Sunday and let him know I was home. No reply. I sent one more text on Wednesday, no reply. Nothing on valentines either. Due to weather he did not come to my work last week, and I still have not heard from him. It's been almost 10 days. Is this a classic he's just not into me, or some weird Virgo thing. I feel we've been friends for so long, it's weird he would just disappear now. He will have to come back into my business eventually. The fact that he is not my boyfriend (we never even got close to that conversation), do I chalk it up and move along, or could there still be more. The last time I was with him, before my weekend away, was great. Dare I saw, it was one of the best times we had. Neither of us are the emotional type, but he seemed very into things. I had no reason to believe he would be Houdini a few short days away. Do I give him some space (which I have done) and let him come to me, or do I put myself out there and contact him. We are both in our 30's and never married. We have met each others friends, and he knows my family thru my business. He's not into me or issomething else going on?

  • Hi Walker, welcome to the thread and sorry for not having responded sooner ! Well, it looks like your Virgo friend is doing exactly the same thing as most Virgo men seem to be doing. It's really weird, but it's true - they all do it. If you check the thread, you'll see that this is a predictable male Virgo pattern. First - they gain acceptance, then they back off. When you start distancing yourself from them in responce, they want you back, but as soon as they gain acceptance again, they disappear again and so on and so forth. You really have to think carefully if this is the kind of relationship you want in your life. The longer this game goes on, more difficult it will become to break free, even when you get fed up with this game. So, think twice before getting seriously emotionally involved with this man.

  • Hi All,

    Glad to see that I'm not the only person baffled by the behaviours of Virgos of the male genders. I met this Virgo on Christmas Eve whilst shopping, after smiling at me at numerous times at different aisles. He eventually muster up the courage to talk to me at the milk aisle ;-). Anyway after the chit chat, he went to the check out and I was still shopping he came back and gave me his business card. Fast forward we caught up for lunch on New's Day and later went for a walk that afternoon with both our dogs. After that he literally bombarded me with a whole heaps of text to meet him at different nights of the weeks and wow was it intense ;-). Anyway I never took him up to meet up again after that or we were playing tags and so missed any opportunity to catch up when he was still in the same state. He went back to his state and then the texting begins ;-). He would go all hot and heavy on the texts and then middle of January.. no contact? Day before Valentines day, I receive an email from him saying he misses me etc... From that time we resume the texting and he was so sweet... Then he starts saying I was a distraction so I said that I won't be offended if he doesn't text or email me all the time if he's busy and that if he needs space all he has to do is tell me. He backtracked not to leave him and that he wants me in his space and I found out at this point that he also has a daughter in addition to the son I already knew (oh his reason was because I didn't ask, that's why he didn't tell me ;-). So anyway I took him saying I was a distraction to mean that he needs space so I stopped sending any more texts and emails and responds only to the one he sends (which he doesn't respond back).

    So anyway I start doing some research about Virgos and it led me to some very interesting forums...;-) and majority of them seems to show most Virgo's exhibiting similiar characteristics and how relationships with Virgos don't tend to fare so well.

    To get some enlightenment I enlisted some outside help and contacted two different tarot and empaths for a reading on this situation. Anyway one told me that he is a bit scattered and don't know what he wants and that it will take a while for this relationship to go anywhere as it will be stop/start or hot/cold (I'm assuming this to mean the contact/non contact from him) but he will contact me in 2 (weeks or months) she seems to think it's two weeks, she said that he is attracted to me but has other things going on his life at the moment and as he don't know what he wants..... But she advise me to continue and keep moving forward but don't write him off as yet until he can step up and offer me something more and to open my eyes to other opportunities 😉 But she's positive that it can work once he's settled down but there's more hot and cold to come...lucky me 😉

    Another gave me an email reading and similar reading, she seems to think that he's a free spirit not ready to be tied down to a committed relationship but that he is waivering when it comes to me as he sees something in me with the potential for more but I need to be patient and let him move at his own pace and not to push or pressure him as this would cause him to come forward then retract if it starts getting heavy and moving too fast. But it will be a long wait................. Unfortunately the sadist in me is seeing him as a bit of a challenge. The funny thing was I enjoyed the communications we had and was not ready for something too deep ;-). I'm glad I never as yet had a sexual relationship with him (maybe that's why he's still around??) but in all honesty there is something about him that I can't write off as yet... Oh well he hasn't texted me for the last fortnight but have had a few emails since then... now it's gone quiet again.. we'll see where it goes or maybe I shouldn't bother ?

  • Hi Walker,

    The advice I was given by the empath/tarot reader was that's it's a normal thing for them and for my case especially that I should let him initiate all calls, texts, emails and let him move at his own pace.....Apparently Virgo's will seek you out when they're ready but don't be a pushover!! We need to give them tons of space and keep everything light and jovial and always end the communication first!!! Also they will allow you to do most of the work in relationships ie. meaning you will be the one doing the compromising and sacrificing... I don't know if you're willing to do that 😉 But if you do want this man to come forward etc.. let him make the moves. Let him be the first to email, call or text etc.. and don't fall for all his words but don't let him into your heart until he walks the talk so to speak!! That I need to take my time because it's going to take a long time for him to get to the stage where he will commit himself to the relationship. That was the advice I was given!! So I am staying quiet and see where my Virgo goes...but still keeping my options open 😉 Lucky it's a long distance thing for me so he can't tempt me into anything physical 😉

    Best of luck xox

  • Hi Pisces, It sounds like you have a typical Virgo, they are very hot and cold and once you have them, they normally fade away. I can only tell you to read through this thread, hopefully then you will decide to save your time and energy and a lot of heartache and move on from this is a waste of your time and emotions.

    Good luck!

  • Pisces 1803, I absolutely agree with LibraLuli, it's a waste of your time and emotional energy on a very unsubstancial character. Not sleeping him might be the biggest favour you've done for yourself. Oh yes, Virgos are the charmers of the zodiac and they seem oh so deep in the beginning, until you find out that in fact they are quite shallow. Him mustering the courage to talk to you at the milk aisle has cracked me up, by the way. In a way, it's quite simbolic, as Virgo's interactions tend not to ever go to the "grown up" level. 🙂

  • Thanks for your response LL. I've read the thread and at times find it funny, uplifting and enlightening and also empathy for those who hasn't fared well with Virgos. Luckily for me Virgo and I live in different state and even being a Pisces am a very conservative female and generally have the outlook that trust has to be earnt not given ;-)... So even though the temptations there, my upbringing will not let me get intimate with someone until I know that person well ;-).

    Having said that for some reason I found this Virgo a challenge... but I am still keeping my options open, as I am not married, have no children so don't have alot of the emotional ties that some of the other ladies on this thread has which limits them from easily just cutting all ties and moving on.

    Update..Virgo sent me a text message yesterday with a picture of his updated gym body...He really loves the gym and his body 😉 Haven't responded as yet.... LOL I'll play the same hot/cold game... who knows in typical Virgo manner he might get tired or he might try harder to woo me from a distance 😉

  • Hi LibraL, thanks for your response and suggestion. I have actually read the thread and at times could be enlightening and entertaining. But I do have empathy for the ladies that unfortunately had emotional ties/other commitments therefore unable to move on and cut immediate ties with their Virgos.

    I guess being a Pisces and a conservative female not married and with no children not to mention that my upbringing doesn't allow me to get intimate with someone until I know them better and even then that person would have to earn my trust as it's not given automatically I am still keeping my options open.

    Luckily for me my relationship with my Virgo is Long Distance so the temptations isn't there nor have I actually formed a deep connection to him as yet, even though it's now heading into three months since first meeting my Virgo....

    Update... My virgo sent me an updated picture of his gym body last night 😉 He does love the gym and his body ;-)..Haven't responded... I might play him at his own hot/cold game and see what happens 😉 Who knows it might make him try harder ;-)....


  • Sorry for the double posting 😉 For some reason I thought the original post was deleted in error 😉

  • holy moly shamboly..... whats going on with this thread???? goodness it was a god send for me, reading, typing away, observing, i feel a bit sad, this place truly helped the be jesus otta me.... rite to the point where i found true peace, please lets not let this place fade away xx

  • Thanks for your response VS. I will heed the warnings, unfortunately for me one of my main character flaw is persistence and diligence ;-), probably foolhardy as well.... but having said that I'm still erring on the side of caution so will give Virgo a chance to prove himself who knows I might get bored with it all and lose any interest long before he commits himself ;-)..

    Will keep posted...

    PS. Virgo hasn't emailed today to comment why I haven't responded to his text or even praise his gym body 😉 So disappointed.....I thought with the whole ego thing he would've proven me right.... what a shame 😉

  • I agree was a blessing when we were all struggling with our virgos and I would hate to see it go!! I think we just needed "new blood" as some of us move on from our Virgo nightmares, and it looks like we got it!! I hope all the new ladies who have joined in will heed the advice and the experiences we all have had and save yourselves A LOT of heartache and time!!

  • Coolkharma and LibraLuli, I also think this thread will go on for as long as people need it, and hope that it will continue providing help to women, puzzled by male Virgos' behaviour.

    Pisces 1803, Virgos are subtle players, and I think he is unlikely to get all flared up just because you haven't answered his message once. Usually they re-activate their efforts when they sense that woman is genuinely getting desinterested. However, a word of caution - playing with Virgos is counter productive on the long terms, as you might find yourself in danger of getting addicted to the excitement of the game. The bad news is that Virgos ALWAYS win, unless you genuinely lose interest in them and in their games. Another word of caution - one of the most scary stories that happened on this thread has happened to another Pisces girl, who like you, had traditional values and refused to sleep with her long distance Virgo boy-friend. To cut the long story short, denying him s e x did work on short terms, that is he did propose and they did get married. But what happened next was a nightmare, she was basically kept a hostage in the foreign country, alone in the house in the middle of the woods, while he was absent in days in a row, busy cheating on her, as she found out later. She did escape after a lot of hesitations and uncertainties, but her self esteem and emotional stability have been severly damaged. Don't know whether she's got a professional help after she disappeared from the thread, I sincerely hope that she did and got better, but her story was really a scary one. What I'm trying to say is - partly her traditional values were to blame for her nervous breakdown, because for her the collapse of her marriage was not just a collapse of the relationship with an unworthy man, but a collapse of the whole belief system. Hope this kind of situation doesn't happen to you, or any other woman.

  • Very well said VoplySoply....I remember the Pisces girl who went through all that and wonder also how she is doing. My daughter recently married a Virgo and is going through a similar situation, though, thankfully, not in a foreign country. I will tell you and anyone who will listen, that if I ever find out a guy is a Virgo, I cut and run.....they are not worth the confusion and pain, and no matter how "different" you think your guy is going to be, he won't be.

  • Thank you ladies for all your advice...:-) I am taking everything on board but there is a practical side to my spiritual side 🙂 that questions that maybe a person is not necessary influenced wholly by their birth signs and that upbringing and environment may also be a contributing factor?

    Anyhow, covering all my bases 🙂 Aries in me I think, I've ask Captain for her advice on this... Will keep you all posted. Enjoy the rest of your weekend


  • LibraLuli, I sincerely hope that your daughter comes out of this situation a stronger person. Fortunately she has you as a source of support.

    Pisces, I like Captain's common sense, and believe that she might give you some good advice there. Yes, environmental influences and upbringing are definitely a factor to consider, however the behavioural pattern keeps repeating itself in all different women's stories, so that can't be a coincident. My Virgo friend, for instance, comes from a very stable family with rather traditional values. In fact, I think partly his pattern of relating to people can be explained by his desire to be different from his family. More "interesting", so to speak. For instance he always becomes a vegetarian when visiting his parents, just because he knows that it disturbs them at some level.

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