The heart of a Virgo man

  • This Aries seemed to have an extreme detachment to the outside world, his family, other people. He has this incredible sense of being entitled but yet didn't think he should have to ever was the oddest behavior I have ever seen! I am sure I won't hear from him again....I haven't heard a peep since I calmly walked out of his house.

    To repeat Mardepp's words....Good Riddance!!

    Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

  • Thanks coolkharma! It is VERY refreshing and I'm loving it! He's exactly what the doctor ordered.

    Virgo called me yesterday; just to say goodmorning...

  • Hi ladies !

    I'm finally back home, still feeling heavily jet lagged and somewhat stunned by all the changes. I forgot to tell, 2 days into my holidays, while still in Britain, my sister has informed me that my dog, who was my dear and close companion for 17 years, has died. He was a very old dog, and has been with me ever since I came to live to Portugal, so that was a shock, from which I thought I've recovered while being away, but comming back home, seing his things, favourite places, dealing with all that was a very emotionally difficult thing to do. I have to get used to the fact that he is no longer around.

    The Taurus man has already emailed me 3 times in a day, and has invited me to become his fb friend, which to be honest I don't really want to do. I've checked his page, which is full of our pictures together (nothing too personal, or embarrassing), but I still don't feel like sharing all my private life with the aquaintances, co-workers and students. I'm quite a private person, much more so than he is, so I really don't know what to do about it. Don't want to offend him by rejecting his "friendship", but I'm not ready for the public display of our relationship. Plus he has a big, really nice family - parents,siblings, nephews, nieces - whom I liked a lot and they all liked me, we had a great time together, but that would mean that they would ineveitably become my fb friends as well, which would involve a lot of corresponding and being very selective in my comments on fb in general. They are rather religeous people with traditional values (apart from the Taurus man himself) and I wouldn't want to offend their sensitivities by accident. Plus, God knows what my Virgo friend would be up for if he gets a chance to get in contact with any of them...Anyway, that's a tricky one. I'm hoping to explain it all to him next time we chat. Hope he won't be offended.

    LibraLuli, your Aries definitely seems to be a problematic type. As everybody else said, good riddance.

    G4E, hope that Cappy has completely replaced the Virgo in your mind ! I'm sure you are aware of the Virgo's radar for your potencial happiness. Don't let him spoil the magic moments.

    Ladies, I sincerely hope that the suicide threats SS has made here were no more than an emotional blackmail. Just want to say, in case if she is reading it, that that was a very selfish and manipulative thing to do to all of us, but it's nothing in comparison with the level of selfishness and cruelty towards her parents, should she actually ever attempt the suicide. That would kill them, hope she is aware of that. So, I sincerely hope that that was no more than a case of a brief emotional tantrum, as much for her parents' sake as for her own.

  • VS,

    Taurus seems to really like you huh? I'd become his FB friend if I were you. You can put limits on what he can see/do and you can make it so that his friends can't see pictures or what you post. You can also set it up so that only friends can post to your wall but friends of friends can't. Check it out. That way you don't have to explain anything to him and potentially offend him. He won't know a thing.

    I don't think SS did anything VS. I think it was a desperate attempt for attention from us all--which is why I didn't comment on it. I had stopped commenting on anything she posted really. She had offended so many people and I think she felt backed into a corner and hoped to elicit sympathy from some of us as she has in the past. She's probably reading this every day. I truly hope she is ok, I really do; and I hope she gets the professional help she needs.

    Cappy hasn't totally replaced Virgo in my mind; however he's working his way to that! 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend ladies!

  • VS, I agree with G4E2, you should become FB friends with Taurus, just restrict the posts he can see!

    I completely agree also that SS was being manipulative because she knew she had offended so many of us....I am sure she is alright and has found a different sounding board. It was so disturbing to see our thread attacked with so much negativity and I hope everyone comes back so we can resume in peace and with assurance that everyone's confidence's will be upheld. We all tried to help SS but she only wanted to hear what she wanted, not the truth or the reality of her situation.

    VS, it made me so sad to hear about your sympathies are with you. I have a very, very old cat that I expect to lose at any time, and I am dreading it. Pets are so special and it is so heartbreaking to let them go. I am sure he knew how much you loved him and he was lucky to have you as his people:)

  • VS - nice to have you back! Very sorry about your dog 😞

    VS, I'm going to be honest here and say that I am surprised/concerned about the comment you made about "God knows what my Virgo friend would be up for if he gets a chance to get in contact with any of them". I can understand you not wanting to reveal your FB to Taurus and all his family, but not becoming FB friends with Taurus over concerns about what Virgo might do, is, well...controlling you. I know you consider Virgo your friend, but I'm feeling more like you're his emotional "hostage". Do you really think he is capable of contacting people he doesn't know in order to make his presence in your life known? Do you really want to protect his "right" to do that? I can understand that you want to keep the peace since you are living with him, but that also begs the question, why are you still living with him? What happened to you new place you got a while back? Sorry to jump in so deep on your first day back, but I read that and thought, "major red flag here". If the relationship with your Virgo supercedes any other relationship you are ever going to consider, then you may as well resign yourself to the idea that Virgo is the main man in your life and work things out with him. Otherwise you're only going to be half-way with anyone else that comes into your life - always weighing things out with, "how will this affect my Virgo". I'm not saying you need to alienate Virgo, but there is something wrong with the idea that he would take it upon himself to interfere with your new friends and their families. Thoughts? Did I read that the wrong way, or is Virgo a potential obstacle to you ever building a new relationship with someone else?

  • Thank you for your responces and suggestions, ladies, I think you might all have a point here. Jen, you are right, part of me is dead scared of the possibility of the Virgo finding the subtle way to spoil it for me, like making some provocative comments for everyone to see etc. I have already noticed that he has put "in relationship" status on his page, and as far as I know he is not dating anyone... And yes, at the times like this I do start feeling like an emotional hostage of a kind, which needs to be addressed, but it's not easy. Going to see the Taurus man was already a big step for me, and I'm still digesting the shift. There are definitely issues to be addressed here... 😞 Unfortunately part of me has got so much used to the life inside the "gray area", that it feels scary to suddenly start making drastic changes. As for my new appartment, moving houses is what's on my priority list now, which would make the situation in fact less of a "gray area". That is my plan A - to make a gradual, "natural" change instead of a confrontational one, but it might come to the unpleasantries and drama. Mostly I just want to spare the Taurus and his family from witnessing them.

  • Hi VS, hi all,

    I am really sorry about your dog because our pets are really family members in my view and they give us soooo much every day and never ask for much in return. So parting with your animal is really hard having you been there. I always have some sort of spiritual ritual or something to let them go, they sort of define a time in one's life. And perhaps without reading into too much symbolism it is time to mark a change and let go of the past. Move out. I can relate to what you are going through because in my own personal relationships there is a part where I get stuck and paralyzed when change is required and it takes me double the time that it would take others. I agree with Jenever in her comment. In fact I had an ex boyfriend that insisted in having just a friendship with an ex girlfriend and that it was purely platonic. However, this person was heavily and unconditionally in his life even after ten years of having broken off the relationship. She would call everyday or visit, interrupt dinners, etc. I addressed it saying that as long as he filled that space of intimacy with her, none could/would be developed with me and I left. He put a stop with the communication with her and we resumed things but after a while things were back to where they were, or whenever we had issues he would comment on them with her. I am not saying you are doing that, what I am saying is that as long as that space is filled (and living with him will do that) you are having room for someone new and develop things with someone new. Much less if this person is in another country. It will just keep things the way they are for you and not change. If you want this new man you must make some changes and make room for the other person to be in your life. At the very least, if you are not sure, you must make sure that you are giving the new person a fair chance, and that is not going to happen if you live with Virgo. I hope that you well though and remember, it is new beginnings, either one way or the other. It is like the "Lover's card" in Tarot, two paths but you cannot keep them must be chosen...

  • I meant to say " are not having room for someone new and develop things with someone new" . I missed the "not". Sorry!

  • VS - Yes, I am at fault here for not recognizing that your trip to visit Taurus man was a huge step and I AM very proud of you for that. I know others here are too. You were afraid and you went for it anyway. 🙂 And you are right, a gradual transition is ideal, but not always possible. Just trying to keep your awareness up and keep the momentum going. Don't let Virgo hold you back.

    Mardepp - so interesting what you said about pets. I had a similar experience with my last pet, a bunny. He lived without a cage, lived life much like a cat and was every bit as tidy with a litter box (in case anyone was wondering). I had him for ten years which is also quite a long time for a rabbit. He died just two weeks before my first child was born. We were also in the process of moving. It was almost like he knew a phase had ended and it was a good time to move on. I buried him in the back yard with his favorite toys. Yes, bunnies can play with toys - since most people keep rabbits cooped up in backyard cages they never realize their real potential. Like any creature kept in a cage you know.

  • Awwww, your comment made my eyes water Jenever! How beautiful, a bunny! I love bunnies. Here is Freckles, a bunny that was in my daughter's school a few years back and we had a chance to have him for a weekend. We enjoyed having him so much! It is a sad fact that they leave us. I always think even if you are sad you make room for new pets in your heart. They will renew your joy and you never forget your other pet... Here is Freckles...

    VS, I hope you know I am not trying to be critical, I just know how hard it must be for you and like Jen said, you are taking steps in that direction every day!

  • I will try again with picture. Did not go through the first time...

  • Mardepp,

    What your post to VS: well said!

  • Ladies, the timing of my dog's death was also very significant, and as Jen said, it was also as if he new that it was time to let me start a new cycle. The most amazing thing happenned the day after I learned about his death. I went to my favourite old cathedral in Britain, where I always felt some kind of spiritual presence and started spontaneously praying that his soul would be received with kindness and he would be taken a good care off. After that I was walking around the cathedral and happened to enter the cathedral shop, where I saw book markers being sold, and amongst them there was one with a portrait of my dog, literally, the similarity was amazing, and it was written " I know I am in my own's ok, they know me here". Even my Virgo friend was amazed when he saw it. So I've decided to take it for the face value and not to question whether that was a coincidence or something else. Mardepp, how did you upload a picture to the thread ? I've never done it before, if I can, I could show it to you. That's a beautiful bunny.

    As for my new flat, I'm definitely starting the process of moving in...I realize the need for a change, and everything is pointing to it, including my dog's passing away.

    LL, try not to dread the eventuality of the death of your cat. Just enjoy the time you have together. I'm sure he/she will chose the moment when you are ready for it, and who knows, maybe you'll also receive some "message" from another world if you keep your mind open to this possibility.

  • Hi VS! Oh, wow, you guys are posting comments that are making me weep with emotion today. I am not sure what is going on with me but I just can't help it. When you described the cathedral and the shop I could literally see you there. Yes! Post a picture! Underneath the comments box, it says Add images, "choose file", just click on there and you can pick it from a folder in your computer. It does not take images that are too big, so you may want to reduce the size or try and see if it compresses it automatically. In a way it is very exciting that all these changes are going on in your life. My Mom says to me when I get stuck on something "problems and issues in life keep mutating and growing if you do not tend to them, they are dynamic. So you must do it, whether you are ready or not. You cannot give a ten on everything, sometimes you will give a 3, a 7, sometimes a 10. Be more kind to yourself". I do love how she thinks...

    LL, sorry to hear about your cat. I have three and they are dear to me. My daughter is very attached to the oldest one and I dread thinking of the day she might be gone because they are so close. This cat is her protector. She really is.

  • This is my dog few years ago.

  • and again...

  • and this is the cathedral one

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