The heart of a Virgo man

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  • Speaking as an Aries, We can be very strong and quick tempered sometimes, but you always know where we stand and once it's said it's over. The older the Aries, the more in control you should find them since we are the baby of the zodiac. Probably takes longer to mature for an Aries.The good thing going for you LL is you should be able to communicate freely with your Aries to find out what is going on... Aries are very, very young at heart and have much energy and absolutely love to be around happy adventurous people! Wishing you the very best LL!

    SS, sure do wish you'd let us know if you are alright even if you're still real pissed at everyone. Have had several people in my life threaten and commit said "threat"! Do not wish this on anyone.

    Ladies, hope everyone is safe and not up in the Gulf Coast area!

  • Thanks ABB.....he is pretty confusing, and now for whatever reason not communicating!! We have had a total of 3 very normal dates. I invited him over for dinner at my house tonight and last night he said he would love to come!! I haven't heard from him all day now and when I tried to call to confirm he was still answer and no call back.

    So, dinner is ready, and I obviously am stood this normal??

  • LL, I think he will come through. A bit of cold feet there. He may be late but i strongly feel he won't want to miss this chance with you! Can't wait to hear back from you. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  • Libraluli - I hope that he is at your house now. Seems very strange that he didn't respond but I do believe if you ask him (without yelling at him) he will explain everything. I've got quite a few Aries in my world right now and one thing I'll say, is they don't keep much to themselves. Kind of like Sags, they just put it out on the table. Give him a chance to explain before you jump to any conclusions. Crossing my fingers with Rosie 🙂

  • mardepp - So many times your posts come up as asterisks - is that intentional or is the site causing problems? I always enjoy your posts and everytime this happens I feel like I'm missing out on some great mardepp insight.

  • Nope, not here yet! I won't attack or yell....I probably won't even call him..I think he is the one who owes me the phone call! I have enjoyed the way he is so upfront, this just seems out of character. Hopefully I will get an explanation....

  • Hello gals and guys, hello Jenever! Well, indeed the thread was giving me trouble reading comments so the asterisks are a way of generating a response to make the previous response visible. I have not commented further on anything because I do not think I have much to say regarding anyone's situation at the moment, but I am enjoying reading the thread and I follow it. My only news is that I started my new job a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it!! Adapting to many new ways of doing things with my little one and the job and I do feel pretty exhausted as I am learning all these new things. It is exciting though and I do feel grateful. V guy is still in the picture although I try to just think of him as a friend, he behaves like a bf in many respects and not in others. I am sooooo busy that I am just sort of learning his moods, even though at times there are hard for me to accept. I do not know if I can believe he will ever want a true relationship with me, so even though I enjoy his company immensely I try to think he is not the one and I am still getting all these other aspects of my life ready for when I am some day. I do keep having nostalgia of my Cancer ex from time to time. I reached out to him for his Birthday in July and he replied a warm e-mail (first time we communicated in over a year). But I left it at that after that. And that was my update! Just trying to find order and grateful for all the good things that are working. Practicing being present and in the moment. Working with teenagers all day will force you to do that!

    LibraLuli, just a thought...I think three dates so quickly might be too much too soon, just maybe. I cannot think of what great excuse he could have to do that though. That is kind of unforgivable...he could still call and say he is not coming or something. It would be really refreshing if he said what he was really thinking... I hope he showed up. We are here for you either way.

    Stay safe in the South with the storms those of you who are there...

  • I will acknowledge he is a bit eccentric and quirky. He finally called...about 8pm....claimed he had gotten busy, didn't realize it was that big of a deal, was not super apologetic, kind of laughed it off. I let him know I was pretty upset and felt it was rude and inconsiderate. I also told him I felt it would be best if didn't call for a few days. I don't know what to make of some ways he is so attentive and communicative and then this!! I have noticed he seems to be uncomfortable out of his comfort zone of his own environment....but no excuse. If he didn't want to come he shouldn't have accepted the invitation!! I agree Mardepp...unforgivable, at least for now! I sometimes think I am too hard right off the bat with guys I start to date because I am on such high alert for flaws and dishonesty after my past experiences with Virgo and Aquarius, but I don't want to be walked all over again!!

  • hello to everyone. i did post here about my ex virgo husband and my new virguy. About a month ago when the divorce got final, the new virgo comes to my house at night and sleeps and leaves in time before my kids wakes up to go to school. i don't know if i should be happy or not, because before, every night i check out on Jenever's thread and see what these beautiful, sensitive and intelligent women on these thread have to advise. Maybe i'm one of the shy ones who don't post but always on this thread every night. Now, since this new virgo always comes at night, he's taking my time away from Jen's thread. I feel something is missing in my life and making me hate the virgo guy. When he's with me, he needs full attention and I feel i'm out of the loop in everyone's life. I would even read this thread first than check on my I love you guys.

  • Scorpwoman - LOL enjoy the new v I r go. I know what you mean about full attention, my ex V was the same way...but so is my current aqua boyfriend so maybe it's more of a man thing than a sign thing (big babies all of them) : )

    LibraLuli - I'm sure there is more to the story than what was posted here, but from what is seems he was unsure about coming by but maybe didn't know how to tell you. I say this because when you guys talked about it, no time was discussed. For the most part, if I had a guy i was seeing discuss coming by for dinner, they would provide a tentative time for me to work with. Not that that excuses his rude and inconsiderate behavior. I don't think he lost track of time at all, I think he called just late enough to avoid dinner but early enough to avoid thoroughly pissing you off.

  • I pretty much agree with you snowball! He was trying to avoid it altogether, which he did. When we discussed dinner, it was left at around 5 0r 6 oclock, but he would call during the day like he usually does. Also, I called him at 2:00 that day after not hearing from him and he didn't answer, didn't call back, so, yea I know he was avoiding the situation. He is not comfortable outside of his environment....he is a bit too quirky for me. I went over last night for a bit (he has never been to my house) and there were some more odd behaviors that popped up, one of them being he was pretty toasted and got quite argumentative. I left, broke things off with him and am glad I only invested one week in the whole thing!

  • LibraLuli - Sounds like maybe he's not ready for the same kind of relationship that you might be. To be honest, I don't think I could see a man as often as you have in such a short period of time without feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I know that's just me, I like my space. And at least I can say that if I needed to. I mean at the very least you want someone who can express that he wants to take things more slowly or what he is looking for in a relationship, not avoid phone calls or get drunk and offensive to keep his distance.

    Scorpwoman - you're a single mom who went from a divorce to right away bringing in a new guy that now occupies the only spare space in your day. You don't resent him because you can't read the thread, you resent him because you don't have a minute to yourself to do whatever you might want to do. Does he HAVE to come over every night? Where does he go all day until bedtime? You pull this off seven days a week? Sorry, just an odd scenario that I am curious how that works and why you'd want this kind of arrangement. If you can't live without each other on a daily basis, it would be a whole lot easier to come out of the closet so you can create an arrangement that allows some space for yourself. Snowball is right, a relationship requires an investment of time, but does it really have to be full-time at this point in your life when you've already got your hands full - and if he has someplace else he can sleep occasionally, like his own bed?

  • It was too much too soon for me also.....he was the one insisting on seeing me every night. I prefer much more time to myself but I was trying to accomodate for the sake of a new relationship. He should have just been honest about his discomfort going to other people's homes instead of doing what he did. If he can't act like an adult then I really don't need the aggravation! Plus, I don't want to be in a relationship where I have to drive over to see him everytime, he just seems so intractable.

  • Good riddance LibraLuli! You want to give the person the benefit of the doubt...I get that. There is a lesson in this though and every woman has been through it. Do not ever betray your intuition. If you thought it was too much to see him every day then put on the breaks yourself. Believe it or not men test women a lot and throw relationship frisbees just to see how much you are willing to put up with, how fast, etc. They do this A LOT in the beginning, so do not ever betray your intuition for ANY man. When something does not feel right in your tummy and gives you anxiety, it is just not right, something is not right. Ignoring that brings pain after, little pain or big pain, but pain nonetheless. Protect your beautiful heart! He is supposed to go out of his way to see you not the other way around...

  • Wow on the status of your Aries Libra! I haven't heard from the one I dated either but I really don't care. I'm enjoying Mr. Capricorn right now. He's told me his expectations from me already which I love. I didn't get this from Virgo and there was always confusion! He's told me he wants to hear from me at least once a day and see me at a minimum of once a week. This works for me and not smothering at all. I have to tell him mine soon--I agree with what he says but he has to consider my young son--I may not get to see him once a week. I think it'll all work out in the end. It feels good to "know" what is expected vice assuming.

    Scorpwoman I don't understand all the "he's taking away time from the thread" thing. Really? I agree with what Jen said--don't think it's really the thread at all. I'm confused.

    Hi Mardepp!

  • wow gem4ever, i love that your cap has been so up front, its refreshing and up beat! nothing better than knowing where you stand and what the expectations are, no confusion there at all, wishing some goodness with your cap, sounds really exciting 🙂

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