The heart of a Virgo man

  • I hate to see the negativity and judgemental accusations invade our thread. We are here to support each other, throw thoughts around, ask advice, commiserate and celebrate. The people on this thread have always respected each other, even when they may disagree. Personal attacks have no place turns a really positive, lovely site very ugly.

    "Judge not lest ye be judged...."

    Blessings to you all.

  • Guyfriend - For what it's worth, I don't think you're evil or insane, just very outspoken. The presentation might be a bit rough, but I appreciate that your heart is in the right place.

    SS - I'm not sure what to think about you tracing information on Guyfriend - if indeed you were able to. I know a bit about the internet and how it functions and normally an IP address is traceable only to one's service provider. Not to the level of identifying the name of the owner of the computer. Not to mention you couldn't know if that were his computer or someone else's he was using. Part of the reason IP addresses aren't traceable to a specific name is to protect people's privacy. While it would be nice to know specifically where all of my phishing spam were coming from, alas, that is not information I can access. And I would not give up my right to privacy just to be able to see who is sending me junk. If I were you I would be careful. Technically you are hacking and there could very well be legal ramifications for your actions. Guyfriend is outspoken, but he has posed no personal threat to you, yet you have taken things to a very personal level with him by claiming to be creeping on his internet activities. In fact, if Admin is monitoring this thread they may have some concerns about any members taking this kind of action towards another member, or even just claiming to. It seems violating, unwarranted, and certainly unwelcome. People aren't going to want to come to the forum if they believe that there is a chance that their privacy will be compromised by you - or by your friends - whether we leave cookie trails or not. As I say, this one may get Admin's attention.

  • @LibraLull, you are soooo right and I couldn't have said it any better! Thank you.

    @ SS, Never cared, wondered or felt the need to know since he left my home. When I said out, I meant out if it means with some other woman!!! So really, if I saw him walking hand in hand with another woman, I will smile and remember the days I was in her position and hope he has learnt from our experience. But frankly speaking, knowing him, he will always be a lying cheater and no good of a man! So really, doesn't really bother me how great or not great he's doing. We are 2 separate people since our divorce and now, he is no more than somebody I used to know (so I thought! LOL)!!!

    I look forward to someday talking with you once you rejoin FB. P.S. Don't stop anything you are doing because of your ex or his women! Do you!!!

    Love and respect to all,


  • Ladies and Gentlemen, 🙂

    Like LibraLuli, I think negativity and mutual accusations distract us from the main reason we are here - to support each other in moving forward. It looks like despite the stebacks we all do somehow, so there is really no need for any forms of hostilities.

    Have to run now, I'll write better later.

  • Wow I think everyone should be able to express themselves without being condemned. If some can rant and be insensitive and others can't... I don't agree with everything Guy says and some things may be a bit harsh but if what he says bothers a person perhaps there might be a ring of truth? I don't stress about things said about me that I know aren't true--that would be a total waste of my time. However, on this forum people should be allowed to agree or disagree on things responsibly like adults. I agree with Jen that Guy is just very outspoken as is SS. Each says things that could be considered harsh. Remember words are here that can be read over and over.

    You ladies have been a wealth of information. I'd hate it if I logged on to my computer one day and find that no one was posting here anymore! I'd miss you all! I hope that we can move on past the past few pages and as VS said support each other moving FORWARD!

  • Wow Ladies I think I am pretty much done with this forum. I am not coming back . A hacker is between us, chatting with us & who is violating our privacy. I cant compromise my own safety. Hacking is a very serious "CYBER CRIME". God knows whose profile she and his professional hacker friend is hacking now. I cannot trust her on this forum any more. I think ADMIN should take some suitable steps against her. Good byeee every one. Pls take care of your well-beings. I will miss you all Specially- JEN, VOLPY, ROSIE, GEM4e, SNOWBALL, ABB. ..Take care. 🙂 will miss you.

  • "Those among you without sin, throw the first stone."

    I dare you.... SS

    Journal entry 696,098 (heart of the virgo discussion)

  • Could CC be one of the alias of .. Maybe..

    Take a look at how they express themselves in type.almost the same..They both appeared on here at almost the exact time too...After all "reverse psychology"...ha, look at that.. wow..brilliant and sneaky..

    CC, why don't you ever type in correct language? You always type as if you've never gone to high school, let alone college or graduate school. How old are you? Don't lie because I "sense" lies.

  • Oh my, again all I can do is SMH as this makes me very sad! 😞

  • @Jen, how can you not see that the person in question isn't insane? You can't sense that? Wow,...then it's your female Virgo Asc blocking it because I thought you saw it as clear as I did. But, I know the Gemini and the Aries here see what I see. Stop thinking about life at home with "him" and try to focus "just here" for a sec, k?. I know you don't like Pisces, they've hurt you big time in the past but, don't make me pay for their mistakes. I did the same thing to you with my ex's mistress (a cancer female) but I said I was sorry and I meant it. Accept it and move on. I never apologize to anyone unless I mean it. I meant it to you. Pisces are sincere in this if nothing else.


  • SS - Since you continue to have issues with people on this thread I think that it's time that you go start your own thread. Those from here who want to continue to help you explore your issues can join you there. I think that would be in the best interest of everyone at this point.

  • Gem4ever - Looking forward to hearing how things go with your Cappie. He does sound intriguing! 🙂 As far as your Virgo...well, no surprises there, eh?

  • I agree with is so disturbing that this long running thread has turned into this because of one person. SS, it is not necessary to go into attack mode every time something is said that you do not agree with. And also, attacking others and throwing their pasts back at them out of revenge and to put a better light on your situation is really low.

    I have known many Pisces in my life....I have nothing to do with any of them because of their sharp tongues, hateful attacks and how they take everything to such a personal level....who needs that negativity in our lives? People are all different, they won't always agree with shouldn't be on here if you don't want to hear it. I think you need to examine what you are doing and how it affects are losing friends fast.

    On another note girls....I have a first date with an Aries tonight! I have never dated an about some tips from those of you who have???

    Thanks....happy Saturday to everyone!

  • Libraluli - Awesome! Hope you get to read this before tonight. I can only speak for the Aries I am dating, but he's very open and very good at keeping his word. Doesn't avoid issues, is very willing to discuss things although not at a deep level. He actually likes discussing things in depth in a general way, such as debating politics and other world issues, and he does so without getting argumentative. But when it comes to personal points he just likes to patch things up and move on.

    On that note he readily admits his shortcomings (and if I don't admit to mine he will call me out on them, lol). But the nice thing is that kind of open exchange keeps things feeling really comfortable and drama-free. He's very supportive, almost like having a personal coach rallying me on. Loves the outdoors and he's a very physical person in all ways. More physical energy than mental. A lot of physical energy. That continues to be my biggest area of concern in an otherwise peachy relationship. One thing that didn't work in his marriage is that through time he and his wife didn't enjoy the same activities. He can work all day (his work is very physical) and still want to go for a long walk in the dunes at night and then still go home and have a romp in the hay. Yeesh, he's a year older than me and I don't know where he gets this kind of energy.

    The only "dark" side I've encountered is if I ever said anything that seemed like I was telling him what to do. His defenses go up instantly. It's not that he doesn't respect my opinion, but I figured out that there is a right and a wrong way to present it to him to the point that I will literally preface things with, "well, I don't want to sound like I'm telling you what to do, but have you thought about such and such..." Very thin-skinned in that area. Otherwise, I never nag him or ask him what he does when I'm not around, and I think he has come to appreciate that more and more. Told him early on that if I ever feel like I have to wonder what he's up to all the time, then something is wrong anyway. I'm done with that. If I were to guess at what my biggest negative is to him, it's most likely that I don't express more emotion to him. He likes to hear how great he is - who doesn't I guess. In general though, my experience is: very straight-forward, no hidden agendas, doesn't like to hang out in negative thoughts and very open to trying new things and very okay with unconventional thinking. If your friend is anything like my Aries, I think you'll enjoy him even if it doesn't turn to romance. I think that even if my Aries and I don't work out long-term that we would still be friendly. He's just that easy to get along with really. Probably more so than I am 😉

    So I hope you have a great time tongiht! (And let us know how it goes of course!)

  • You guys have been attacking me for several pages. What did you want me to do, stay the little goldfish and not turn into the shark?

    This site is not run by Jen. She is not the owner of said site and has no legal right whatsoever to restrict anyone from participating in an open, public, non-encrypted domain whether she started this thread or not. She does not have absolute power here but apparently she thinks she does.

    This site is meant for "entertainment purposes" only as statement in the mission statement for this domain, and should never be taken seriously as a way to lead ones life.

    Real emotions have been invested, mine included. But Jenever7 is not a professional therapist, she writes about plants for a living people. She's the most dangerous thing on this thread, not me. It's never been me. I like Jen, she's been through a lot. I like her still. But I don't like how she's acting as if she has control over who can be on this thread and who can not. That's not fair. An why a Libra agreed to that? Hum. Well Libra must keep the scales balanced at all costs so maybe that's why. Those scales can't be "upset."

    "It is not a crime to say something that is true and proven fact."

    I'm a really nice girl in real life. All of you would probably be my real friends. This is a fantasy life site ladies. It's not real. Yes, the feelings of pain are real to some extent but for the most part, that pain must be worked out in "real life" therapy, with a "real life" therapist in a doctor's office or hospital setting, not with a women who was the mistress to a married man. Oh sure mistakes have been made and all have learned from them as time passed. That is true growth in life. But, the facts are still the same.

    I'm a poet, a dreamer. Very kind, very compassionate, big heart, saves humans and animals all day long. Jen is a worrier although can be very kind as well. But she can also be very mean. So can I, so can you all. Female Cancer frets the small stuff where I can simply let it go. (mutual) As I said, although Jen claimed it was "water under the bridge?" She didn't mean it and I knew that she didn't. Her experience with Pisces has never been good in her life, and that really bothers her. I have her figured out and she "feels" that as a threat. She feels her fantasy land here might go up in smoke if I give away her secrets and she won't feel important in her life anymore without this thread. That's not "picking" on her. It's the truth. She's a big girl, over age 50, she can take it.

    What this "which hunt" has done is weaken a good thread, not make it better. I have an enormous amount of information on male Virgo's because I am living it in real life, not copying and pasting it on here. I came here to make friends, not to take what I can get them then move on.

    "Pisces don't use people, we get used."

    Good luck with the evil for they who follow evil will surely find it. Those that come here claiming not to want to be friends should not be here. I was here to find love through the sister hood of women, yes sister hood, not man, but alas, this is not the right place.

    "And the little fish with the sound of the deep blue sea in her eyes, swims away quietly, sad for she is still deeply suffering from her ordeal and needed to be here longer..She'll find another pond to play in and seek out new friends but will forever feel the hurt by the friends that have now abandoned her." 😞

    Much Light...

  • SS, much as I hate conflicts and confrontations, I have to admit that you do have an impulse control issue, which gets in the way of your interactions with people, both online, and, I suspect, in real life. Lashing out when your ideas are challenged, in other words. Guyfriend has the similar tendency, but at least he admits to it, which makes him capable of being objective. I am sure you are a nice girl, but when you perceive being under "attack",(which for most part is just a criticism of your unwillingness to listen to a common sense), your automatic response is to shoot without thinking - it's disproportionate to the original "offence" - it's personal, catty and hurtful. I do realise that recently you've been through a lot, and are possibly suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, but you have to understand that lashing out is not going to help you build good relationships with anyone. Right now, I'm afraid to say, you are being your own worst enemy. This situation makes me feel really sad, as I can also see how you are making progress, despite the setbacks, but you have to get anger under control, girl ! None of us is a professional therapist here, which is why all of us have choice of quitting interactions with an offensive person at any moment. This thread is really a virtual support group, and support is the reason why we all are here, not just entertainment of any kind. I don't think this tendency of indiscriminate lashing out has anything to do with Pisces characteristics, as I happen to know people of different signs, who have similar tendency, but just for your own sake - work on it ! See the professional therapist if necessary, as it's ruining your chances to form lasting relationships. Peace to you !

    CC, girl, please don't let fear deprive you of something which you enjoy doing. Just think about it - what is there to be afraid of ? What's the worst case hacking scenario ? Even if some guy somewhere does get to know your name and country, so what ? I'm sure most people on this thread already know my name and country, for instance. So what ? We are not discussing state secrets here, and our information is of no use to anyone, except for people who are interested in emotional healing. I would be really sad to see you quitting the thread just because of some emotional blackmail.

    G4E, the Cappy sounds like an interesting person. I like people who don't brag about their money. Hope you'll enjoy his company !

  • Thanks Jen for all the great insight into Aries!! I have spoken to him on the phone and he was very, very communicative which is a must have for me. Also, I can tell the sexual energy is there! He works a lot....all but the 5-6 hours he sleeps, so yea, he must be the typical Aries man! I am excited, and yes, I can see where we can just be friends if a romance doesn't blossom...which a real bonus!

    I will let you know how it goes tonight!!

    Have a great evening!

  • VoplySoply - as always, eloquently said. Thank you.

    Seasiren, I have read your post and since you believe you know me so well, then I have no need to comment. I suspect you know EXACTLY what I am thinking about it right now.

    LibraLuli - Glad you got the message before you went out. Will look forward to your update!

    Friends, it is a beautiful evening and I am off to enjoy it. Hope you are all doing the same.

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