The heart of a Virgo man

  • Hello ladies,

    For those who celebrate the Independence day I hope it was great! I just relaxed and was thankful for an extra day off from work. Well I may have to find a new forum all about Aries! Since Virgo and I are done it's been a little sad for me but not much. I'm so glad that is over. Aries called and this time sort of explained what happened. I still say he should have used more courtesy and returned my call/text to at least say, "I'm tied up right now, get back to you soon". I would have at least done that. We don't know each other well enough to know certain things like that yet.

    Anyway once again the conversation was great; laughing and enjoying talking to each other. A few bumps but I'm thinking he's feeling me out to see if I'm really interested or I'm being a "player" as he put it. No, I am interested and I have to tell you it's a breath of fresh air! I don't care if Virgo came back on his knees, he would NOT have another chance! I want to give Aries a chance and when we hang up this evening he said he thinks he will give "this" a chance. I'm like what? He repeated "this". I said you and me? LOL! He said wow that sounds scary. I just said good because I want to get to know you too and he said he was off tomorrow and I should call. I love his direct way and he's not afraid to tell me he likes me, enjoys me and wants to know more. Sooooo we haven't discussed dinner yet but he did say if I call tomorrow we could probably meet for lunch. Don't want to do that though; when I see him in person for the first time I want it to be for some length of time and not an hour lunch.

    Thanks for all your support on this--I'm really excited about this and Gemini and Aries is a very good match too. He is very blunt--maybe even much more than I am and I love it! Going to take it slow and really get to know him. 🙂 hugs to all!

    P.S. I had said congrats to Mardepp earlier but I don't see the post...smh... Hope this post makes it.

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  • LOL@ making posts on this forum. I found the congrats I said to Mardepp--a few hours after I had posted it, left and then came back to make another post. It finally shows up. smh

  • Hi Gem4Ever!

    Thank you, thank you and thank you for all the congrats! Thank you all. I am indeed grateful! I am so glad that you talked to Aries! That sounds good! Take it slow...I still think he should call you and set it in stone as a date and not you call him. Mmmm, Virgo and mine first date was a lunch date on a Monday and we ended up at a coffee shop until 5 pm, so you never know, lunch dates can be good. Back when I mentioned dating a few people one of them was an Aries, he totally captivated me on the phone, he was so articulate and well spoken and we also had a lunch date on a Saturday. He was a great guy but he traveled a lot, we talked and texted for a few weeks but he was always away, so when he asked me out again after a month I didn't think it would work with the distance thing...:-( But the guy was totally charming and it is supposed to be one of the best matches for Sag. I never had an Aries boyfriend, so I am learning through you guys, hee hee...

    I hope everyone had a good 4th of July. I hope that SeaSiren comes back 😞 . SeaSiren I hope that you are well.

    Night everyone!

  • It is so wonderful to hear such great things are happening with all the ladies! Congrats....

    Jen, I agree you are absolutely right about the inequality, but what I was speaking of is "abuse". To stay in a abusive relationship for the sake of the children is extremely risky. If there is no abuse and two people just do not get along then it would be selfish to just up and separate and cause hardship to the family. Children should definitely be first and foremost and adults should make sure their best interests are always taken care of. My thoughts are still the same though, if the male is abusive to the wife, the children more often are also abused. It's a pattern and not worth long term mental health risks...

    Hoping everyone had a wonderful 4th!

  • Wow G4E great ! I am feeling so Happy for you girl 😄 .Good luck with your Aries guy. I wish you all the Best...Take care.

  • Very happy that the situation has progressed with the Aries, G4E ! Lunch can be a good way of meeting in less formal circumstances, it might put less pressure on people, which is prpbably what he was concerned about. If it was me, I'd rather meet a person for lunch for the first time, to see him in a day light, so to speak, and see if I like him at all.

  • Hello Ladies ,

    I am feeling a bit down, depressed & worried today if not sad. 😞 (I think my virgo rising is at work lol). I was sitting alone today & thinking why am I so very unlucky in Love relationships? Why I always attract the wrong person in my life? why? Long time ago I was in relationship with a Sag & he cheated on me- it took me 4 years to get over him completely, then next my relationship with a cappy never worked out (due to LDR) , & now once again the same & this time my virg x.Wow ! I think there is no one for me, no one. I think I will have to live my life alone with out the love of a partner 😞 . I think I will die a lonely death. 😞 😞 😞 . Sorry I sound so negative today but I felt like sharing it with you all...Hope you guys don't mind 😞 . I am crying actually. 😞 :(.

  • CC,

    I'm so sorry you feel down today. I was feeling the same way. If you think negatively you'll end up feeling bad. I find praying helps me quite a bit. Try that. If you don't have to be alone--don't. I'm alone because I have a very small circle of friends and prefer it that way. So at these times when I'm feeling like this I really have no one to talk to. Top that with the fact that I live away from my family and even if they were near I would not invite them into my innermost thoughts. I guess that's the Cancer rising in me. Please know that you will not always feel this way. There is someone for you, just be patient. In the mean time take time for you. Go work out or do something else that brings you pleasure. Make you the best you can be so when Mr Right does come along he'll have more than the treasure you already are! I hope you feel better soon... hugs 🙂

  • CC, if it can be of any consolation to you - everyone has those thoughts from time to time, and every single woman (well, there might be few rare exceptions) has passed through various unsuccessful relationships until she found the right person - and there are more than 1 right persons for each of us on this planet. Actually, I used to feel this way much more than I do now - maybe it's due to realisation that in the end we all die alone, even if surrounded by family. Like G4E, I can't talk to my family either - my mum is living in a different country and we have VERY different approaches to life and to relationships, and my sister ...well that's a separate subject. Her health has to come first, and she thinks I shouldn't be doing anything that would make her worry, or upset her in any way. Actually right now both my sister and my mum are giving me a very hard time about my decision to travel to see a Taurus friend. So, sometimes it's even better to keep family out of it.

    Don't worry, those thoughts and feelings will pass. It's part of your grieving process, which hasn't yet been completed. These feelings will surface sometimes, don't fight them, just observe them, and allow yourself to feel whatever yoyu feel, knowing that it will pass, and you'll be upbeat and positive again. And of course you'll still attract lots of good men in your life ! You are so young for a start ! It's all a learning process how to chose the right man (the one who would respect you and love you). Just a tip - treat yourself with love and respect, put your needs first and don't try to fit into anyone's "idea" of how you should be - this way you'll attract the person who will genuinly love you for who you are.

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  • Oh, messages disappearing again....

  • Hi everyone,

    CC I am very sorry that you are feelings down, same to you Gem4ever...Like you guys and VS too, my family is in another country so I go through everything by myself pretty much. I used to rely on my family a lot more but when I went through a divorce -and because of the circumstances surrounding it- I realized that I was on my own. They just couldn't handle the grief and I had to toughen up!! To me the challenge became "how can I heal and move on and not become bitter? learn from this and grow in my search and at the same time keep my innocence without it becoming naivete?".

    I still struggle with some of these feelings and I have observed that the moon cycle GREATLY affects me and my moods. When I am sad I am truly sad. I am now generally happy but I had a wave of sadness involving my 2nd Cancer ex, just the day before you never know when it is going to strike.

    Having said that, I also have days when I think I will not find the ideal relationship. I gave myself three years to be on my own and I am really glad I did that. My Mom said to me once "you will never allow yourself to lose your happiness over a man when you realize how much it all has cost you". It is so true. I am not perfect, I am still learning, but I'd like to think that I have gotten better at enjoying my day as it comes. And, not to bring up books again but these ones have really helped me during the times I have been down, and basically to really know myself (I do not entirely know myself, but let us say I'd like to think there has been a good improvement! :-):

    1. Women Who Run with the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

    2. The Books of Secrets, by Deepak Chopra (this book is really deep and in my humble opinion the best one he has out there)

    3. The Power of the Supermind, by Vernon Howard (I know, the title is lame but the book is really great and it really requires reflection!)

    And of course also the Eckhart Tolle books "The Power of Now" and "A New Earth"

    I hope that the sadness goes away...sometimes something seemingly unrelated brings it back and then is gone again. CC The right person is out there for you, do not rush to find him! Get yourself ready in the meantime and he will come into your life when you least expect it!

  • Hi everyone, I am away visiting family. Haven't read all the posts (am at the book store online checking my work email real quick). I will catch up in a few days, just wanted to say hello. 🐵

  • Ladies

    I feel very uncomfortable to talk with family & friends when I am down, actually I have a habit of keeping things bottled up inside me (which is very bad I know but cant help it), my best friend is married & now she lives in a different country so theres no way to share my feelings with her & I dont want to bother anyone else. And as far as sharing such things with my mum & Dad uumm NO because they will start worrying for me then..They are now in their 50's my mum has blood pressure problem & my Dad worries alot for me over minor things so no way to share my depression with them. My mum is already upset over my break up with virgo x. That means I have only you guys to share my feelings on this forum. I am glad that you guys always have something inspiring to say. Love you all.

    G4E I know girl cancer & virgo are the two signs that worries way too much & I have both in my chart , cancer rising folks worries too much I know cuz my Dad has cancer rising, though he is a Sag with Gemini moon but still he is such a worrier , uuuggghhhh & my cancer sun & virgo ascendent grrrrrrrrrhh.

    Volpy you are right I should not fight these feelings, it will come & go...And Yes I dont want to be treated without respect from any Man. My virg ex never treated me right,his needs & job was his first priority , he just used me as a source of ego boost or may be just entertainment.

    Mardepp yeah I agree with you the moon cycle does effect our emotions. Thanks for the names Mardep I will definitely look for these books in book stores.

    Hmmm I must not rush things, but still the girl inside me hopes, dreams & if not always longs for "the right man".

    Thank you guys now I am feeling much better now 🙂 . Hugs to all of you.

    Hi Jen 🙂

  • Wow so many changes here. I have been away on vacation so I am a little late with what has been going on lately.

    CC - its not just you, I have been somewhat emotional myself lately. I do believe it has something to do with the moon because I notice when the moon is in certain panets, I get extremely emotional and all over the place. You should feel better soon... But boy I hope it happens quickly : )

    This may be old news by now but I have to mention SS did something similar to me awhile back when I found out my V.I.R.G.O had cheated on me throughout our relationship, with the female overseas. SS Basically told me the girl overseas was his "true love," and he was just using me for sexual reasons to pass the time until he could be with her and don't see me as "wife material." At the time I paid it no mind because coincidentally, this was the same time she found out about her boyfriend (now husband's) affair and they were also long distance, so I figured she was projecting her own feelings based on her current situation. Hurtful, yes, but I knew what was up (he was the one who wanted to progress it was I who didn't because HE wasnt good enough to be with ME). Yes, he was and is wealthy and gorgeous, but it wasnt just about him "choosing me." I needed to choose him as well and I knew life with him 4, 5, 10, years later would be one completely centered around him...and thats wasnt and isnt one I wanted or want for myself. However, I am also starting to believe (as already mentioned) that there is a certain dislike toward other females and an unspoken competition to be "the wife." Just an observation that may or may not be true. Now yes, there are some females who want that but not all females want to be a "wife," just like all females do not necessarily want children, to start a career, or to to be an at home mom. To each his or in this case "her" own. The beauty of this forum is to get alternative viewpoints from various perspectives, which you have the choice to either open up to or discard. SS - I do hope in time you will come back, because you do offer an alternative viewpoint...however... With that being said...I hope you are willing and able to take in some of the previous comments with an open mind. I truly do wish you all the best and do hope you decide to come back. If I ran every time someone on this forum said something to offend me, I would have left years ago : ) like anything, you take the good with the bad and don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

    Anyway it's 3 am and my flight came in a couple of hours ago and I'm exhausted.... Just ante to catch up. Enjoy your weekend ladies!!!!!!!!!!! Do something fun!

    Love you all


  • Arggg - ignore the typos my iPad keeps changing my words into what it thinks I want to say!

  • Yep Snowball I hope it happens quickly lol, hmmm oh you were on vacation ? thats why you were absent on this thread for a long time, how was your trip girl? Missed you 🙂 Love you too snowball ,

    Have a great weekend ladies.

  • Full moon is definitely a factor in those anxious moods. I was also all over the place during this last one, and so was my sister, and I suspect, my mum, which in combination didn't produce a good result.

    SB, I suspect that for Virgo men there is no such thing as a "true love". I think it's more about endless possibilities of "true love" with them, rather than the actual thing, so it doesn't make much difference whether the woman is living in a different country or under the same roof. And I agree, SS was projecting her situation onto yours back then. Unfortunately it's such an easy trap for women to think that the problem is "the other woman" - it's so much easier to blame other women than the man you love for infidelity. But the fact is - it's him who opens the door to the other woman to come in. Often she might not even be aware of what is she getting herself into.

  • Volpy you nailed it "there is no such thing as true love" for Virgo man I agree. They just love the idea of true love / ideal family life whatever. Though I am not sure whether all virgo men are like this or not . But My virg x used to describe with details that how a family life should be & how much he wants a partner & her true love.

    The most funny part is that he never worked hard to get what he already have had . According to him it was all his x's fault that she didnt loved him enough - which is a complete bull c r a p

    I know coz Later what I've heard about my x virg's x is that-she was a very nice , independent , easygoing girl..And I also know that my virg x completely ruined her life.Now he is doing the same- blaming me for our break up. Huh funny indeed.

    My virg x = full of deceit, false promises, all talking & no actions. 😞

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