The heart of a Virgo man

  • G4E, to be honest I think SS is devided within herself. I think part of her knows that she has screwed up a big time, by marrying this guy, but the other part (pride, vanity) is still in denial and is sometimes coming to the front. I think it's a defence mechanism to protect her ego, which is quite understandable. Lots of people know the feeling - even when you know that you are in the wrong, you still keep fighting your battles, so to speak. I just hope that she gets past this stage, looks at the situation with objective mind and a clear head one day, and takes the right decision for herself.

    I agree, time without men can be a good thing sometimes - we get back in touch with our own ways and aspirations.

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  • And Jen is right about the Aries man.

  • Maybe the thread will turn to "The Heart of a Aries Man", in a good way!!

  • LOL Mardepp! It DOES seem that we have learned a lot about Aries personalities in general through time on this thread. 🙂

  • Lol Volpy very true 😄 . Myterious. hmmmmm.Yep my problem was a minor one too. The repairman came & fixed it.

    Wow Ladies I just read what happend here & how Seasiren reacted. She seems to be very silly & childish, I agree with all of you & volpy you are right, actually seasiren was looking for sympathy & not a permanent solution. So sad,I mean how can a woman let a man treat her like nothing more than a doormat ?? .May be she came from a traditional family but that doesnot mean that she will compare human beings with material ?? what kind of mentality is that seasiren? even my family is a traditional one but I wont put up with any B.S..Seasiren How can you even blame other women for the mistakes of your own unfaithful deceitful hubby ?? Your are calling names to those women who are/were involved with your hubby but how are you so sure about the fact that these women are/were well aware of your hubby's marital status ?? And how do you even know that the other women out there are not marriage material types ??

    Now You exactly sound like your narrow minded virgo hubby. Please try be more open minded seasiren. And for your kind info marriage is not the ultimate goal of each & every woman's life.

    Seasiren the way you are defending your virgo hubby is so funny.In this way You are consoling nobody but yourself.I wish you goodluck , happiness & love with your hubby.

    G4E Jen is right about Aries man.Don't lose hope so quickly. Aries men are actually very good lovers.

    Ladies right now I am very much single & enjoying each & every moment of it.

  • There are lots of other women out there like Seasiren who have chosen to live in denial & to live in their Utopian fantasy world of perfect love ,overlooking the REDFLAGS in their relationships with their partners.

    I am just wondering how many women out there are still living an unfulfilling , unhealthy, unsatisfying love life with their VIRGO hubbies/partners ???? Its SCARY :s .

  • CC, I think it's not that simple to walk away from the illusion, or idea of a happy marriage. One needs to be very, very brave to just end it, and it might take time. It's just a pity that SS didn't allow herself the time to think before she got married, and after that everything has become much more difficult. In some way, anyone could have found herself in her shoes. I certainly could few years ago, if my Virgo proposed back then. Fortunately for me, by the time he did propose I was already much more experienced to know better. I also can understand how the hurt part of SS has made her want to subtly undermine other women (marriage material talk). It's her pain and hurt pride talking, so we shouldn't be too unforgiving of that. I sincerely hope that with time she'll come to the same conclusion as all of us here - hers is just not a workable situation and she should extract herself from it before further damage to her personality is done.

  • SS, is in a very weakened state right now. Each of us has been there at one time. This is how we recognize the red flags. She needs our strength and support to know that WE are here for her. We also must point out truths even if they're the "ugly" truths.

    Ladies, all I can say is that as long as females continue to allow men to treat as a commodity or less than, we will receive less than. Also, until females are willing to support each other and stop chasing other women's men and/or remove themselves from having affairs once they're aware, we're doomed to this condition. We're no longer living in the 16th century or in a country where we cannot support ourselves.

    Most important, this type of behavior perpetuates the enslavement and practice of selling females/males as a commodity, some as young as 6-8 years old. So please understand that as simple as it appears to just go after what one wants or attack each other no matter the consequences, there are often severe consequences for our selfish actions.

  • *treat us like a commodity

  • AriesBB - Agree with everything you say, except the idea that women are free to make choices because we can support ourselves. Put a few kids in that mix and things get complicated fast. As far as I'm concerned, it's still a man's world when it comes to equality regarding incomes and I personally witness everyday how much harder women work for lesser pay than men. Trying to balance advancing one's earning potential with the needs of growing children takes a tremendous amount of energy and I think many unhappy marriages exist (Virgo involved or not) because people don't have the fortitude to deal with the challenges long term. This is why I am so in agreement that SS figure out her position before bringing a child into the picture. There are always options in life, yes, but it's a lot easier before you add that layer of the responsibility than after. I know I'm "preaching to the choir" to every mom here. 🙂

  • AriesBurnsBright, Your comment is soooo very wise!! Thank you for that!

  • Jenever, I know exactly what you are talking about. That is very true, in the States as well. For about three years now I have been working part time in various places. I am a college professor. I have taught classes at night, weekends, anything and I have a little one. My energy has been scattered for so long...If you are a part time professor the law does not allow you to teach more than 5 courses a year, a year!!!!! And this is no benefits and and no summers!! And this is also in the University system, so you can't work more than that with schools combined. So I teach workshops and do other things. But this has put me in a position of sleeping 3 to 5 hours a day on a lucky day 😞 I know exactly what you mean. I have also experienced that when I was on a full time job as well. I was in charge of a whole area and a couple of my younger male colleges were not and they still made more than me with 50% less responsibility than me. And the one who made the decisions on that (my boss) was actually a female! Anyway...

    But I have good news to share, although the job does not start until August I have landed a full time position and my schedule will be the same as my daughter's, benefits, etc. I prayed much for this and I am truly grateful. 🙂

    Happy Fourth of July!!!

  • Mardepp, this is a great news , congratulations ! I also teach more than a full time table, and my Virgo friend teaches 6 hours a week less than I do, but gets payed a little more than me. Our direction are also all women - very ironic. Mind you, they get payed much more than my Virgo.

    Happy 4th of July to all American friends !

  • Volpy I completely agree with you , I completely sympathize with seasiren as she is very much mentally weak right now & I want her to come out of her pain but for this she has to fight her own situation, which she is not doing at all.She is not even trying to come out of it, infact she is defending all the ills of her virgo hubby. I think each & every one of us on this thread has faced this situation with their virgos but I think seasiren is trying to portray that she is so lucky to get her virgo & others are not (which is really mean). Each & every one of us loved our virgo whole heartedly but seasiren married her virgo after knowing all the outcome. She dated her virgo & got cheated on many times but still she blames those other women (which is not a right thing to do I guess). She is being badly brain washed by her virgo ssssgh.

    SEASIREN if you are reading this thread then please keep this in mind that we are not your enemy & we are all here to help & emotionally support each other. We love you & we want you to stand up for your own rights, dont do this to yourself dear, in the end you & only you will suffer if you dont stop it right now. I hope you will return on this thread. I wish, you come out of this situation soon.Good luck.

    Very well said ABB & JEN . 🙂

    Wow Congrats Mardepp 🙂

    Happy 4th of July to all 🙂

  • Ladies good news ! My virg x has stopped texting me, I think he is finally done with me now lol. : )

  • That's a good thing right@ CC? Try not to think of him... It's hard but that's what I'm doing...

  • CC, you've got on top of the situation , well done for staying strong ! Turned out it was YOU, who walked out on him after all. 🙂

  • G4E hmm its a good signal after all this emotional roller-coster Ride, I was really fed up ,& yes its hard to forget someone whom you have loved with all your dedication. But I am keeping myself busy each & every single day & time will take care of the rest- afterall time is the best medicine :). G4E I know its hard for you too but stay strong girly & keep distance from the source of your pain (I mean your virgo lol).

    Yes Voply I was done with him long time ago. I guess 6 months ago. But he was still texting me for no reason. Its really very hard to do this but my only satisfaction is that I have atleast tried to stay out of it for this long time & it really worked.I loved my virgo & I still love him but I dont want to spend the rest of my life with him,Never. I forgive him for what he has done to me but I will never forget.

    Thank God I found this thread & found you Ladies at the right time 🙂 .Thank you .

  • Congrats Mardep!

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