The heart of a Virgo man

  • Exactly Gem4evr I got used to my virg x's lame excuses too, later on I stopped asking about his behaviour,it wasn't funny at all & was consuming my time, energy, & was simply emotionally draining me. I got tired of his day to day habitual lies & manipulation. You were there when I first came to this thread & you know very well how I was behaving at that time isn't it? lol (kinda like a psycho lol), I was actually obsessed as everything was inside my head. You ,volpy, Jen & Snowball helped me alot to get rid of my virg obsession & after reading this thread I was shocked as I was reading my story over & over -it was indeed scary :s.

    Gem4e I will suggest you to stick to this Aries man, time will reveal everything about him not to worry & avoid any further relationship with your virgs just stay friends or may be not.

    @ Wandering soul - If you havent read this thread (full) then please read it , it will take time but you will get all your answers,& the answer of your question is YES virgo men do come back to their x y zs. Its their habit- running back & forth between their xes. You will get used to it.

    Hi mardepp nice to see you :).

    Seasiren please let us know how you are doing girl its been a long time , you haven't posted, hope everything is going well 😞 .

  • : O post post where are you ?

  • Hi ladies,

    Jen, I am another shy Aries, and in fact the Ariesman's characteristics describe me quite well too 🙂 End of March Aries, I guess, are slightly less obvious ones. Or maybe it depends on other planets in the chart. For instance I have a lot of water - Cancer moon, Pisces ascendent, which frankly I blame for an extreme sensitivity in my character, sometimes really damaging. For instance right now I'm agonizing over the decision of takeng or not taking the long distance plane. It's ridiculous, but I've lost so much weight since 2 days ago, when I booked the tickets. Really having one big panic attack for couple of days - can't eat, can't sleep... The flight is only in a month time and I don't seem to get anxiety under control, despite all the reasonning.

  • G4E, give the Aries a little bit of credit, you might find that he is worth it. As I've just said to Jen, sometimes Aries are a bit shy, like myself.

  • CC - your post to Gem refreshed my mind on how far you really have come since your first posts about your Virgo. Your renewed confidence really comes shining through these days. Way to go!!

    To all of my friends here, I am going to go out on a limb and reveal that I have had conversations with VolplySoply outside of the forum about her anxiety over getting on an airplane (as she mentioned in her post). I think it is very important that she gets past her growing anxiety and finds the courage to get on that plane in a month. There is someone out there that she needs to see and getting there by plane is the only way that's going to happen. I would like to encourage everyone here to keep her in your prayers and encourage her in whatever way you can to find the courage to take this step. I won't elaborate any more than that, if VS wants to, then I'm sure she will. She's been an angel here to all of us and I want her to find her happiness too. It just might be tied in with going on that trip in a month. She was able to purchase the ticket (I am so proud of you VS!!), so let's help her stay out of the negative thoughts and looking forward to what waits for her at the end of the journey. Thanks everyone! 🙂

  • G4E, yes please give ARIES guy a chance. Personally, every ARIES I've known is honest to a fault. In fact, this is probably why Jen's Ariesman was blindsided. If someone is extremely trusting, it's usually due to the fact that they're very honest and have nothing to hide so the assumption is that other's are honest too. It's part of the personality trait. If I remember correctly honesty is high on the list of Aries zodiac traits. I've read that if you want to know the truth "Ask an Aries"!

    Jen is also right on about bossing Aries; slippery slope IMHO. I loathe anyone that tries to boss me, yet have no problem being a team player, compromising or doing anything you'd like me to do; just don't boss. Independent streak with Aries...

    Sure wish SS would make contact and wondering if her Virgo man had access to this forum and read these comments??? Guess, I can only pray that all is well for her!

    Have a great weekend and 4th of July ladies!

  • Funny how the only temptation I had prior to getting married this year to my male Virgo husband was with a gorgeous, but way too direct, Aries man. He chased me for 5 years. lol. Aries men are "complete" men, pure & simple. No frills, no fluff, just pure male through n through & that's sexy as heck to a Pisces or Cancer female. 😉 They even smell male & that is hott!

    Maybe women who fancy male Virgo's put out some kind of weird chemical only the Aries males can can detect so they come running ...Male Virgo's are male Aries second...

    People compare male Virgo's to male Gemini. NO WAY! Male Gemini are fickle, totally self-centered & totally worthless. They also lie & are HUGE gossips! Back-stabbers...DISLIKE them big time! They are NOTHING like Aries men, who by the way, tower above most!

    I'm OK but not really. Pisces feel better. I don't feel better.

    He's on another 24 hr shift and he's showing signs of being back with the woman who tried to take my place last year. 😞

    Gem4Eva...why aren't you on your special trip with your male Virgo? Is he being distant?

  • Seasiren - Are you avoiding? While you are sensing that he's got something going with his girlfriend, I'm sensing that you didn't confront him on his little vanishing act two days ago. Is there nothing in you that believes that you deserve an explanation for this??

  • Hello ladies,

    Glad to know Seasiren is ok, although I cannot understand how you can suffer like this in quiet desperation. I know that you do not want to lose him, but revealing the truth doesn't necessarily mean that, unless you already fear the answer...

    Thank you Jenever for your lines!! I wrote a long response for you and saved it. I will post ot later though...Confused Crab hi!!! You keep sounding better and better!! You are amazing!

    And this is for VS. I am so happy that you got those tickets, that is so important. All I can say without know the details of the situation is that I used to suffer from panic attacks too, they were sporadic, but they happened in the car a couple of times, one time I actually had to stay at the hospital over night and one time on a plane. I know how that feels because you cannot stop your mind. But you will conquer this and get through it and feel extremely proud of yourself after and relieved and light. I am sure you have heard it all but I took a sedative once, was on medication for a while and that helped, another time I had a good glass of wine on the plane and that helped too. But maybe the most important thing is that I have done a lot of training spiritually and my last panic attack was in September 09' and I never had it again. Flown many times since then. You will conquer this, your mind and your true self can get beyond this...I will be thinking of you.

  • OMG Volpy you have 2 water in your chart hmmm.Cancer moon folks are very emotional & sensitive , you have a pisces rising ? it will make you much more sensitive. For your anxiety please do deep breathing exercises & YOGA. It helped me alot when I had panic attacks after my break up & as Jen mentioned you are indeed an angel to all of us & a great inspiration, I wish you luck, love, peace & happiness for your future,you deserve all the happiness in your life.Good luck for your trip. Dont worry everything will be fine.I will keep you in my prayers .:)

    Thanks Jen :). I have came this far because I wanted to ,I didn't wanted to prolong my agony so I helped myself & you guys helped me- Thanks a lot. The reasons I was able to fight with my hard time are-this thread,you guys, my family & friends & above all GOD.

    Merdepp I guess I'm not cofused anymore lol.Uhh what an experience with my virg x.Life time exp. ;D

    Seasiren Dont run from your situation, Face it.Your virgo is really treating you bad. why are you tolerating all his B.S ?? It seems that you are happy only with the "TAG" of being your virg's wify. Dont you need LOVE, ATTENTION, CARE & AFFECTION??? Dont forget- you too deserve all the happiness that each & every married woman gets after their marriage. Your virg is emotionally abusing & you are letting him do so, huh its really taking you nowhere seasiren.You need to wake up from your big fat Utopian dream, girl.Come on.Ask your virgo about his behaviour.

    Personally I like Aries men, they are so honest, uncomlicated,full of energy, a bit childish lol , very affectionate , caring & aren't SPINELESS like my virgo.

    Gemini men have a bad reputation of being flaky as its an Air sign but personally I think Virgo men as Earth sign is much worse as they are- flaky, shallow, two faced, emotionally cold, pathological liars , manipulative, conceited, narrow minded & users.

  • SS, you sound just like my daughter now. Remember, she's a Pisces and she sold her soul for material things.Yet, my daughter definitely has more control over her Virgo than what you are getting and her Virgo I'm pretty sure, has never cheated. Although, he had a best friend that he spent more time with than her and she nipped that in the bud also, so it can be done If your Virgo is cheating, you must get more backbone and confront. Turning a blind eye to this sort of disrespect is not healthy for any relationship and I'm still baffled why any lady would do this, especially if there are no children involved. Jen is correct, denial is at play.

    Follow CC's advice and get strength and support from somewhere and at least stand up to Virgo. CC and many other ladies have done this. At least my daughter got my son-in-law into counseling so he showed that he truly cared. Try something, anything, but do not just sit in denial while your soul wither's away or this period will be even more daunting.

    VS, I will be praying for you also. Perhaps, like MD stated, "meditation" would be very good for you as well as a glass of wine. Good luck with your trip. BTW, where are you going? Is this to see your friend? Hope so! Will be waiting to hear how well it goes!!!

    CC, read your story and all I can say is you're an inspiration for true strength. You go girl!

  • Welcome WanderingSoul (WS)! Follow this thread and you may save yourself great pain!

  • Thank you all the beautiful ladies for your support, prayers and advice ! It really means a lot to me and helps a lot. Jen, I was thinking about your phrase " One shouldn't take life too seriously, as none of us gets out of it alive", while buying tickets. And yes, I'm going to a very long journey to Idaho to visit a Taurus friend and intend to have lots of fun, unless I'm stopped by circumstances beyond my control (neurosis kicking in, lol) . It's a huge challenge for me, but I've decided to step out of my comfort zone for a change and see what happens. Hopefully nothing too grave 🙂

    Mardepp, I also used to have panic attacks on a regular basis many years ago, also was on a light anti depressants for few months, also did a lot of spiritual research and eventually they have stopped. Strangely I found that the best thing to deal with them was not to suppress them, and with time I was able to think "Ok, here we go again, let's do it" when I felt it approaching. Which is what I'm trying to do right now and I'm feeling a little less crazy today. Will try meditation, definitely, and maybe some wine or calming pills in the plane. That's some time away, though, only in August.

    SeaSiren, so glad to finally hear from you ! You have made us quite worried by disappearing all of a sudden. Personally I've started imagining horror movies scenarios, starring your Virgo, the brilliant, handsome doctor with dark agenda and his beautiful, lonely wife, who has come across skeletons of previous wives, burried in the forrest, while going for a run one nice crispy morning.. 🙂 But seriously, I think you have to talk to him, Jen is right about it. It's better to know what you are dealing with and take your life decisions based on facts, not assumptions. And you are absolutely welcome just to vent here, please don't think that we are putting you under pressure of taking an immediate action - you'll do it when you are ready.

    CC, you sound so strong and positive now, and such an inspiration to the other ladies, who are dealing with this first shock of male Virgo reality .

  • SS, yes, I have a pisces rising, which makes it all rather confused, when it swims up to the surface. 🙂

  • WonderingSoul, welcome to the thread. Yes, I'd say Virgos always come back. Not sure it's a good thing, though. They don't like it when we move on with our lives.

  • VoplySoply - You reminded me of another phrase I heard recently: "Life begins where your comfort zone ends". 🐵

    I think that a few of us were/are running similar scearios through our heads about SeaSiren. Good that you pointed out that she must do this in her own time. I know how I was about Virgo, you want to be very sure first because it seems like you are giving up so much. Confidence in your decision is important - which as you pointed out, comes from taking decisions based on fact. Hard to cut through the emotion to deal with the facts. We all know this.

    Seasiren - being here and continuing to make that effort is absolutely better than nothing. We all know you did not need to come back on the thread and share any of this. There is a lot of courage in your attempt to face this unhappiness and seek our input to help make sense of the situation. It's very clear that you are open to trying to figure out your next steps will be, even if they are decisions you won't like. As a matter of fact, "thank you" for trusting us to help you through your predicament. Hugs

  • That's another great phrase, Jen ! 🙂

  • Just watched the news of the ecological situation in the US. Hope that all my American friends are ok.

  • Hello ladies,

    Thanks to you all for the advice and tips on Aries (hugs@ Jen). I will give him and chance. I just got back from my trip with Aug Virgo and here's what happened. The first night we got there he disappeared for 30 minutes. He said he went out to take something to the car but realized he left his keys. Not a long trip to the vehicle maybe 5 minutes. So I asked him if he was checking in with someone and he said no. I believe he was. But anyway I said that wasn't going to change the way the weekend was going to go and it didn't. We had a good time. However, he kept checking his phone so I do think he has met someone but just didn't tell me. I told him that he's been distant for weeks now so I know something is up. I also reminded him that we are just friends so if he has met someone that's ok just be honest with me. Nothing. So that was that. I told him I do have some feelings left for him and if he's moved on already we should just end things there. So he said I should move on and we won't ever be in a relationship (but when we got back it was a different story; even said he didn't say/mean that). I even gave him his b-day gift early--I had purchased it last month. He wondered why I was giving it to him this early. I told him I didn't want to have any excuses to contact/see him. So when he brought me home he kept trying to talk about our discussion about us and I cut him off. I told him that discussion was over and for him to take his gift and leave. He finally left after still trying to talk about a "relationship". I will miss him; however it's time for a new chapter in my life--that just may be Aries...

  • That's a typical Virgo behaviour, G4E. Neither here nor there. Always checking on someone when they are with you, saying something and half and hour later not remembering having said that... I think you did well with an early BD present , I bet he was surprised, lol. Hope the new chapter in your life will be a fun and joyful one, with Aries or not.

    I'm getting emotionally ready for expanding my horizons as well 🙂 Feeling less fearful today to undertake that journey.

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