The heart of a Virgo man

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  • Snow ball you are right -virgo men compel their mates to leave them & then they start to "play the victim game" just to manipulate others & to show them how innocent they really are & make them believe that their mates were just not their types or they were plain bad & all those s h i t t y lame logics. Uhhhh I clearly remember when my virg x told me that it was all his xes fault that their relationship didn't worked out well. Well now I know whats the real reason behind their break - up .

    NeoyGirl the best you can do is - avoid your virg or he will drive you NUTS over & over.

    Hope seasiren is allright 😞

  • I would never believe a guy that blames anyone for what he is solely responsible for and if he complained more than once, I'd quickly scurry off. 🙂

  • SS, please just let us know you're okay! 😞

    Prayers ♥

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  • Very interesting, ABB, and useful to know. Thank you for posting it.

    NeoyGirl, the fact that your Virgo keeps changing his FB picture indeed means that he is concerned about his image and is trying to get attention. This is not healthy for you to have to put up with these swings of mood and changes of heart. Try to get some distance from him, if you can. SS's case illustrates what the " best case scenario" with these men would be like. Sad, but there it is. Hope she is ok.

  • Noeygirl - "No fun" is an understatement. He's flipflopping on a daily basis so I would call him not just "no fun", but unstable. So strange that he's looking for someone forever, but he can't even make it a couple of days to see if "forever" might even be possible. There's a level of impatience in all this as well. How many other aspects of life does he give up on easily if he can't maintain a balanced emotional connection with you? Does he give up on other friends and family? What's his job stability like? Does he move around a lot? Any trouble supporting himself or taking care of his bills? He strikes me as one of those people who says, "this isn't working, I'm out of here".

    I dated a guy like this years ago (a Scorp). Couldn't commit in a relationship, scared him too (afraid of feeling tied down), skipped from one job to the next, moved away, moved some more, a year later moved back, ran right back to me, same old pattern...eventually I couldn't stand it any longer. He was wasting good years of my life (my mid twenties). I ended it, he came back one more time, we had dinner, and I ended it again that night before things got started all over again. I recently learned that he did eventually get married in his forties, to a woman who is ten years his senior, never had any kids (when he did work he worked with disabled children, so add another layer of fear about having a family and children) and they live in Hawaii now. Sounds to me like he's found a way to keep avoiding any serious demands in life. A woman the age of his wife probably puts up with him like he's a kid. Perfect.

    Anyway, Noeygirl, your guy sounds like someone who is going to drag you around emotionally into a general downward spiral.

  • Thank you so much for the responses.

    Jenever7, the weird thing is he is SO stable, he's in nursing school, umpire for a softball team, plays on a hockey team, and has a steady job...never ever misses a day of anything, very ambitious,...he's just flip floppy with me I guess. I used to feel bad for him because he's been burned before but I've realized he is no angel, and he has openly admitted to being a bad person in the past. But I think you are all right though, this is going to keep continuing. I used to think the problem was that he was just scared and that we come from VERY different walks of I just don't know. It is hard giving up on someone you love but it just hurts too much sometimes, I feel like the bad seems to outweigh the good. He can't even commit to a date let alone a relationship...and it was neverrrrrr like this before.

    VoplySoply, he is pretty concerned about his image, works out like crazy and is very handsome but super self concious. I agree I think he is trying to get attention. For too long I've beat myself up wondering what I can do differently but I've realized it isn't me...its him and his crazy internal issues that he makes for himself.

  • Welcome NoeyGirl! Sounds like you're doing the right thing by deciding this Virgo may not be worth the trouble and recognizing that it is not you. Virgos are very devoted to work and friends, so your Virgo sounds typical. He also sounds emotionally flaky, another typical behavior. As the ladies mentioned, hope you do not waste any more of your precious time by chasing the inevitable. There are way too many fish in the sea to get hung up on anyone so wishy-washy. Wishing you the very best!

  • Jen, my Virgo also always avoided to have children, which is why we didn't have any while we were stil intimate. I don't blame him too much for that, because I guess I was as scared as he was to bring another soul to the world. Also I was concerned about not being able to be a good mum, as I'm not really a maternal type, probably due to the family history..

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  • Noeygirl - Ha! That is interesting. Maybe what scares him is the idea that he might have to give up all those activities that fill up his life. Where is there room for you in all of that action? Of course he seems to have plenty of time to sort through photos and hang out on facebook, lol. I continue to agree with others here though, he doesn't seem worth the trouble. He's got you completely on edge here with no idea what is coming next. He will make you mad or depressed in time with all of his extremes.

    Hmm, VoplySoply, I am close friends with two other Aries women who never had children. Just had no desire for them. They both have a history of trouble settling on one man as well though, so maybe that is more their reason. One never married, she's 53 and still looking for Mr. Right. The other one has three marriages under her belt and it won't surprise me to see her go for a fourth. Don't ask me why she bothers....just doesn't like to live alone I think.

  • Thanks everyone. Aries and I had a great conversation when he called back. He asked me to call this eve, which I did but no call back. Not too worried about that; must be really busy and I hope he calls tomorrow with some sort of explanation. Virgo always called or texted me back; but I think it was more so he could say he always does that so that if I didn't he'd have something to complain about. No matter what happens with Aries I'm ending it with Virgo. It's been a little over a year and that's all he gets from me. I don't want to be sitting here 5-6 years (or more) wondering why I wasted so much time on him. It will be so refreshing to deal with someone who puts actions behind his words!

  • Hello everyone, It has been a while since I have been here but I am still following the thread. Many changes in my life, trying this summer to get the outside of things -and I do not mean me specifically, although I am doing that too- to match the inside, a big cleanse from actual to virtual clutter...

    Which brings me to Virgo 🙂 Well, I see a lot of similarities in NoeyGirl's situation and Geimini4ever, but I still do not have answers...When Virgo ended with me in April it seemed that I was ready for a relationship and he wasn't, this man likes to be around me and I would say also loves to be around me but does not want to commit. Funny thing is he has put a lid on intimacy but other than that he totally behaves like a boyfriend. After two weeks of the impasse we resumed things and got closer again, we are at times romantic and affectionate when we see each other but other than that it is not official I guess. So it has been 7 months of this, we have grown closer and have been through crisis in different ways, on his end and mine but that resistance is still there. He still does the pulling back thing but stays connected somehow, either through a phone call or something. He mentioned taking a weekend rain check recently, if I would be offended if he did that, and I said "of course is no problem" and went on a trip myself actually the following weekend. In other words I am miss independent and I am actually not sure myself if I could be in a totally committed relationship at the moment. He brings up the talk every once in a while, but I am not sure what his intention is...whether prompting me to end it or what. I have never been in a bizarre situation like this one before. He says, "why can't we just really get to know each other slowly and well?". So, this arrangement has worked for me so far but I may change my mind. Basically, he is accountable, has never let me down that way or criticized me. Has been supportive and me of him. It is a balancing act. He is everything I would want in a man, as far as the way he thinks, but other than that I see boyfriend material but things are stalled. Like I said I am super busy but I cannot be patient forever. NoeyGirl, this one is super fit too and super health conscious and neat.

    Anyway, in the meantime, I consider him my friend, not my bf, even if he has and does behave like one often. Like Gemini4Ever, it is the only way (thinking of him as only a friend) that I can do that. Otherwise things get murky...

    In the meantime, like I said, I am putting in order my life, de-cluttering, cleansing, cleaning, almost as if I am planning an unexpected move to another country. I am tending to legal paper work too that has needed attention for some time and I am refocusing on me and my child. I am have also (even though he had never suggested it, it is something I have been wanting to do for a long time) started working out consistently and getting results. I figured that I will do everything as if and if things do not change with him I will be ready to have a boyfriend then.

    Hope that you are all well and shining!

  • Hey! I'm new to this forum and have a question about Virgo males. Do they always come back? from anyones experience.

    I'll try and keep this as short as possible - I'm a Cancer and met my first Virgo back in early April. At first I was very reserved and guarded he was per suing me and I didn't really feel anything, I was so close to calling it off after every date, yet something kept making me go back. Half of the time I felt like I was on a roller coaster I was over-anaylising every word he was saying, I felt like I was hanging on by a thread and at any given second I could lose him. I didn't get clingy or needy with him, I kept my feelings to myself but it's how I felt.

    He recently qualified for his dream job, which is one that does keep him busy and he started acting distant with me, so I pulled back to as I thought he may need space. Eventually he just ignored me all together until I finally text him after a few to drink.

    He promised me that I hadn't done anything wrong at all and that he didn't realised how much he would be working with his dream job and that he didn't have much free time anymore. He apologised for ignoring me and told me it was his fault.

    I told him I understood his work and that alls I wanted was to try but I respected his decision if he didn't want to and I haven't heard from him since

    I don't understand why he won't try.

    And I know there is nothing more I can do. I just wish I had the perfect words to say to make him want to stay.

  • ABB Thanks for sharing The Natural Pharmacy. Great info 🙂 .

    Jenver exactly what you said to Noeygirl , my virg also had enough time to update his pp as well as his status on FB but had no time to call or text me,ignoring me & getting distant all the time was his favourite activity with me lol- his famous excuse & fond line was "honey sorry I was erxtremely busy, " hah funny !

  • CC,

    Aug Virgo also used to have excuses as to why he didn't call or text; and pretty soon I just didn't expect to hear from him and got used to it. I'd rather him say, "I just didn't feel like it" as opposed to excuses. Anyone who really is into you makes time for you and the excuses are minimal. Anyone who wants to be with you will be. I'm not saying it is easy for me to walk away from Aug Virgo; but if you look around and so much time has passed it is easier. Aug Virgo always says, "let's just take it slowly and see where it goes". He's said it so may time that it's become like the little boy who cried wolf.

    Aries texted me this morning; nothing about why he didn't return my call. I'm going to give him a chance to explain and won't write him off right away--but I have to admit that it's tempting to do just that. I don't need any drama there. He says he's kind of shy (I've never known a shy Aries) so I may have to be the one to bring it up. If I do and his excuse is plausible we can go from there. If it sounds like one of Aug Virgo's lame excuses then I will bid him adieu. I hope it won't come to that; I'll give him a chance.

    Well tomorrow is the trip and Aug Virgo came up to my office to see me this morning. Nothing mentioned about the trip but we had talked about it earlier this week. I'll ask him what time he's picking me up tomorrow...stay tuned! LOL!

    SS, I'm thinking about you and hope you're doing ok...let us know pleas. hugs

  • Mardepp, how nice to hear from you! I think you have the perfect plan going there. When I was ready to move on from Virgo, I was ready for some "housecleaning" too. I think it's because quite a few things had literally taken a mental backseat to all the complications of dealing with Virgo. I also felt that I wasn't going to attract the right kind of guy if my life and my feelings were in disarray. As you say, you want to be feeling good about all things in case a nice guy comes along. But you still have Virgo in the picture, and I think it's nice you can find a way to be friends. As annoyed as I might sound at times about my Virgo experience, I did enjoy his company.

    I didn't know you had a child, somehow I missed that.

  • WanderingSoul - Welcome to the thread! Sure, I think he could come back, but who can say how long it will take him. I would say at the very least months. He just started his dream job so he's going to be working, working, working from now until....who knows? I doubt that you or anyone or anything else could distract him right now. The reason he doesn't try is because a relationship with you or anyone else is not his priority right now. Cold and simple truth. Once he has the job under control and he starts thinking about other things in life, then perhaps he will think to try with you again. Just my opinion there based on the many, many stories in this thread.

    Gem, LOL, you sound like me when I first met my Ariesman. I have AriesBB and VS to thank for getting me to chill out and give him a chance. I was ready to pull the trigger a few times when some things reminded me of what I had left behind with Virgo. I was very defensive and unwilling to go down any similar paths as with Virgo...and a few other men in my past life.

    The difference is that Ariesman cares enough to try. He wanted things to work between us and didn't avoid issues. He is able to apolgize with sincerity and the actions were there to back it up (and I would apologize to him if I did or said anything hurtful of course- neither one of us likes to fight, we discuss, so this really doesn't come up much). I really fell like he doesn't avoid anything, and so far I believe that he deals with me honestly. (I always have that lingering problem with knowing that some men can be epic liars, "thank you Mr. Virgo for THAT").

    There are times when Ariesman doesn't respond to my texts or calls right away, but he never goes more than a day without contacting me. We're both busy people. I honestly don't contact him most days with more than a "how was your day?" Then if there's time we chit chat. But connecting in some way daily has become part of the routine. You're biggest challenge with Aries is going to get yourself to stop suspecting that he is capable of being manipulative or that he's avoiding dealing with you because he's got a head full of emotional issues or relationship paranoia. My Aries doesn't seem to be wired that way at all. Probably why his wife got away with so many affairs and he was clueless. He seems pretty trusting of people for the most part.

    Oh, and I was really perplexed by my Aries because he actually is pretty reserved/shy also. This didn't seem to fit what I had read about Aries men - other than I recall a description that some are like a firey ram, others more like a docile sheep. I know in my first posts about Aries I kept saying that I didn't feel like I was really seeing the whole picture with him - he was holding something back. What I have found is that the assertive ram is there in the form of a sort of quiet self-control. He does like to be in charge, but he exercises this calmly and again, pretty openly. For example if I take too long to make a decision he just makes one. If I disagree he's okay with that because at least it's movement to a decision. He likes things to move along.

    For what it's worth, my Aries clearly respects a woman who can hold her own and he never tells me what to do. If he wants to try he qualifies it first with, "now this is just my opinion..." I don't see him as being a guy who wants to prop up a weak woman and I think this was a source of conflict in his marriage. She was a taker, he was the overwhelmed giver. My Cancer intuition tells me that he's got a possessive streak, so if I suspect a line of questioning has deeper roots, I just give him more information than he asked for because it saves time, lol, and it keeps his insecurities in check. Some of that is certainly because of being blind-sided by his ex-wife and her filandering. I believe he is learning how to trust your own judgement again.

    My only other tip for you regarding Aries, is don't tell him what to do. I can feel when I've crossed this line, and it is an icy line indeed. Ariesman clearly believes that he is best at driving his life. You can hop in for a ride, but he's driving. My tendency is to mother everyone so I think initially this was coming across badly. He commented recently that he sees that I'm one of those people who gets emotional about underdogs (a helper/fixer/healer tendency), so I think he now understands that I'm not trying to be bossy as much as I'm trying to be encouraging and he seems to weigh this into things now. Anyway, on that note, do not tell your new Aries that he better start responding faster or anything like that. I don't have one worry that my Aries will be in touch when he has time. He's thoughtful enough to make that time too. Give your guy a chance to prove himself before you make any decisions. 🙂

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