The heart of a Virgo man

  • VS-Love your analogy, step by step...I guess when you have been with a Virgo for awhile, you learn them, and all of their ways...You have this pact down to the science...You go girl...Two thumbs up to you...

    CLAMoon-So sorry for the lost of your baby...Don't hate him...I believe in God...Please believe me when I tell you, all of those bastards that have done us wrong will definitely pay before they leave this earth...It's called reaping what you sow...If you sow good, good will come to you...If you sow bad, then bad will come to you...It's also known as Karma...My heart truly goes out to you...I also suffered a miscarriage once, so I really know how you feel...

    Leave him to God...Don't wish him no ill will...God forbid, if anything were to happen to that man, and you wished something upon him, you would be guilty for the rest of your life...You cannot get into heaven with hatred in your heart...I know you are hurting right now, and grieving...I know in the long run, you will forgive him...That's the way we Cancer's are...Very forgiving creatures...God can do a much better job at "fixing" people...When you do it, they will retaliate...When he does it, no one can retaliate, they just have to accept it!!!...Please feel better soon...

  • GF,

    Good advice given so far; and I agree with not being too available to your Gem--let her wonder about you. However, do be real and don't play games as Gems have a pretty good idea when someone is playing games. Believe me your Gem "knows" what her Virgo is doing to her but as others have said, she is under his spell and cannot extricate herself from the situation--right now. She may realize too late what a decent guy you are. In the meantime do as the ladies say and get out there and see others. A woman shouldn't put her life on hold for a man and the same goes for a man not putting his life on hold. Life is too short not to enjoy it with someone who "wants" to be with you! It didn't take me long to get my Virgo's number and since we've become friends w/o benefits he now plans trips, dinner, and everything. He's made significant changes since I've sat back and did not demand anything except friendship from him. I fully understand this may be a ploy to win me back but I'm being very cautious. Funny how now he's even opening up to me more about his past. I told him I like being just "friends". Seems that's working out better than I could have expected. 🙂

  • Well what do ya know, mr Virgo txt just out of the blue, asking how I was, telling me his life story and asking if I wanted to do coffee..... Um yeah right!!! I replied.... U asked me 6 weeks ago, actually harrassed me then failed to follow thro, he replied .... You know how random I am, I replied.... No actually I don't, random is so bloody annoying!! I'll pass on coffee, have a nice life, so yes you guys all knew and have said over and over and over they can't just let go, nor can they deal with the thought of people not liking them, silly Virgo, bet he thought I'd say yes!!!! Hehhehehehehehe

  • Hi everyone, Hope you are all doing well?.. 🙂 ..Thanks Laidye for your kind words, hugs to you. I don't hate my virg any more now , I have really moved on with my life but I haven't forgot what he has done to me and my baby.. So true what your are talking about.. No body can escape Karma..""reaping what you sow""-exactly. I have left everything to God. I'm a very emotional cancer too who believes in forgiving but the loss of my baby is something I cant cope up with. I've no feelings for my virg ex now, I'm indifferent. I dont even feel like venting anymore and I 'll not wish anything bad for my ex virg. Karma will take care of his past accounts.

    GF-O boy I will really pray for you.

    Take care everyone. Love your self.

  • Oh @JENVER thanks a lot for your words but I cant ask sag out for dinner at this moment , it will feel like as if I am cheating on my GEM. :< sigh..what a difficult situation..let me first sort out things with GEM and then I will think bout this sag or else I will get myself in to deep emotional s*** ..I 'm feeling like disappearing, like the virgos often do. No but I wont do that I will face the reality as it comes.I have to face it. I know sags are fun, intelligent and very easy going. This sag in my office is very pretty too. She knows my situation ,I told her everything bout whats goin on in my life at this moment. She smiled and said "ok lets just be friends for now and see where all these things lead us".. She sounds so mature...GOD KNOWS.. O_o.

    @VOLPYSOLPY I think this SAG likes my Bombbastic ways..Lmfao..;).

    You are absolutely right. I can apply the tricks you have suggested but then again the question remains the same- Will my GEM come back? Will she love me the way I am?Will her feelings be the same genuine as she has for her virgo?... I am feeling like I will pass out or throw up as all these questions making me sick,sick and only sick. I am really exhausted. My Gem is getting too much for free from me. My time, my affection, my care,my emotions. The most funniest part is My GEM is waiting for her Virgo and I AM FOR MY

    @LAIDYE I have seen this damn VIRGO insulting my GEM infront of my own eyes. I literally cried that day and asked to GOD why my GEM Is putting up with all his bull s*** why? This virgo is sitting on the fence I guess. Thanks LAIDYE for your inspiring words. Being a libra I am really caring and affectionate, I have respect for women and you are right I dont take any B.S from anybody. Oh your son is a Libra too wow.YES You ladies start writing a book on virgo pattern .. I bet it will be a best seller.

    @Gemini4ever I am not good at playing mind games or DRAMA ,NEITHER I am accustomed with all these things.Being a very straight cut HARSH/RUDE person.. I just hate it when comes down to playing with emotions of girls/women.Its really silly like a child's play and dont want to do it. Its totally the choice of my GEM to leave her VIRGO or to live with him . I can just wish her good luck and happiness for the rest of her life.

    @CLAMoon- Thanks..good luck with your life 😆



    P.S- My GEM called me ,she is going out with her VIRGO tomorrow. The virgo has plaaned a grand date .. hehehe I am feeling like a FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ...O_O

    May I kill my GEM'S VIRGO???

    O virgo men you are the champs of the entire zodiac. You deserve a medel from me atleast. Please take it.

  • GF, actually your instincts are correct ones - disappearing from the Gem's world would be the best thing you can do now.. And yes, she is getting too much from you for free, and it's your responsibility not to let her take advantage of you. She clearly doesn't have much of self respect if she is going out with the Virgo after he's been insulting her, but it's her choice, it's her life . She will mature when she is ready. In the mean time YOU have to protect YOURSELF, because you are in danger of losing your self esteem over this story as well.

    The Sag girl sounds like a terrific person, by the way. But you are right not to get involved with her for now - not because of being "unfaithful" to the Gem (who frankly doesn't need your faithfulness), but because the Sag deserves someone who would be fully there for her, as a first choice girl- friend.

    As for this thread being a hospital - well, hospitals are there to cure, so hopefully this thread is there for the same purpose 🙂 And yes, addiction, including love addiction is a desease.

    CK- well done for not accepting Virgo's invitation ! You've probably spared yourself from another round of grief.

  • Oh Man!!!! Virgo is going full throttle trying to woo me back! Pease, he can try that crap with her because his charm no longer holds that level of power over me. My new phone came today and apparently he had been trying to reach me not realizing my phone was out of order and was somewhat hurt that I had not responded.

    No sooner that I called to have my new phone activated, then boom text from "him." we actually texted back n forth for a few hours. It seemed he tried his best to keep me on the phone. Gotta run, will add details tomorrow.

  • Unbelievable that in just two days three Virgos have come back into the picture (counting Guyfriend Gem's Virgo who suddenly realized he was in love too). Maybe somebody should check the Virgo horoscope for the month...something seem to be going on here.

  • since i posted ive been getting so many txt's from Mr virgo, saying all sorts from he didnt know how he felt, wants to make it up to me, wants to show me how much he cares about me, wants to prove he wants to be with me, saying he was the one with the issue not me and finishing with "you are the best thing that had happened to me in so long and i was stupid i didnt see it" wowza ae, must confess i do feel lifted but dont worry peeps, im not about to act on this, not in a second.....

    down side is mr libra wasnt any better, doing a disappearing act, what is with men at the moment??

  • I think when men do the disappearing act it's better to let them to their own device, Virgo or not. They'll be back, and meanwhile if you take care of your own needs, your self esteem will go up, instead of down.

    As fir Virgos reappearing - well, their moods constantly change, so that's how they feel right now - back in love. That doesn't mean that in a little while their mood won't change again. The same issues will inevitably kick back in, and another emotional circle will start. I advise all the ladies to be very vigilant, if you want to avoid more suffering in the future. Yes, there must be something going on in stars for Virgo sign...Yesterday my Virgo friend was trying to make me open up about "what I am offened about". I wasn't offended by anything, but he acted sort of guilty and assumed that I must have issues with him (which I don't). In fact I was feeling nice and serene the whole day.

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  • Hi everybody,

    My humble request to each & everyone who is in hope to start a new relation with a Virgo man. ## Please stay away from getting in a relation-ship with a Virgo man who was emotionally damaged or deeply hurt in his previous love relation-ship or marriage. Else you will get cheated on as they have immense trust issues. They have a tendency to run back and forth & never even forget their pasts,, hold on grudges through out their life, so they keep going back to their xs, they think its their duty to go back & they like to keep their past and present all together without thinking much about future.They have secret lives. Blow hot & cold, disappear. Have serious depression issues.They shift and change their moods like high tide and low tide.Previously hurt Virgo men are neither able to take decisions for future nor they can see what is in their present as they are naturally very very slow. You will eventually end up heart broken forever & your wellbeing will be at stake.##Take it as a serious warning friends. I was involved with one & after a bitter arguement he left me with out solving the problem, showed me his back,blamed me for his fault & went back to his x.Wanted me as friend with benefit. I am devastated,still picking up the broken pieces of my heart. I am ruined & left with zero self esteem. I still love him & I know he'll never come back to me.I want him badly and madly.##

    I am a cancer woman last decan- He is september virgo . Now I fear that I might loose him forever & he'll marry somebody else & I've to see this with my eyes .I think only for him I've to cry for the rest of my life. How can I get him back pls help me somebody . He texts me sometimes just to know wht & how m I doing. When I text him he replies sumtimes & sumtimes he doesnt. I am confused and Sad. He never says anything clearly regarding our relation-ship.There are other sites on virgo but I've not found any site as concrete & elaborate as this one . I can read here pesonal experiences of other women who are in the same boat as me.##..I feel so lost & negative..:( ..Help....I want my virgo back.

  • Hi ConfusedCrab, and welcome to the thread !

    Your description is very accurate and right on the spot, which makes me wonder - do you really want this person to be back into your life, and if yes, then why exactly ? I suspect part of you knows that it's not a good idea, but your ego is badly hurt, so you want him back in order to restaure your self esteem, which is understandable, even though you can do it just as well without him. If it can be of any consolation to you - I'm sure he will be back, and more than one time, because, as you said it yourself - that's what male Virgos do - they go back and forth between their ex partners and can't let go of any of them. The best way of making him miss you is to disappear and to get on with your life. They can't stand the thought of their ex partners moving on. That means - not iniciating contact at all ! If he ever contacts you, make sure he understands that you are happy and not bitter, and in fact can hardly remember who he is. 🙂

    Most importantly, please remember that he is never going to change, and you don't want to spend your life wondering whether he is still in love with his ex. The only thing that you can change is your own feelings. I know that right now you it hurts a lot, and you think that this will last forever. Believe me, this too will pass, and you have a good chance to emerge from this situation stronger than ever. Many women on this thread have passed through the same experience, and they are much happier now - check it for yourself !

  • Hi Confusedcrab and welcome. 🙂 Okay, I love the contradiction with you calling yourself "confused" when your Virgo is clearly the one living in a confusion. He is bouncing back and forth between relationships. He blames you for this? No, no, no, this is because he doesn't want to deal with any issues himself. He left his ex and then he has a relationship with you. His ex was surely hurt by him being with you. How would I know? Well, because she took him back and now you are the hurt one. She took him back even after he left her before. Of course I believe he left her before, because this is how he handled things with you. It was probably her fault that he left - just exactly like it is your fault that he left you. (I don't mean that of course, I am saying this because he said it was your fault.) So you can be sure that as soon as he faces any sort of conflict or challenge in the relationship again with her, he will leave again. And yet he wanted to keep you around as a friend with benefits? I wonder if his ex was a friend with benefits while he was with you? Maybe he is stringing you both along.

    My tip for you is that next time he texts you, do not answer. You need to do this for yourself. If you feel you must answer, then set a timeframe for it. For example, tell yourself, I will not answer for three days. You need to feel in control of yourself so that you can build your self-esteem back up. If you don't respond right away when he contacts you, then you will start to feel stronger. I know how hard the rest of it is, I really do. That is why you need to start inching yourself away from him. If you are so afraid that you have lost him and he will go off and marry someone else, then he is not the one for you anyway. The right man for a Cancer woman, or any woman really, won't leave her feeling afraid, he will be there for her. This is also why, if you do contact him, and he doesn't respond, you need to be prepared for that and not let it crush you even further.

    Now, you mention that you had a bitter fight. Then he left and blamed you. First of all, think about why you had such a fight. What were you mad about? What were you hurt about? (Anger is rooted in hurt). Now, think about whether you were right to feel that you needed to express yourself - even if it did turn to a fight. Then look at how he responded to you. He didn't just walk away, he walked away, blamed you (which is to say he took no responsibility for the possibility that he had any fault in the argument), AND immediately ran off to someone else to sooth his damaged ego and prevent the two of you from any further discussion.

    Confusedcancer, this is not how people resolve differences. Someone who cares about you, and who cares about the quality of the relationship you have together, will want to figure things out, not blow up and end it all. Okay, so I have some questions. How long were you with this Virgo? I also want you to tell us three wonderful qualities about yourself. What do you think is great about you? We need to help pull you out of your confusion here. 🙂

  • VS,

    I like your response to ConfusedCrab--right to the point. If she "disappears" herself he will try so very hard to get her back. But you asked the correct question--does she really want someone like that in her life? I think Virgo men like women who need them (their need to serve) but at the same time don't want someone who is needy/clingy. Not to be mean but I have several Cancer girlfriends who are very emotional and are very needy. And almost all their signficant others think they are great except for the neediness. I think if CC finds something else to do with her time and treats Mr Virgo as if he's the last thing she's thinking of (indifference); he'll be back in a flash. CC you sound very tortured and it seems as if your world is ending. It's not...please be strong and surround yourself with people who love you and who can help you through this rough time.



    What To Expect If You Date A Virgo

    GOOD THINGS: reduced medical bills and visits (Virgo’s are full time doctors/nurses); clean and organized home; healthy diet; lots of trips to the gym; never late with taxes; balanced bank account; surprisingly thrilling sex life; always up to date with current news and events; they have high standards, which probably makes you raise your game; forces you to be on time; life will be predictable and balanced; they won’t require much from you, as they tend to be self sufficient; you will find yourself more calm, predictable, settled, and, perhaps, boring.

    BAD THINGS: you don’t want to live a “calm”, “predictable”, and “settled” life; will find yourself competing with their other love—their job; spontaneity may be a word never ever used in your relationship; they appear to be the perfect, charming partner, but deep down something is missing; their digestive system is so delicate you will find their diet to be borderline hospital food type material; their allergies will annoy the shit out of you; their chronic health problems will make them seem like a walking Mayo Clinic; they live in their own head so much that you won’t ever have access to their thoughts seeing as they often forget to communicate what they are thinking (or just plain refuse to share); you love them so much, yet you just can’t figure out why; they may symbolize the Virgin Maid in astrology, but sometimes you think they should just be called the Old Maid; their perfectionist tendencies can make you feel inadequate for having a blemish; they won’t want to settle down and give up their bachelor ways until well into their 30s (warning: Virgo’s who marry before 30 tend to suffer a higher divorce rate).

    DATE THEM IF YOU: enjoy mental discussions and word play; like to work hard and long hours and need a partner who respects (or mimics) your lifestyle; need a partner who is financially conservative and good at saving money; enjoy dry humor and surprisingly off-color comments; need consistency and routine in your life; have a lot of medical problems or phobias, and need an on-call doctor for medical attention and advice; are inspired by someone who is uber philosophical and always seeking self improvement; don’t mind that they can change their mind (when they care to share with you what is on it) every 5 minutes or so; enjoy being with someone who is always put together in a classy, fashionable way; like having an intensely sexual bedroom life, unbeknownst to the speculation of others who think you only do it missionary style

    ADDITIONAL:It may seem as if Virgos are all boring as f**k fuddy-duddies. Nothing could be further from the truth. Virgos can surprise you at the most random moments, throwing out very witty comments and insights, or pouncing on you for an evening of erotica. The thing is you just never know what you are going to get with them—mostly because they keep their thoughts so private, that you really don’t have an insight into what they are thinking or feeling until they do it. It seems odd that a sign that is so “predictable” can be so “unpredictable”, doesn’t it? The truth is that Virgos are predictable in their own self imposed routines (work, gym, diet, leisure time), but unpredictable in their feelings, especially when it comes to love. It takes a LOT for a Virgo to truly fall in love. They have to let go of the windmills of their mind, so to speak, to allow their inside chatter to cease long enough for their heart to be able to speak up.

    The good news is that a Virgo who truly loves is also truly loyal and supportive. A decision to commit to a person, or anything else (job, home, business venture, etc), has been a carefully evaluated and thought-out process. By the time they make their decision, they have already been living it out in their mind for years (kind of like the theory of “Inception”—5 minutes in one level of unconsciousness is like 5 years in the next level).

    Female Virgos aren’t single all that often. Men are attracted to their put-together attitude, their solid financial status, and their ability to shoot-the-shit with the guys. More importantly, female Virgos HATE being single. They tend to always have a man in their life, sometimes only for the companionship. It doesn’t “look good” to be a single woman. They crave love and constantly strive to achieve that lofty status of “happily ever after.” If they don’t check themselves, however, they can end up settling for the man that looks perfect on paper, rather than the man that is perfect for them. This can lead to a rather unhappy marriage that they will find hard to walk away from because Mr. Perfect on Paper provides them the balance and security they need. And isn’t that enough to sustain a life together?? That would be the $60 million question…

    Male Virgos, in contrast, are the perpetual bachelor. Commitment terrifies them because it forces them to pull their attention away from their career or private thoughts. They prefer to be hermits and focus on a specific goal, and falling in love is too dangerous a game for them. GASP, they would have to SHARE their private thoughts. Imagine! Ironically, male Virgo’s have a certain je ne sais quoi about them that women LOVE. They are charming, manly, and humble all at once. They speak slowly, appear to be modest, and typically, come off as a martyr. Women want to coddle and cuddle their Virgo man, hoping that if they do that, the Virgo man will give her the key to his mind. Women love a good game, and what better game to play than to figure out the trappings of the Virgo male mind? It must also be sad that the Virgo male, infinitely locked in his own head, is always searching for his ideal/perfect woman. Unlike a female Virgo who will settle for perfect on paper, a male Virgo won’t settle until he finds perfect in real life. Problem is, does that really exist? And, if it does, how scary is it to go after what you really want?

    Male or female, Virgo’s should hold off on marriage and commitment until they are older and more balanced. It is at their stage of maturity (mid to late 30s) that they truly understand who they are and what they want from life.

    OHHHH WOW Another Virgo male victim on this forum..Wellcome CONFUSED CRAB..Darn virgo males. I AM JUST PLAIN FED UP WITH SAME STORIES AGAIN AND AGAIN..****

    NEWS FLASH----MY Gem had a great time with her virgo , She is so HAPPY and planning to go on a trip with her VIRGO. I am planning something else ---to disappesr from her LIFE and this time forever. SHE IS HAPPY WITHOUT ME. ITS ENOUGH. Sag knows everything bout it. I have told her what I am goinng through with MY GEM.

  • GF, be very, very careful now not to transform the Sag into yourself ("emotional rescuer") and yourself into the Gem girl ("a victim"), in terms of roles. You might miss an opportunity of falling in love with the Sag because timing is wrong. It's good that you have told her everything, but try not to kill the spark by getting used to see her as an agony aunt.

    And you are completely right about disappearing from Gem's life, which might not be an easy task, because, believe me, she is setting herself for a life of uncertainty and turmoil, and guess who's shoulder she will need to cry on every time he changes his mind ?

    As for the description of Virgos - I guess it's kind of correct, except that they absolutely hate nursing (at least my Virgo does) when you are sick. In fact the thought of you being sick and having to take care of yourself (instead of making him a central figure) drives them crazy. Not convinced about intense sexual life either, but I guess that just depends.

  • Hi Girls 🙂

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