The heart of a Virgo man

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  • sigh Yes, there is definitely a connection here on this site, with this particular thread. I felt it immediately when I spent the afternoon reading through this thread in its entirety. I'm not sure what it is about these Virgo men buy oh my, it is definitely deep. Jenever, keep us posted on how things go with you hun, I especially feel a kindred spirit with you. I hope you are having a lovely time with your children. You have 2 boys? I do as well, although mine are grown now, one married (23) and one in college (19). I'm so very proud of both of them, they are great children, I'm definitely blessed, as I bet you are as well. Hang in there ladies, regardless of how things may end up I have absolute faith, because you all seem to be such loving and kind souls, that things will work out for the best one way or another. 😃

  • Malaika - You understood my point completely about a relationship versus love. I suppose it's been an underlying theme here throughout this thread. I think it was my Virgo who fully opened my eyes to this at the point that I recently "transformed" the relationship from my perspective. When I took control of my emotions concerning him and explained to him that "I'm giving 'us' up as anything more than friends". In response he asked me to help him to do better. He asked me to care about him the same way I might care about my siblings, or my parents, or even my children. Do you reject someone you love because you aren't getting exactly what you want? Do you just shut down that love? If that's the case, was it ever really love you felt for one another or just satisfying your own ego-based needs? Admittedly, in situations such as ours, you have to take your concept of love and relationships to a whole different level and let go of what society tells you a relationship is supposed to be like.

    I know that what my Virgo is asking me to do is to support and accept him while he takes care of the responsibilities he has to his children. I've assured him that my love and support is always there...but...the prospect of us being together some day is completely up in the air now. Not in the sense of ultimatums, but in the sense of what is simply reality at this time. Accepting what is his truth and what is my truth at this time and just letting things evolve however they are going to. As much as I talk about the "hand of Fate", the truth is that we shape our own Fates. It's easy to look back and think, "oh yes, things worked out for the best" or "things worked out the way they were supposed to". Not really, we shape our Fates minute by minute with the choices and decisions we make. Fate didn't drive us to our new place, we are the ones behind the wheel. Things "work out in the end" simply because what is inside us - who we are - will ultimately choose the path that suits us. Sometimes the best decision is to make no decision - which actually is the point when Fate can enter into our lives.

    Now I talk in circles, LOL.

    Thanks for your kind thoughts Chiana. "Yes" my boys are truly a blessing, even though they don't always feel like it, lol. We are just entering the teen years here - agh!

    To all my friends here, I hope that you all let go your worries for today and just enjoy some peace of mind. The same issues will still be there waiting tomorrow, give yourself permission to relax for a spell and let it all go today. 🐵

  • Hello,

    Well, first things first: Mimi, I didn't mean that he was a priest or minister, but that he is so involved with churches even to the point of being a national director for one evangelical organization. Also, he told me once that in the past he had worked for the World Council of Churches. On one of our in country trips where we were in separate accommodations, I went into his for something and found a bible on the table. Not so unusual I thought. There are always bibles in North America. But, when I went back to mine I looked everywhere for a bible - none to be found. He must have had his own! The point of all of this is that I think it makes for a much more difficult time for him to have found me. He cannot just have a relationship even after a divorce -what would all those church people think of him.

    Chiana, I most definitely agree that things always work out for the best, if we let it and don't push our will.

    Jenever, thanks for telling me I GOT IT! But today it is difficult to keep my mind thinking that way. I think I need a little yellow post it on my screen!

    I keep reading my cards and they do most often come up the same, but I don't trust my readings right now. I have three decks all from my mom. One deck is so old most of the face is worn off, but fortunately I have seen them for 40+ years and know them by heart. My mom was an amazing reader. She could look at a layout and read it like a book. She would even have the Oh! - look at that- WELL- OH OH etc. Even when she lost most of her eyesight she could read the same. It's not really the cards, you know as she would say. If she were still here today she could tell me in ten minutes what I want to know OTOH I would never let her see my cards right now because she would never approve of my situation.

    Oh that reminds me that she came to me last night in a dream and she was crying (she was a capricorn and in complete control of emotions) and telling me to protect myself. The gist of it was not to believe what advertisers tell you because it will hurt you. I won't tell you the dream because each us has our own dream language. That is a big one to me, but probably doesn't make any sense to anyone else.

    I do hope you all are taking Jenever's advice and taking the day off. I am not, sorry just can't yet.

    Thank you all again for being here.

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    I now realize that the "advertisers" in her message was him. Oh dear, this is difficult because I had another dream last week and one path was wonderful and the other was horrific.

    I alway believe my dreams before reality. They never lie to me. Remember, I was brought up with dreams and cards. It was just a way of life for me, so it is not some new age thing in my life. Right now I need a sledge hammer dream because these dreams have not yet said it's HIM. I do have one dream symbol that never fails to make me stop in my tracks. I cannot prove it's true because I will never give the real life situation a chance. That is how much my dreams talk to me. I don't want that talk about HIM. Have any of you grown up in a life where cards and dreams were normal?

  • I am listening to you all and am trying to ground myself. Love/relationship!!!!!!! The dreams won't matter if I just love him. If I push my will (relationship) perhaps that's where it gets horrific. Any thoughts?

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  • Mimi, Take care of yourself.

    Hugs and Love

  • sending you warm thoughts and tons of strength Mimi!! I have an over abundance of that anyway. .=P You are all in my thoughts 😃

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  • Hi Mimi,

    Wow you sure did have quite a reading. I hope you are feeling better now. Take care of yourself.

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  • Just wanted to say that I agree with mimi's last sentence.

    Also, my hats off to you as well mimi!


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  • Thanks Mimi and HiddenDiamond. Actually Mimi, with all of my uncertainty on the work front, I think it's had a lot to do with me trying to keep my head straight on these guys. Men come and go, but I have myself and my kids and my finances to take care of. Priorities you see.

    I've actually had people suggest that if I were to marry Scorp guy that I wouldn't have such worries. I think Scorp would like me to think the same thing. Oh please, lol, if that's the attitude I should take then I never should have gotten divorced in the first place. I had it made financially, but everything else was a disappointment other than my children. I don't want to end up in that place again. Even on my worst days at least I find satisfaction in knowing I'm calling my own shots and not living in the shadow of a man who completely took me for granted. Something still has me holding back with Scorp guy though. Not anything ominous mind you, there's just something about him that is making me hold back. Might be just as simple as the fact that he is moving too fast, just a little too smooth. I'm looking forward to spending some more time with him soon and see if I can figure out what's bugging me. Is it just me, or is it him? Cancer intuition you know - if something feels amiss, it probably is.

    Ok, so much confusion showing up here lately. I've got my cards out. Malaika, the cards I've just pulled for you are the 7 of Wands, the Hermit, Temperance (past, present, coming into being) and the Knight of Pentacles in the shadows. You've held your ground well in the face of adversity, but you are in the midst of some deep soul searching and seeking wisdom and then, how perfect for you - Temperance says you are heading to a state of balance. Good for you!!! Now that Knight of Pents is a slow-mover. He's taking his time, he's stubborn/dedicated and won't easily be persuaded to deviate from his plan. This makes me think of your guy and the notion that he's not making any changes in any hurry. I see this card aaaalll the time for my Virgo. I know this knight well, lol. Then again, it could just as well mean he is devoted to you in his own way, as my Virgo seems to be as well, but don't expect anything right slow. Hard to say right now for you I think. Clearly your situation is going to take some time to play out, no quick results seem to be in store. So maybe the knight just reflects a sense of slow progress in your overall situation. As I say though, I like that Temperance card, it tells me you will head out of your deep emotions soon and find a state of comfortable balance.

    Mimi, for you I have the 10 of Pentacles, Temperance, 8 of Wands and in the shadows is the 7 of Pents. Hmm, you were doing pretty well there in the past, you seemed to have everything going for you. You’re operating in a general state of balance right now, but something is about to happen – a resolution or a conclusion to a matter that is on your mind. That 7 of pents is telling you to pause and weigh things out. Figure out where you really want to put your efforts. If you look at the picture on the card (Rider Waite) the man has six pentacles in his pile, but one remains. He pauses, thinking about whether to put that last one in the pile as well, or maybe there’s something else he’d rather do….

    In any case, I don’t see any women in this spread, so whatever the astrologer said, no woman seems to be a huge issue in your life right now. Just use caution if situations feel like they’re moving too fast for you. Take your time and think things through. That’s the strength of Temperance to help you carefully manage any swift changes that may be looming in your near future. Remember, your guy’s life may be in turmoil, but that does not mean it has to be your turmoil. Try to stay outside of the storm. He’s the one that has to resolve matters, you must try to be a source of support without getting drawn into matters that are not yours to solve. My overall sense is that you need to do your best to maintain a state of self-control no matter what happens next. Take care of Mimi and let the rest take care of itself for a while.

    Well that’s my bit of insight for you two to ponder over. Mind you I don’t normally read cards for people, but I’m hurting a little bit for you two and I wanted to see what the cards said. I love the Temperance card showing up in both your readings (and I swear I shuffled the deck well). There’s harmony and healing and contentment available to you both in spite of how things may appear on the surface. That may not be the answer that you’re looking for, but let it be enough for now so that you can free yourselves from your uncertainties, and gain some inner peace that you so deserve at this point.

    Talk to you soon.

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  • Mimi, I'll contact you right now, and you just get back to me whenever you have time. I know it can be uncomfortable putting it all out there even if this is anonymous. I've been very honest with what I've posted, but there are times when people have been pretty harsh about me being involved with my married Virgo (it came out in another thread, maybe you even posted there, I don't recall - I eventually stopped responding because it made no sense trying to get the person to see things any way but her own. I have enough going on without fighting with strangers on Tarot forums, haha. Anyway, in the end it turned out that the reason this woman was so harsh with me, is because she was having fears about her own husbands fidelity. Taking it out on me apparently, lol. I even told her at one point to quit being mad at me for the things that she fears herself. Not that she apologized to me when she finally realized the truth was in herself. As I say, I exited the thread, but I followed it for a while and the truth came out in the end.) Ok then, I'll look forward to hearing from you!

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