The heart of a Virgo man

  • Vic, Jen, and Voply..... I am so super confused but you are ALL right!

    Guess what? Virgo contacted me and when I answered the phone his first reply was "You can't resist me can you?"......

    I told him I am done and he said "No you are not. You want more and deserve more and I am your more." Now how is a girl supposed to handle that? Our conversation turned into 3 hours. We laughed talked and joked about so much it was the first time I really saw his beautiful sense of humor. He went on to tell me that he has so much going on right now and don't be done with him although if I was he would deal with it.

    Oh my goodness he said so much and he made my heart flutter with so many little remarks he would make. (I have never seen that side of him). He told me is very attracted to me because I am warm and sweet it had nothing to do with my looks.

    This man is definitely persistent and "NO" is just not an acceptable word in his vocabulary. What am I going to do? I swear the Virgo man must have a guide book to "turning the darn tables".

    What do I do? Stay...Leave....Play...Get Serious?

    I'm pulling my hair out. He just kept saying "I know you love me"? Why does he keep saying this?

    I want my mom!!!!!!

  • My Virgo has sexy light brown eyes.....uggh he turns me on!!!!

    Oooh I love it AriesGir a a coed kickball league, maybe we should line up all of our Virgo guys and kick thier balls too! 🙂

  • Jenever: "just remember that the reason you can't make him mad enough is because he doesn't care enough to get that kind of mad. "

    Then how will I ever know if he really cares at all? If I felt he really cared I would try to pursue a relationship with him. I noticed how he is always trying to reassure me he is not with anyone he say's things like "Look what time it is, you know my work schedule and even now I am alone. etc"

    I am brain fried here because you and Vic are saying if he cares he won't come back and he doesn't care he will. I'm lost I can I make him develop feelings for me then?

    I swear this is the best Virgo sight I have ever been on!

  • I meant "How can I know if he develops feelings for me?" Something I also noticed is he won't tell me the answer to questions. He says, it's because I wan't to know and he doesn't want me to know....huh? He is odd. In our 3 hour conversation he said so much I was trying to hang on to every word and just dissect it and pull it apart.

  • Virgos know the right things to tell girls and the reason girls fall so hard, so do players. Remember, everyone has needs in all relationships, family, friends, and/or significant others. Hence, the reason we seek companionship, usually through loving one another. In order to show or receive love, you must act on it. Loving someone means being kind enough to understand what it is they need. If your guy is not willing to listen to what it is you need, you are not getting your needs met and why you feel so depleted. Just remember though, when he flits in and out, he definitely is taking care of his needs. So, no matter how much he flits in and out, if you are continuously frustrated, you will either have to accept it 'as is' or move on. Also, if you're willing to take time to understand what he needs, he needs to do the same for you. Think of him as you would a friend, you probably would not continue seeing a friend that continues to only call you or meet up on their time, without any type of reciprocation. Even if you do meet up only when they call, the relationship will definitely take on a new direction (distant). All healthy relationships require both parties' participation. And, believe me, relationships are formed between the people you spend most of your time with. Just my 2CW (2 cents worth)!

  • 4theloveofLIBRA, have you asked him about your emotionality that was "getting in the way" ? Is it not in the way anymore ? Maybe you should just be frank and explain him that the real you is the emotional one, and tell him that you are not interested in playing games, which seems to be the only way of getting his attention ? And yes, Virgos have a great sense of humor. Both Virgos I've been with were/are hilariously funny. That's really my biggest regret about leaving my current Virgo. Well, anyway, now is the time to explain and show him who you really are, and see if he can live with that for a long enough period of time. That would answer your question. If he starts going flaky again, dump him without regret.

  • Thank you for your comments. Of course my first instinct is always to leave when someone treats me badly. However, I'm starting to find that no one is perfect and it seems alot of men don't know how to love. So when does one draw the line and pick one to work on? lol There are a lot of good things about this man. Yes I'm devastated. But I do believe he cares, just maybe can't show it in ways I want him to. Yes I believe he definitely has a problem showing love. As for the attempting to cheat...other couples have gotten through this type of thing. I would really like to try and make it work with him. You asked why I would want to marry this point I don't. I'm hoping to get back to where I was sure I wanted to. I think i will try for awhile. I have some counseling set up for us. I will keep you updated and please know I really appreciate be able to come here. I am new in this town and no friends to turn to except one friend who lives far away and my mother LOL

  • Voply that was one of the major things I brought to his attention my emotions when I told him "Screw him"... I let him know flat out I am human and have feelings and if he wants to continue to pretend he doesn't have any feelings to go right ahead and continue hiding behind that wall he has built up in his mind but I am human and maksing what I feel is not going to fly with me. I told him I didn't give a darn what he thought of me expressing my emotions. I told him I am going to say what I want whether he likes it or not. I told him I never dealt with anyone ike him an he said he never dealt with anyone like I told him that is because he expects woman to accept that foul behavior as normal and it isn't normal!

  • Good for you, 4theloveofLIBRA ! Well, now just be yourself, wait and see what happens. Then you'll know what to do.

    Itsjeeplady, I think one draws the line when the cheating starts, because it's not likely to stop. Anyway, good luck to you and keep us updated. We'll be there for you if you need us.

  • Just a quick run-down on my new Virgo, we'll call him "Virgo2" just in case "Virgo1" comes back on the scene. I had been getting to know Virgo2 via e-mail since last week, but he popped on the IM last night so we could actually converse. So here's the overall picture - he's 46, never been married, claims he never had a meaningful relationship - ever - and no relationship that lasted over a year. When he asked me what I was looking for I said, "I don't know, just somebody who is real" and I elaborated with the "best friend" idea very much like what AriesBB stated in her last post actually! "I think relationships work when you treat each other the same way you would treat your best friend". He said he couldn't even imagine that, and said that he just really didn't understand relationships at all. He said the problem he has is that he gets involved with someone and they won't let him do the things he wants to do for himself (like his music).

    Now so far he doesn't strike me as any kind of wild boy. He says he never drank or did drugs in his entire life. He spent some time in the military (I bet the armed forces are full of virgos "serving" their country). He is a musician and apparently makes his living through it (I doubt this is all he has going on, a single Virgo man probably has at least 3 enterprises going at once). I suggested that he probably meets lots of women through his band (bands, even in small cities, usually have groupies). But right away he said, "I hate drunks and trashy women". He says he doesn't really like crowds either, just puts up with it for the love of his music. More of an introvert.

    And in among all of our chit-chat was that special virgo charm. For example I apologized for something and he said, "you worry too much, just be you, it's all good". Several times he commented on how important it was to just be who you are. Anyway, we "talked" for over an hour and it was getting late. I said something about needing to get to bed and he didn't respond for a minute, then next thing you know he was offering me his cell number and said "feel free to call or text me sometime". I actually said, "wow, that was unexpected, thank you for trusting me with your phone number". So I gave him mine, and within like a minute he had already texted me saying, "got chya in my phone". I replied so he knew I had his as well. Then he texted back, "I'll call or text you tomorrow". Told him I wasn't much for chatting at work, but texting was okay. Didn't want to wall him off, but I really don't like to be distracted at work with personal phone calls.

    Didn't hear from him yet, but the day isn't over. Now taking an overview here, the idea that this man has gone his whole life without a satisfying relationship should probably concern me. It felt like a red flag. But then I thought, well for all the relationships I have had in my life I'm sitting here without one now, so really we're both in the same place just got there different ways. I've probably just dragged my past relationships out longer than I should have, and maybe he's just good at cutting to the chase when he sees it's not working? I'm really enjoying the guy so far though. The conversation has come very easily and we share a lot of the same interests. He seems most attracted to the fact that I am "being myself". He said he sensed this with me. I will keep you posted ladies. Since we're all so very good at analysis, we can use this as a case study of the evolution of a potential relationship with a Virgo. Apply what we have learned here, haha. Of course there's no telling if he will actually contact me again (how little faith I have in the fickle Virgo). He could start thinking about it all and run for the hills!

  • Jenever, just for your information, he really reminds me of my Virgo friend, who is also a musician (classical though), making his living through it (like myself), and only tolerates crowds when he has to perform. He also claims to hate trashy women, but it's not that simple. If I could imagine my Virgo friend getting sexually involved with someone, that would probably be with a somewhat trashy woman. But he would hate her afterwords, that's true. Before me all his real relationships lasted for no more than few months. I'm not counting the platonic infatuations - those lasted for years. Running for the hills is a very likely option, but not before he makes sure that he has left a lasting impression on you. Anyway, have fun, you are well equipped to deal with Mr. Virgo 2 🙂

  • Luv it Jenever, keep us posted. Would love to hear everything about a new guy. I have a question? Do the ladies think perhaps that V i R g o men are more available due to commitment issues or do the ladies believe that V i R g o men completely compartmentalize, keeping logic and emotion totally separate (more so than most men). If the latter is the case, maybe why there are so many V i R g o men ready to hook up with different women while still in a relationship and/or without looking back.

  • Aries I definitely believe it is because they keep logic seperate from emotion!!!!!

  • Jenever that sounds interesting I am definitely going to keep my eyes glued to those updates. I know I use our conversations as reference so feel free to skip straight to the end or go back to the begining on this one. lol...


  • Talking back about my best friend, she said she does not feel the need to go so deep on this and look for help yet. She said she is totally in control of her emotions towards her vgo. She is Leo, her b-day is this Sat.

    She says she kills him with his own weapon. She just looks at him with her beautiful brown eyes, looking very deep into his eyes. And she gets anything she wants. He even started doing some of her work too and when a conflict arises at work she just looks at him innocently and he takes all the blame for her mistakes there onto him self. Lol. I have met the guy when picked her up from work 2 weeks ago. TYPICAL Vgo looking, lol. He even had 2 seconds to flirt with me as well while she was getting ready.

    Also when she comes to work she says for the first 2 hrs she totally ignores him. Even though there desks like 10 feet apart. Then once he gets up his chair to go to the kitchen, without turning her had towards him, she says "Coffee pls, 2 sugars and 2 milks. Thx" And he brings her not coffee only but also runs across the street to get her a cookie or a muffin too. The way she behaves with him, lol, even though they had sex several times she still shows who is the boss here. And funny part he totally fits the role 🙂

  • And here is my news of the day, lol. My boss told me today ( I just went to the office to print out some papers for my client for like 5 min), that his gf is causing him nightmare due me working here. He said; "Vic, pls put yourself into my position... pls be kind.. I cant go true all this trouble because of you"

    Ahh-ohh-ahhh!!!!!! BECAUSE OF ME?!? REALLY?!? HAHAHAHAHA

    He offered me to work at the same field, but different company 5 min away from my house. He said he already spoke with the boss there and I will have much more favorable (money wise) arrangement. He asked me to think on that have there is way more making sense money wise.

    Sooooooo, here is the plan (oh dont judge me pls, haha)

    I will take this opportunity. Sign all the leaving papers and all new employment papers too.

    At my first day of being with the new company I will send a "good bye" email to all my office coworkers (65). Telling them how much I LOVED working with every single of them and we will still make business representing our clients and keep in touch.

    And since many of them adore me and wonder WHY did I decide to leave, here is why...

    I was dating the boss without knowing of his gf. ANd when she started working here I became a problem. Pls be understanding towards them. They are just 2 screwed up people. lol Give them a chance, lol

    Group email. Click. Sent. LOL

    More then anything in the world HE afraids of bad reputation due his status. He is also in politics now. That would definitely "help" his career there, haha. Our company that he bought worth over 4 million dollars. And the only way successfully operate it is to have ppl who would put all their trust and time into it. he is not doing well already, since he bought it (My previous bosses were my best inspiration, husband and wife, they treated me as a DAUGHTER, teaching everything, listening to my down times stories with my marriage, bringing me launches every day!!! They let me to bring my child, a toddler then in the office for the whole days when I had no money for a babysitter, and other coworkers were babysitting her while I was trying to get my work done. Really amazing ppl)

    My ex-lover boss BEGGED me NEVER EVER open my mouth about us. He said he will deny every word of it. Well.. I honestly have nothing to loose any more. I do not care how the community will react. Its his community (community of his culture). I am foreign for them and cant be blamed.

    lol. Guess what, at least it take my mind away from my x-vgo, lol

  • C-rap!!! Talking about the DEVIL!!! One of my coworkers, a guy (very good friend of mine) just texted me like a sec ago... "BTW Vic, I ran into "N" today at such and such location. Just saying ;)"

    I just responded to him "Well, I hope I wont be running into him again. I do not mean bad way though. I wish him well, but want to stay away"

    I wonder if he will pass my messege now to him. They have done tones of business together and are good friends.. 😞

  • Vic are you really going to move to a different job because of N? If you do my advise is to say see you and leave....I wouldn't send that email that included anything personal especially to people that work in your field.

    I mean there may be rumors at your current job about it but I wouldn't give any amunition to's personal and by sending that email you are just giving your ex-V power by letting him know that he hurt you....even though it may feel good at the time....I am on your side but I just don't want you to react to something and be upset by the consequences later.....and you ex may know people at this new job and he could make your life hell there as well it sounds like....

    I wish you good luck in that situation....

  • Vic, I think this new job is convenient for you, as it's 5 min from your home, and you should take this opportunity. If I were you I wouldn't do impulsive gestures and send messages to anyone. You never know, maybe one day you'll need to come back...It's a financial crises, you know, apart from anything else.

    ABB, I remember a long time ago, when we my Virgo and I were just starting dating, and were talking about commitment issues, he actually told me - commitment is a good thing, but what about all the other women that I would miss out ? I answered - you are right, what about all other men I would miss out ? then he went on persuading me to commit..They just want to have a cake and eat it too, like children. That's my opinion. Virgo is a mutable earthy sign.Shifting earth. Quick sand.

  • 4LOL...your post that said: I meant "How can I know if he develops feelings for me?" Something I also noticed is he won't tell me the answer to questions. He says, it's because I wan't to know and he doesn't want me to know....huh?

    You were saying that you were having a three hour conversation with your virgo and asked about why he would ignore some things you asked.....

    That I think is aVrigo thing because my Virgo does the exact same thing....I don't know if its a power thing but to me that's exactly what it is......Your Virgo's answer that he knew you wanted to know but he didn't want you to know so he didn't answer you I thnk it depends on what you ask.....I mean when I would not get an answer it wasn't that I was asking for personal information, I was asking because I was interested....I thought it was childish not to answer when two minutes before he's asking me the same question and I gave him answers.....ugggg

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