The heart of a Virgo man

  • dttn,

    1st, what made me change was the fact that I grew up and realized Karma is a mutha****...(sowwy about the language but it's true)!

    But all i want you to know is that i see the signs in what you write and i read what you and Jenever are writing about.

    i just wanted to give you and honest opinion about my own experiences and being a virgo. i didnt mean to hurt anyone honestly. and deep down i believed i indeed truly loved each one. But i learned to realize that it wasnt true love it was, at the moment love, i love you because how you make me feel, understand?

    im not saying he doesnt love you, he wouldnt say it if he didnt.

    im really trying to help you out as a friend and let you know that if someone really wanted to be with you they would be. im reading what you're writing and im seeing a pattern and this is my first time on this forum.

    i dont mean to be or soundharsh, i was just being real. i'd like to help you move on. you say he's not answering you text...wouldnt you answer his? you send him 3! after the 1st one with no answer, why would you send him another...

    See i put myself in his shoes according to what you're saying...and i'd like for you to do the same...let's say you had someone whom texted you 3 times and you knew it (blackberry phones are good for this they tell you when a message has been read) but you didnt answer. Dont forget they send you a text the day b4 and you still didnt answer...

    Could you see a reason for not answering...

    Iunderstand you're hurt i would be but no answer is an answer...

  • It's not going to be easy, letting go never is...

    But it's harder wen they are constantly involved...

    you have an advantage here...think of this as a positive instead of a negative. Take one day at a time. Go out, treat yourself. The worst thing you can do is beat yourself up about something you have no control over.

    Dont just think that ive played with peoples feelings all my life. As a woman i've been there too, exactly where you're at now.

    waiting hoping it's all an misunderstanding, expecting him to return, making excuses, wanting an answer to then be able to justify his actions. And a little time to pour your heart out to let them know that you love them ( so then maybe they will see and come back into your life). i was there and it sure wasnt with a virgo man, so as a woman take my advice...and truly believe that if a man, any man no matter weather he's a virog man or not, wanted to be with a woman, he would be...

    dont you think 6 months is long enough without an answer?

    dont be scared to move on, you see people tend to get comfortable then when it's time for change dont know how to...

    But sometimes change isnt such a bad thing it just takes some time getting used to...

    And believe me it's ok to cry, cry as much as you feel you need to...this coming from a woman who's cried an ocean.

    But dont fool yourself, the facts are're holding on to something that isnt there.

    Take one day at a time...

  • Angel, I know all that I really do and I'm not a stupid person. I would not have fallen in love with him if there were no feelings returned. He kept asking me to hang on , give him more time, I love you i really do okay baby?

    What was I supposed to think? Everytime I said I think I'm done here he would say please no just hang on. I honestly don't think he knew what he was waiting for as much as i didn't know what he was waiting for.

    I can see it all too clearly now through the tears that were so inevidable.

    Its hard when you consider yourself to be an intelligent human being that someone can dupe you so easily, then walk away and not suffer any consequences.

    I've thought about the possibilities this morning.

    1. He was a liar and an chicken shite ***hole.

    2. He is in the hospital or worse

    3. His wife found the text messages.

    4. He lost his phone (landline and cell) and was abducted by aliens.

    Atleast I still have my sense of humor.


  • dttn,

    I did think about the fact of the wife finding the messages.....that does happen.

    As a Virgo, I stay conflicted with emotions all the time. I want to be with this other person more than anything. I would be happier ....or would I? I have played every scene in my mind in every direction. That is what Virgos are good for. We hash out and rehash every detail, everything from that certain look you gave to your body language when you said it. I absorb everything and analyze. What makes this so bad is I use my own perspective, not yours. So I can turn a look you gave into something that wasn't meant to be. I never want to hurt another person's feelings. I go out of my way to make sure I don't. I am a master at avoidance, procrastination. Being mushy is very hard for me. Saying I love you is difficult, because I feel it should hold something to it, not just said flippantly. I can be romantic, but it is not all the time. If I love you, I will try to make everything easier for you. Tell me you are having a problem with something and I will try to fix it. I am too much a realist to be overly romantic. I -want- to be romantic, but it is not rational so what do I do, but avoid.

    I am hoping some of this has made sense to you Virgo lovers out there. I know this is a female Virgo prospective, but maybe some of it will still ring true for the male Virgos.

  • I understand believe you me i do!

    But uuuummm, wife?! sheesh, I didnt even know that one...

    Ok now let me ask you...

    1. were you expecting him to leave his wife for you?

    2. Were you ok with him having a wife?

    Cause then you know that the man is a liar already, no? if hes lying to his wife (he's seeing you) then dont you think that maybe just maybe he'd do the same to you, eventually?!

    if you accepted this far dont be upset if he doesnt return your calls or goes months without calling...

    Again im sorry if i sound harsh but dont you think that you kind of set yourself up for that one?

    What more time does a man really need....stop making excuses for him...if it's like that then i'll take excuse # 1, he's a liar and an chicken sh** A**hole!

    it's hard to be in situations like this but if you were the one married to him how would you feel if he went out and found someone else?

    As a smart woman, you dont even need advice...with the facts in front of you, you know what you need to's just time to start making that move in the right direction.

    look, if you allow him to do it he's going to do it....if you allow him to continue to believe that you're there he's not going to see any reason to change things, they are fine the way they are...and if you give him to much grief about how things are, your reality check will come when he stops all together.

    Maybe like now?

    it's easy for me to tell you to move on...i know it's hard for you to....but it's best...dont you want a man that's for you and only you?

    Actions speak louder than Words!

  • To all of you who have posted - you know throughout this thread there were a few times when I asked myself, "why did I ever even start this?" All I was really wondering is whether a Virgo man was good for his word - never anticipating a public analysis of my entire relationship.

    I feel that I've taken a few beatings in all this, but also been touched by the heartfelt encouragement that's been gifted to me, and there's been no shortage of introspection on my part from all of the input that has been posted here. But I have to say that the love that I'm seeing here supporting Dttn on such a troubling day is just absolutely blowing me away. It reminds me once again that when we can focus in on our personal truths and make the changes needed to live our lives authentically, that's where we find our real happiness.

    Trice, you rock! I lmao reading your post about the text messages to your Virgo.

    Angel - thank you for your additional insights on your Virgo-ness. Very, very informative and much food for thought.

    Momofone - another pillar of strength in finding your OWN way and leaving behind those that would lead you away from your truths.

    Dttn - Keep posting as much as you need to. There is not one of us who hasn't been where you are right now. Not one. I too will try to stay on top of things here and help you through this as best I can. You ARE so intelligent and compassionate and that is why you find yourself in this place - not because of anything negative or really anything that your guy did to you. (You know there is goodness in him or you wouldn't have gone this far.) I have NO doubt that there is something powerful between the two of you, but a lesson I learned long ago when working with casting Runes is a line that goes: "There are no missed opportunities; we have simply to recognize that all opportunities are not for us, all possiblities are not open to us." There is a bit more but it ends with, "Remember that what is yours will come to you".

    I've found much comfort in this thought over the years. We take our chances in life because if we didn't we wouldn't be living. One has to take risks on happiness - we seize opportunities when they arise. That's all you did, you extended trust and affection in taking a chance. You surely have been a great gift to this man in the time he's known you and I expect in time, and in hindsight, he will live with quite a few regrets. (As Trice pointed out - expect some continued contact.) But I gotta say, the courage you have shown today, and your willingness to share it with us here - well - I absolutely gasped outloud when I read that you had told him "goodbye". You ARE my hero seeing you take a stand for your happiness as you have. I adore you!

    Keep posting and I want to know when you finally reach a smile in all this. Persevere and know that we all love ya!

  • Well all of you , Jen , Momofone, Angel and Trice you have been my saviors today. As if crying today wasn't enough but each time I have logged on here to see one more posting I have burst into tears again with all the compassion I am feeling from all of you and of course tears run down my face as i write at this very moment.

    I still have not heard from him and just need to forge ahead, stop checking my phone and look around at what I do have and learn from my experiences. Of course that is all very easy to say but right now my heart is breaking. To have not heard a word from him has been quite distressing, no closure and it hurts.

    Jen, your words are so loving and I thank you so much for being here for me. Angel, your straightforwardness is appreciated, you are the voice of reason here. Trice and Momofone you have encouraged me to lift my head high today even though I wanted to break down and sob.

    Thank you all so much for being here for me, I'm not sure I could do this without all of you.

    Much love

    Will check in tomorrow

    xx dttn

  • Thanks Dttn! I'll be checking on you tomorrow then too!

  • Hi all, needed to check in to stop myself from texting him. I find myself making excuses for him today. ie:

    1. His wife has found out and is watching his every move

    2. He is in hospital or worse (yes my mind has gone there)

    3. He has blocked me (but I'm not sure this can be done)

    I am questioning my motives in having the relationship to start with.

    Why am I not happy in my life, why do i feel a need to have more, why am i not happy in my marriage?

    What is missing?

    Jen, i have read your quote many times and would love to hear the rest of it if u have time.

    Really finding it hard not to curl up in ball and cry today but need to keep busy.


  • Hi Dttn - I think that asking yourself those questions is a very, very good sign. Like I said, all of us have been where you are. I fully expect I'll be there again one of these days myself, lol. Your mind is sure to continue going in circles for a while here, then, hopefully, you'll just get weary of it all and snap out of it. You'll find a day where you're just going along with your day and somewhere you'll think, "wow, I haven't thought about him at all til now" and then you'll know things are getting behind you.

    That quote is from Ralph Blum's "The Book of Runes". It is part of the analysis of the Rune called "Ehwaz" - the Rune stone of movement and progress. "The rune of movement, of physical shifts, new dwelling places, new attitudes, new life; movement also in the sense of improving or bettering any situation. Ehwaz is a Rune of transit and transition." The line I quoted is from the reversal of Ehwaz. The complete analysis from the book is: "Movement that appears to block. This Rune reversed puts you on notice that an opportunity is at hand and should not be ignored. Be certain that what you are doing or not doing is timely. There are no missed opportunities; we have simply to recognize that all opportunities are not for us, all possibilities are not open to us. If you are feeling at a loss, unclear about the need to act, consider what is most timely and appropriate to your nature; the opportunity at hand may be precisely to avoid action. Remeber that what is yours will come to you."

    I like working with Runes for "big picture" insights. Unlike the Tarot, I think they are better for an overview of trends in life, generally not offering enough detail to analyze specific situations (my opinion only). But I find an occasional reading very good for meditating on where I am in life or where a particular situation fits in overall.

    I just pulled a Rune for your situation and I got Hagalaz, Disruptive natural forces. This is a very serious Rune, its about total disruption and events totally out of your control. It is the "Awakener". The warning however is to realize that this is not a situation of you at the mercy of externals. Your own nature is creating what is happening and you are not without power in this situation. The inner strength you have funded until now in your life is your support and guide when everything you've taken for granted is being challenged. Receiving this Rune puts you on notice; you may sustain loss or damage - a tree falls on your home, a relationship fails, plans go wrong, a source of supply dries up. But you are forewarned and, therefore, encouraged to understand and accept what occurs as necessary, called for in your deeps out of a pressing need for growth. There is nothing trivial about this Rune. The more severe the disruption in your life, the more significant and timely the requirements for your growth. The term "radical discontinuity" best describes the action of this Rune at it's most forceful - the universe and your own soul are demanding that you do, indeed, grow"

    Sorry Dttn - drawing this Rune for you didn't surprise me at all today. When I get this one I just always think, "oh man, it's going to be a bad day"....ideally leading to a better day though once I cut through the disruption. Sometimes time and patience are the only recourse, but I'm glad to hear you say that you are trying to keep busy, that's important. I've had my days as well though when I just go with the "curl up in a ball" idea too though. To me there are times when the spirit, just like other parts of your body/self is simply sick and needs to heal. There's no right answer for how that healing should occur. Sometimes I think it makes sense not to force yourself to go through the motions and simply let yourself be "sick" for a while. When you have the flu does it make sense to drag yourself out of bed and go shopping? No, it doesn not. Don't feel bad if you just want some time to work through your sadness, that's part of facing it and working through it.

    My heart is with you today, and I'm wishing you much strength.

  • Thanks Jen, I don't know anything about Rune's but it is very insightful.

    I've read Hagalaz over and over since u posted and it becomes clearer and clearer to me.

    I start to wonder if I have manifested some of this relationship in my head but I'm not imagining that on every occasion that we spoke that he told me he loved me. I think what I need to accept at this point is that it's quite possible he didn't love me but found himself too deep into the relationship to back out but then why would he ask me not to leave. So many thoughts running through my head over and over and over , the same thoughts with slight variations and thoughts about why , about human nature, about how people can be cruel. Over the last six months I had asked him so many times "should i walk away?" and his answer was always an adament "No". When he said I love you he would say "lots" afterword or "so much" . I have such a logical brain that this makes no sense to me. Why you would drag someone along like that.

    I feel sick , my head hurts and I am sitting here at home trying to hide my feelings so nobody knows I am hurting.

    Oh please make the days pass quickly.

    Pardon me for my thought processes but writing these thoughts out helps.

  • I understand Dttn - You know I keep a journal for myself for just such occasions. Emotional and confused Cancer that I am, I seek it's solace often, lol. I just keep it as a Word document (preferring to type rather than hand-write these days.) What I love the most is being able to go back and review my thoughts days/weeks later. So often that "talking to myself" held all the answers but it was so hard to face them when drowning in emotions. But it always makes me feel better somehow to go back and see that somewhere in me I saw the right path all along. (Guess that reassurance that I'm not crazy, haha, somewhere in me lies some real common sense.) I'll keep checking on you here.

  • Ok Dttn, so I pulled another Rune in the hopes of finding some optimism for you. Well, let's say it's more of the same lesson here. I pulled Kano - the Rune of Opening - clarity and concentration - but it is reversed. Here is the message: "Expect a darkening of th light in some situation or relationship. A friendship may be dying, a partnership, a marriage, some aspect of yourself, an old way of being that is no longer appropriate or valid. Receiving this Rune puts you on notice that failure to face up to the death consciously would constitute a loss of opportunity. This Rune reversed points to the death of a way of life invalidated by growth. It calls for a time of giving up gladly the old, and being prepared to live for a time empty; it calls for developing inner stability - not being seduced by the momentum of old ways while waiting for the new to become illuminated in it's proper time."

    As I say, I find the Runes a very useful source for meditation. It's clear to me that something in you needed to go through your situation with your Virgo man in order to dredge up something even deeper that needs to be revealed and dealt with. I believe that you see this because of the sorts of questions you are asking. I also did a "trend" reading, pulling three Runes representing the past, present and future. Now I can never define how long this "timeline" is, events may happen quickly or they may span much time, I never even know for myself, but always look at it as "forewarned is forearmed". Too much to go through all the details, but based on this reading: you just experienced a period of growth that involved "modesty, patience, fairness and generosity". However currently you are overreaching - operating beyond the power you have funded in your life - failing to draw upon your powers of instinct - leaving you out of balance. In your next transition here you will feel tested and you will feel blocked - you will want to avoid any further interactions that might bring you additional stressful situations - but you are put on notice that through inconvenience and discomfort growth is promoted. It is a trying time and yet a powerfully meaningful time and the final thought is to put your house in order, tend to business, find clarity and wait on the Will of Heaven. (I tend to take that as "hold on to your Faith").

    Ah hah! I really went out on a limb here (because these readings are making me feel indignant that you should have such a trial in store for you right now because of this man). I asked why DID this man come into your life at all?? I got Dagaz - the Rune of Breakthroughs and Transformation. I see then that he was but a tool in getting you to a new spiritual place. This is a very important Rune because it signals the last step in a cycle that will bring you to a brand new place. A complete transformation. I call this my "close your eyes and jump" Rune because things are about to take a big turn. The challenge is to: "confront and vanquish your refusal to let right action flow through you. In each life there comes at least one moment which, if recognized and seized, transforms the course of that life forever. With this Rune the Warrior Nature reveals itself." This is the Rune of radical trust - self change - it is like a death, but it is a death that often introduces a new period of achievement for you. Darkness will fall behind you and daylight will come.

    Your challenge right now Dttn is to be "a warrior" and know that in all of this something really big is goining on inside you, something that you will look back and know why it had to be painful because it was probably the fastest way to get you to a better place, or it's just built up to a point that there's no little release of the pressure possible, it was destined to be an explosion. I think you need to look at your big picture, what was going on in your mind and heart before you met this man. What were you looking for? You must have been seeking something or you wouldn't have found him in the first place. How does what is transpiring now play into that? Your Virgo man appeared to be an answer to what you were seeking but he is now shaping up to be a false path. Try to recall the question you were asking before he came along and with this new information you have to guide you figure out what the right answer should look like. Mind you these readings are about YOU. Not some prediction of where anything will go with Virgo man. They speak to your personal journey, and as I say, he is but a tool in drawing spiritual issues out of you. Who can say whether he will come back in the picture or not, or whether your work together is really done, it doesn't matter. Right here, right now you are in an intense process of transformation that is yours and yours alone and will affect all relationships you have going forward. It is about how you relate to yourself and to the world.

    You know going through this "with" you is causing me considerable introspection on my situation with "R". You so inspire me with all of this and cause me to ask myself some tough questions as well. Intuitively I sense that something is about to change between "R" and I, but I can't discern what that may be, and as you can appreciate, he's not going to spill anything. It's like he's put himself out there being more available lately, but that in itself somehow makes me distrust what may really be going on with him. You know it's like, "look Jen, here I am right in front of you, nothing to hide", which makes it more suspicious that he may be in a state where he has a whole bunch to hide. "Best defense is a good offense" you know.

    Even so, I've been pushing myself to be evermore independent of the situation, not pulling my heart out of it mind you, but taking more responsibility for what I am doing for myself in the situation - not worrying so much about what I'm doing for him or what he's doing with me, and as I say, reminded that "what is mine will come to me". I still maintain that "what is mine" may end up having nothing to do with "R". In fact my experience with him may only serve to make me appreciate even more whatever is coming my way next as being better and more fulfilling than anything he has been able to provide. If "R" were free, it could be perfect, we'd have a chance to find out what really can develop between us...but he is not and so my "job" is to ground myself in what I feel about him, not what he feels about me or to give any real consequence to his feelings at this time. I know that he is learning much about himself from me as well. Are we crossing paths then, or destined to be on the same path....hard to say right now, but like you, I think my inner voice will know when I reach a place that the real answer has to be forced to the surface and all forms of "evolution" in the matter have ceased. Either way the answer being: "all lessons have been learned - now time to move in a new direction".

    On that note, I pulled three Runes on my situation with "R" and came up with "movement and growth but it seems I face a turn here where control of emotions is going to be an issue and I'm in for some ups and downs - new challenges and a warning not to collapse into my emotions the good ones or the bad ones". Apparently my own struggle to continue to try to maintain balance in the face of transition. As I say, "forewarned is forearmed", lol. I guess it's just more of life on a roller-coaster for me for a while and I need to find my "Warrior" to deal with it . Which for me means, no matter what happens with him - whether he is in my life or out of it - it's whatever remains in me that I hold onto - the things that make me able to say - "it doesn't matter either way, because look what I still have here that will always be here and gives me all the strength I need to move forward."

    I hope I am being helpful in all of this. I won't pull any more Runes unless you want me to. I read Tarot cards too, lol, but consider myself a in perpetual learning mode with them even after a couple of decades of using them. Would be happy to do a reading for you though, if you think it will be helpful. I enjoy all of these tools for introspection because I tend to let emotional issues get the best of me and they give me a means of clarifying things within myself and gaining focus - looking at all the angles. Otherwise my overwhelming emotions can seriously bog me down. It ain't easy being a Cancer, we need all the help we can get!

  • Hi everyone,

    I wanted to check in to see how my newfound friend Dttn was doing. I see you're beginning to question everything about the relationship. I think that's a great sign because it will continue to reveal some realities and truths about it that may have been previously overlooked. Please don't think it was easy and without effort for me to walk away from Virgo but I knew it was the best thing for me.

    Just hang in there sweetie and things will work out for you, I truly believe that. I'm so relieved that liar has not called or contacted me since Thursday...........maybe the last text drove my point home. lol :))

    Jen, as a Cancer, you know many times "what comes up will come out", if someone continues to aggravate us!! 🙂

    I'll check back in tomorrow.

  • Yep Trice, I've said it a million the end of the day we are a Cardinal sign and we will do what needs to be done. Speaking for myself, when I've made a final emotional decision on someone there's never any going back. It's not about forgiveness either. I can forgive almost anything, but I'll never put my heart back into something that has already proven itself unworthy. You know how we are, we give a man a hundred second chances, but when it's done it's oh so very done. That's why I can so easily be friends with ex's as well. They'll never get me back in the same place emotionally again, from there on they will always be just friend material and there's never an ounce of temptation for me to reconsider. Nope, like you, it's case closed once I've wrenched my heart out of a troubled relationship.

  • Dttn......where did you go....don't make me worry about you (Mothering Cancer - worrisome Virgo combo-thing going on here). I'm off to work but I'll be checking back later. 🙂

  • Good morning all, Well Jen those runes are very accurate if you ask me. I appreciate all the time you have taken to comfort me. I would actually like if you had time to do another one or a tarot reading to see what it has to say. I understand exactly what the runes are saying and I must admit when you asked me what was it I was looking for when I met my Virgo it took me back to that place. I think that i was looking for a replacement for my scorpio friend there is more to it than that. Maybe I wanted this man to replace him, someone to love me, someone to take up my time and keep me occupied. In February when his wife found out about all the phone calls on his phone bill my Virgo pulled away. He stayed in touch , kept telling me he loved me but didn't have time to see me. How can someone not have 30 minutes since February to see someone they supposedly love?

    I admit I did finally break down yesterday and texted him, trying to get some sort of response from him, angry at him for putting me through this when it could have been so easy if he had just told me all those times i asked if he wanted me to walk away that YES! he did. So many times i said to him "What are we waiting for?" Why can't I see you"? and he would say "Soon Baby Soon!" well that is just twisted isn't it? Here was this man (very shy, not tons of confidence, shocked that I wanted to be with him) gentle, attentive in the beginning, saying things about his wife that frankly weren't very nice, a soft calming voice who talked about soulmates and people marrying for all the wrong reasons and not being with one person for your whole life.

    So my texts...? and there were a few NONE OF WHICH garnered any response.

    And there i was making excuses for him. Did his wife get a hold of his phone? Did he block me? Did he turn his phone off? Excuses I seemed to make a lot of them for him.

    Oh Dttn...stop thinking this way won't you. HE IS A P**ck! He doesn't care.

    Texts read as follows:

    1. U have nothing to say I assume

    2.I really thought you were a different person and I guess u don't really care what i think anyway. You could atleast allow me the courtesy of a reply

    3. i just want to know u r ok and i will stop.i said goodbye u are obviously glad of that

    4. How can u just let me suffer this way I am only asking that everything is ok I ask for nothing more. you know that I love you and I release you from any obligation you may feel towards me. I need to know that u are ok. Please.

    5. I ask for one word "OK" thats all and i will then know and I will then delete u please.

    Desperate i know. i'm not proud of it. So you see i am not a hero. I have deleted his number now so i can't make a fool of myself any more. He has not replied at all. Very cold hearted.

    I now know that he is okay because i noticed he logged onto facebook yesterday.

    Will check back shortly , have to drive daughter to work.

  • Hey Jen, not to worry. I posted 7 minutes after you did. Hope the post is there for you to read. Let me know if you can't see it and I will repost.

  • Jen,

    You are so right about our ability to truly let go when necessary. But for me, ex's who lie don't get a chance to be a friend to me. I simply can't deal with liars. I look at realtionships with men like those I have with women: if a girlfriend lies (not a white lie), I end our contact. No more hanging out together or phone conversations. I may return an email or text but that's it. I just don't want to make time to figure out if a person is be being dishonest, male or female, because it requires too much of my energy.


    I'll be honest, I'm really sorry to hear that you contacted him again. Just try to remeber that the quickest way to get someone to come to you is to pull back. Each time you call him, you have to begin the healing process all over again. I'm not fussing at you, I just don't want to see anyone go through this type of avoidable pain, sweetie.

    Ladies, I will check back in tomorrow. Have a good night.:)

  • Sorry Dttn – I’m in the middle of a major power outage following a very nasty storm so I’ve had much to deal with. I’m typing fast before I lose my battery power. Argh! What a pain.

    Wow - you deleted his phone number, that's huge! I'm loving your growing rage in all this. Rage is a very powerful tool for change if channeled in the right direction - which is towards him and his behavior - do not internalize it. YOU ARE NOT WRONG in this. I think it's great that you unloaded on him, you deserved to speak your peace. Now he can just face his little insecure Virgo self and think about what he did and what he gave up. I still won't be at all surprised if he contacts you. It may take him some time but I suspect he will eventually. This is what "R" did the time I "once and for all" dumped him (he couldn't go a week without contacting me, within three weeks he wanted to see me), and it's been mentioned too often here in the thread. These Virgo guys seem to need some "hermit" time to process things and then they come crawling back. If your guy ever does, you just make sure you've got your conditions mapped out before you talk to him, or maybe, like Trice, you'll just tell him to go to hell. Either way, as I have learned the hard way, you need to know where you stand or you'll keep looping around in the same circle. On that note, I have to say, I continue to be fairly impressed with my "R's" attentiveness this week. He's buying himself some time here, lol. We'll see how long it holds up...)

    Ok, I'd love to do a general Tarot reading for you. I'm a novice when it comes to reading for others, but have been working with a "friend" on another thread through our mutual relationship issues and she claims I'm getting high marks for accuracy. So let's give it a go.

    The strongest element in your life right now is a desire for conformity, and an attachment to traditional values and a sound marriage. Your marriage appears to be at the heart of all matters. You are “crossed” by emotional extremes, feelings all over the map. There’s the evidence of lots of messages/communication in the recent past – happy messages, not stressful or bad and also that you took some chances with enthusiasm. The future is filled with uncertainty (Wheel of Fortune – life’s ups and downs, good luck and bad luck, but also the card of Karma and Destiny). In the near future you will continue to hang on tightly to what you have or to the past – a possible obstacle to your own progress, resisting change when what you need to do is focus on structure and realistic planning for the future. Meanwhile everything inside you wants a new beginning – the Ace of Wands is THE card of creative new enterprises and fresh starts – filled with energy, action and courage. Push for what you want, trust your instincts – the energy and courage for a new beginning is in you.

    The influences around you fascinates me because it suggests that you are surrounded by neediness that is leaving you somewhat of a victim. You take care of everyone else’s needs but not your own. This is leaving you with a great emptiness. It is little surprise then that your hopes and fears are about past disappointments and the fear that the future will hold the same. This particular card shows 5 cups, three have spilled (the disappointments of the past) 2 remain standing and full – the hope of the future that you must pay attention to – don’t dwell on the past.

    Finally a couple of nice surprises – the outcome shows that the joy you seek is within reach, perhaps even right under your nose. Don’t idealize on a “happily ever after” look around you, count your blessings and you will soon see the light of emotional fulfillment. Ah, you know what – the marriage card is the foundation of your issue – all of this ties into it. Perhaps even take another look at your marriage, is there any way to renew the spark that was once there and bring your heart fulfillment?

    The other nice surprise is the “shadow card” – hidden elements – in this case The World card which signifies the end of one cycle and the start of the next. Whatever has just transpired for you is at a completion, what comes next will be new, perhaps with the same players, but with new direction. This card signifies a feeling of completion, freedom from fear and a time for taking more responsibility for yourself and your choices is at hand.

    I wish I could elaborate more, but I’m nearly out of battery power on my laptop and want to get this to you. Pray for them to get the power grid back up sooooon!! I’m freaking out over the potential loss of all the food in my freezer here! Let me know what you think of the reading and whether it hit any key points for you. I am all about continuous improvement in my reading so all feedback is welcome.

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