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  • My sister, cousin, and step-father had very strange ouija experience about a year ago. A spirit was contacted, an old gentle spirit that has been living in our house for 8-9 years, a year before we moved in. I believe it is the spirit of our landlord's deceased mother. Anyhow, ever since then the overwhelming negative energy in my house as exceeded. Every guest is afraid of our garage (where the seance occured) or has negative feelings aabout it. The thing I'm most concerned about is that my little 12 year old sister rose straight up, still in slumber and murmured "There is a blood cirle behind Carolyn's spirit." And my cousin convulsed all night and murmured "Proud to be among to spirits. I need help, clarification on what those terrifying experiences may have meant, what they were talking about, and how to finally feel safe in my home. Thank you so much for your time.

  • Carolyn is the cousin also in the room that took part in the seance as well

  • Sorry to jump in but not a good thing at all, good luck you need to clean that house and get it blessed. Someone will help you, when you fool around you open doors that allows evil to come in, not good.

    Good Luck.

  • Thank you for the well wishes. I'm hopeful someone will help me out, that ouija board has been long gone for awhile now, but this whole experience still makes me shudder.

  • You sent me a post a year ago asking what I thought about trying the ouja board--remember? I gave you a good answer. You also said you felt a gut feeling not to go in the garage with it but now you are saying you ignored that and did? You never mentioned any negative spirit in your house and I can't imagine anyone convulsing all night--I'm confused! Are you exagerating? Or your cousin messing with you--something doesn't sound right about this. Nothing personal but there's a lot missing here. If you suspected a bad energy in your house--what was your "intention" in opening a door of permission. I am a medium and can try to connect with your spirit if you can give me truthfull events of their presence ---before the ouja board incident---why did you think there was a presence--tell me the events. Reread my old post as to what can happen in a seaonce if it's done in a game of lets get scary--it's usually a childish plaything. Conjuring up fear loses it's playfullness when ignoring the reality of spirit calling---fear is not a good energy for inviting spirits in---spirits are all around us---our energy attracts accordenly. Anger attracts anger--fear attracts bullies. Are you saying that after the one oiuja expierience you have had a spirit linger all year?. Are you saying your sister has now continued feeling different? What are your parents thoughts? Again---what is your intention when curiouse about spirits---why are you afraid yet feel driven to focus on them? How old are you? I would like to help you but what I'm seeing and the things you are saying are not the same and I need you to give clarity I can trust before answering this or validating your spirit expierience. BLESSINGS!

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