Blmoon, please help

  • My sister, cousin, and step-father had very strange ouija experience about a year ago. A spirit was contacted, an old gentle spirit that has been living in our house for 8-9 years, a year before we moved in. I believe it is the spirit of our landlord's deceased mother. Anyhow, ever since then the overwhelming negative energy in my house as exceeded. Every guest is afraid of our garage (where the seance occured) or has negative feelings aabout it. The thing I'm most concerned about is that my little 12 year old sister rose straight up, still in slumber and murmured "There is a blood cirle behind Carolyn's spirit." And my cousin convulsed all night and murmured "Proud to be among to spirits. I need help, clarification on what those terrifying experiences may have meant, what they were talking about, and how to finally feel safe in my home. Thank you so much for your time.

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