What does my dream mean?

  • I dreamed that i was with my family, mainly my cousin, we were in a house but not a house i recognise. suddenly we were being attacked by a man who was trying to strangle me, i tried to fight back but it was weak and i was being told to strangle him back. in between this we were in a car driving around my home town, yet it didn't look like my home town. We then went back to the house and i defeated the intruder then someone noticed a body on the floor and i recognised it as my aunt who i am not close with. I cannot remember exactly which part of the dream we were in the car but i seem to remember it being in the middle

  • Do you feel in your life that someone - a man - is trying to stop you expressing yourself or saying what you feel? Dreaming of your family - especially family members you aren't close to - may indicate a desire to draw the family together or reunite with those who have drifted away (or it may even be yourself who has drifted off).

  • Thanks captain,

    I am going to see my family in a few week for the first time in 18 months so maybe this is it.

  • This post is deleted!

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