Interpretation on spread - anyone please

  • Hi,

    I would love to get an second view on spread i have done.

    I have used the Celtic cross, question: How will things turn out between me and someone from past

    Present - Justice (Maybe choices being made in the past which leads to situation now?)

    Influence - 2 of pentacles

    Past - Page of swords

    Immediate past - 4 of swords

    Crowning thoughts - Queen of wands

    Immediate future - 10 of cups

    Fears - 10 of wands

    Outside factors - 6 of cups

    Hopes - 9 of wands

    Outcome - The Lovers clarified by The sun

    Any insight most welcome

    Thank you in advance

  • Anyone please?

    I find it very difficult to read for myself and stay objective, therefore a second opinion will help me a lot

  • Present - Justice - something is being balanced out between you and this person, something happened in the past which requires closure. You are being brought back together to resolve something in a fair way.

    Influence. Two of Pentacles - something has been developing on the material side of life connecting the both of you, like the Justice card, very similar energies, as if the two of you are being reunited to resolve this matter.

    Past - Page of swords - at one time there was a lot of communication between the two of you. This page is a talker.

    Immediate past - Four of Swords - whatever it was you shared went into the deep freeze for a time, almost like a Chrysalis awaiting rebirth, I see something developing now which seems to be a new phase emerging between you two.

    Crowning thoughts - Queen of wands - this feels like your hopes here, this Queen is wanting something to resolve, she is caring and is really wants there to be a favorable conclusion to the matter.

    Immediate Future - Ten of Cups - this tells me that there is a strong emotional peace arriving, it sounds like something is changing for the better for sure - and fast. This will result in a nice loving balance between you two where you can at last rest from whatever happened in the past. This is a very positive sign.

    Fears - Ten of wands - "What am I getting into?" is the feeling I get here. Like you are wondering will I be taking on too much from my efforts to reconnect. I do not see this as a warranted fear, you are advised to be at peace in the matter, the Universe has you safe and sound in this matter, and it will handled in a way that is mutually beneficial.

    Outside factors - Six of Cups - Some sort of encouragement to move forward in the reunion... this is once again a nice energy surrounding the matter. Sixes are resolution after the tension of the 5, so you should expect this influence to be assisting you here to move forward with this person in faith.

    Hopes - Nine of wands - there was a battle, some real struggles or tears at one time. The message here is that you are stronger for it, and the pain that was will only make you wiser and the love unconditional. This is again a positive sign to me.

    The Lovers clarified by the Sun - this is an extremely POSITIVE sign - whatever it is that is happening between you and them has all the energy of a lovely resolution where the scales of justice are at last beautifully settled and the Sun breaks through the dark skies from the past, illuminating you both. Very beautiful message here of hope, I see a wonderful outcome.

    I hope that helps DandyLee, I will wish positive resolution, loving energies your way for you and this person! The Lovers and the Sun, wow that is so cool... if I were you I would have this spread bronzed and hang it on the wall. 🙂

  • Hi Dandylee,

    It's been a while since I've been on the forum. I've been involved with Tarot for over 40 years and your spread is not at all complex. There is a choice you must make, a decision and you have two options. Right now, the arrival of the second option has thrown you off course. Remember what happened in the past and the lessons you learned.

    Decisions should be made for the benefit of all concerned. Be extra cautious and examine your motives. You are being tested. You passed the test the first time with your original decision and now you are wondering if you made the right choice.

    Stick to your gut feelings. They will never steer you wrong.

    Thank you for allowing me to read for you. Peace and love

  • Firefly01, Thank you for your input. Yes, I agree, my spread is not complex at all, but circumstances around it certainly are. That being said, although I really appreciate your input, your interpretation doesn't make any sense to me at this stage.

    As for choices, presently there is no choices. As for original decision, that decision/choice were being made by the other party and not me.

    I'll keep your words in mind if I do get to such a situation.

    Love and light

  • AstraAngel, thank you for your effort you put in. Your interpretation were basically what I were getting too.... HOWEVER, I cannot help but think that I have been missing something.

    You see, right now we don't even have any contact. He did call me some weeks ago, with the excuse that it were the wrong number.... after that zilch. My gut tells me we not over yet, we have unfinished business but I cannot began to see how and when.

    Urgh.... I have been hoping to get more clarity, but somehow I still feel stucked.

    Thank you once again

    Love and light

  • You will lose that "stuck" feeling once you realize we are not meant to know all about the entire universe or everyone in it. Sometimes being "stuck" means that a decision is required and action will be the consequences. Clarity comes after a long struggle and sometimes, letting go is part of it. Remember the Tower card? It means basically that it is a man-made structure, a dream or an ideal, and every dream requires planning ahead just as if your are headed on vacation. We do all that is physically and emotionally possible and when others fail to read between the lines, we cannot take it as a personal affront. Try not to make small things bigger than they are.

  • Choices made by others are like throwing the ball back into your court. What you want to see happen? I feel you have the chance of a lifetime to re-connect.

    I pray you will.

    Peace always,


  • Hey DandyLee, you sound like you are learning about a spiritual love as well. I am working with DaniBo in this area. You share a connection however there is now distance and no contact, so you are left to love him "in the air" even though he is not there. Do you see? It is very beautiful once you catch sight of this very high and divine love we have for one another. We are spirit beings in essence, the physical is simple one way we initially connect. However there is a realm where love wants us to connect in hidden, mysterious, sublime ways.

    This seems to be a strong move right now by Spirit amongst us. Relationships where there is a connection, and yet we are not together... you keep the love and you deepen in some mystery ways that are absolutely Heavenly... "for we walk by faith and not by sight"... I can't speak to the "wrong number" thing, that is odd... could be another one of those little angel actions designed to close our eyes and turn us around until we don't know up from down, and then you have no choice except to walk in the spirit and remain optimistic about... everything!

    Your heart is telling you "unfinished business"... I got Judgment which says to me resurrection, a higher calling, which I bet is what is going on here. You are deepening in your understanding of love and relationship... something more angelic and ethereal, very nice.... may not make sense right now, it will though... a key is to pray often "THY kingdom come, thy will be done" in this matter, that keeps your heart heavenward and not on what he does/doesn't do, says/doesn't say. That way you are at perfect peace no matter what happens. Which makes you stronger, more established in your own personal life. And that keeps the pipeline open for other possibilities with others, you never know, you could be in for a surprise or two... the HIGH PRIESTESS.. something very nice and mysterious at work in your life right now... stay open to new turns of events, a door, a message or something. Something nice is coming for you...

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