Past life spread Advice anyone please :)

  • I did a past life Karmic Spread and was wondering if i could get any help with it! any advice would be muchly appreciated!!! thanks 🙂

    1. Main karmic lesson you brought into this life: three of cups

    • being a part of a group

    • trusting others

    discovering how you relate to a group and how connected you feel to people on a collective level

    2. Past life actions that necessitated the lesson: Temperance

    Balance or not enough

    moderation key to suggess or to willing to compromise

    blending of ideas

    3. Past life attitudes or emotions that necessitated the lesson: eight of swords

    being blinded to something and not willingly seeing the truth when it was right infront of me

    lack of freedom

    feeling poowerless or victimized

    bound by illusion

    4. Tests you have passed in this life: seven of pentacles

    evaluating where i am

    making sure im on target where or what next

    time to open myself up to change

    sow more seeds dig the earth and work hard on other aspects of your life

    5. Tests yet to pass

    nine of cups six of cups and knight of cups.

    im stumped on this.... maybe meaning my wish of some sort is not going to happen ?

    6. Actions required to achieve Karmic goal

    eight of pentacles

    keep working at it till it works?

    widening my knowledge

    training for a new skill (starting school again like i have)

    7. Attitude or emotions required to achieve Karmic goal: tower

    Get rid of old believes be open to new and change? no matter how difficult its going to be

    learn to adapt and adjust quickly

    8. Karmic goal in this life:

    ace of pentacles

    stumped on this one to...

    9. A Karmic gift (insight into achieving your goal)

    ten of pentacles...don't really understand this either...

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