Scorpio experts, please help!

  • Hello all you scorpio's...this is going to be long but I would really appriciate if you read it and help me out!

    You would think I would understand the scorpio man after being in a relationship with one a double one at that for 12 years but this one has me for a loop. I met the first one very young and unscared by love so I think that made all the difference. Anyway! I am currently interrested in a scoprio man with a cancer moon but he as me very confused. He has been in and out of my life since about October. When we first starting dating we were great, he seemed really into me, i was really into him and then I was unable to attend his birthday lost, big mess. Even though he will not tell me this really bothered him, could tell by facebook posts and comments his friends made. He always had a backup girl and from what I was told he only invited me knowing i wouldnt tolorate a backup plan and I didnt come through. This haunts me! Since then we have been very off and on. More off to be honest. He swears me off to all his friends but eventually comes back into mylife. Until the last week it seemed like he was only coming back in after a night of drinking for **** and nothing more but the last few days I have been seeing a lot of him. He is going to places he knows I will be and even called to come over saturday night. We watched a movie talked about some personal stuff, which I found surprising because he is so secretive and it seems like maybe he is ready to give me a second chance. But this is where I am unsure. Is he just interrested in me for ****? Is it more? I know people say ask him because scorpio's are truthful even if it hurts but I am not sure this is true for him. He is very about image and ego and will tell me he doesnt want anything serious, just to keep his guard up. He has even told me that I am unattractive to him if he feels I am getting to close, when obviously if that was true nothing would have started between us. So what do I do? What do I think? Is this a second chance at something real with him, or is he just in it for ****? One last detail, I know other women have been in his life recently so its not like he cant get any someplace else. Not to mention those intense scorpio eyes can get the pants off most women. Please any oppinion/ insight/ advice is welcome.

  • Hi littlej, I'm a Scorpio woman and I've seen some of your stuff before, I think you even replied to one of my comments or me to you. Nonetheless, here's a little scorpio secret...since i'm with a libra man and most of my friends woman/man are libras...check this out. Yes we are intense, yes we love our "play" and love to keep it active, but what attracts us the most is your libra mind...we are sensitive to everything even a little melodramatic, our honesty is always there even if sometimes you have to yank it out of us for fear of hurting your feelings.... we sometimes don't read the same everyone else...I'm sure you saw that! So reassure your scorpio and let him come to you...when he pulls away let him know that you care about him and a scorpion under a rock that needs to cool off, trust me when it's time to feed....he'll come and hold you tightly....his stinger is just there for when his heart is a little broken and doesn't want to show he'll get you back right were it counts...the heart, right?! so nuture your scorpion and you will see...but most of all let him be him! There is nothing worst then a dictating libra to a scorpion. Take care and good luck, write back if you wish, until then...


  • lol, never go by a sign for truthfulness. Scorpios are the biggest liars I know, don't believe everything you read or hear.

    The dude obviously is not smitten with you, move on and quit being his booty call.

  • ScorpWolf,

    Thanks so much for your words. I have dated a scorpio before so I understand how they are but he throws me for a loop. Maybe it is his cancer moon. I am not in a rush for any serious relationship so I don't mind being patient as long as I feel I have something to hold on to, which for the most part he does give me. He really steped up this week and help me pick up and put together birthday gifts for my kids so that was a side I hadn't seen. These are the things that make me believe I am not just a booty call and that there is hope for us.

  • Well I don't think that "booty call" statement is actually relative. Maybe to non-active people but for a scorpio it's part of life. We love the intenseness. I'm happy for you and your kids...again only patience will is proof of love to your scorpion....obviously he is still around and doing things for you for the yep I'd say patients! (even though it's something scorpio's have little of at times, we appreciate someone how is patient with us)

    Sorry LoveDetox, it's seems you had a/some bad experience with Scorpios, yes while some individuals are liars, I'm sure they weren't all scorpio. My apologises.

    Good Luck!


  • Thanks ScorpWolf! I am really excited about the progress we are making, but aware that I need to keep an eye open at all times. For whatever reason I am very understanding of him good and bad so patience isn't hard for me in most areas of life. The only thing I would like that I dont see myself getting from him is a sense of security in the relationship but maybe even that will come in time. For now I am just going to enjoy what I have and if it some day soon it is gone at least I had the chance to expierence the greatness with him that I am now.

  • It's going to be a push pull relationship and its going to be on his terms . Do you really want that? All that second guessing? I just went through all that **** and all the wiser. Please think of your needs, not his. Scorpios esp w/ other cancer signs can be selfish, liars, controlling, manipulative etc. Eventually you will find out that your worth far more than he is offering you and deserve a balanced healthy secure relationship. If it was all that you wanted you would not be writing about him here.He sounds as if he's giving you just enough so you'll be wanting , waiting for more. I learned the hard way and so will you as you can see now. Sorry, but that is the way it is going to be. He is using you!

  • Songofsharon

    Thanks for your input. For now it is what I want, I am willing to take the chance. There us a large possibility that you could be right and I could be crying my eyes out over very soon, but for now I am going to enjoy him while I have him and if something comes out of it great, if not, nothing hurts forever and there is always something else or someone else in the future.

  • littlej, I really like your last comment "GOOD FOR YOU!!!" In reading all these negative comments, I wanted to add this:

    "Scorpio's are sensitive in nature, but will always wear their hard shell fashionably, trust is a hard issue for Scorpio's...because people lie all the time, Sometimes poeple will think: It's their way or the highway. It's really, "meet me halfway, then we'll see", but when a Scorpio makes a head/heart strong's for life!"

    Hang in there're gonna be just fine, most Libra's are strong and vibrant! He doesn't really want to show you that he likes that part "male".... has nothing to do with being a Scorpio lolololol......


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  • Dear LoveDetox,

    You said it all right. I really dont believe in Scorpios.

  • Sorry you feel that way Magickal, you probably didn't meet the honest ones as individuals. Generalizing is not the key ... awareness is. And awareness of the person and not just by zodiac. take care.


  • Dear ScorpWolf

    Of course there are exemptions. I only have experiences with scorpio women.

    They are OK but based on what they told me I know if you crossed them they are vindictive.Really scary.

    The experiences I have with scorpio men are what several of my girlfriends have told me.

    Meg I know you have mentioned your qualities as a scorpio you are one of the exemptions.

  • Dear ScorpWolf,

    I forgot to mention also the experiences of several of my co-workers (I used to work in a company where there 300 people) and associates. You know when you work in a large company you hear a lot of stories & experiences. They tell us what they went thru. Of course

    there are some good ones BUT??? Meg, is that enough awareness for you?

  • Then why cross anyone, knowing it's wrong? Just talking about others is gossip, which is also wrong. Well to each their own. I know that I've learned to back up as a Scorpio and let people fall into their own trap without me doing anything vindictive. People who push out bad energy with thoughts and actions usually get it back. I wish you all the best in your future acquaintances...hopefully you'll attract more Scorpios that are true. "To get a better picture of the real Scorpio, please see topic (likes and dislikes) and read Blmoon's comment, everyone can learn a little something"


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