Two Scorps welcome!

  • Hi All,

    Yes, us two Scorps ( me-10/30/55, him-11/13/52 ) are married going on 16 yrs.

    2 extra-ordinary teen kids. We are content and are best friends to the end. I'm wondering about the legendary Scorpio sex drive? He and I have no complaints in that dept...when it happens!

    In fact, sex has always "taken a back seat" since pretty much the beginning. I'm not so much worried as curious--I realize we have kids and a waaaay too full plate, but I mean, we are Scorpios!!! I'd imagine the sexual element would be overpowering! We are so very close, perhaps that's the answer? Anyone have any insights/experience like this? We aren't unhappy, just puzzled.

    Because when it was/is good, it's superb! It's like one would think then, that the quality (great ) Of the "lovin'" might motivate us to pursue the sex more...?

    Are 2 Scorps just too much alike, so as to "cancel each other out" or something? Is it a case of 2 Scorps so comfortable together it's too comfortable?

    Where's the famous Scorpio passion (sexual)??!! I know it would be really good for us to be intimate more often! We are very happy so I don't want to "fix it til it breaks", I just wonder...and I'd love any feedback!

    Thanks so much in advance!


  • Voice from another Scorp pair...We have been together for 4 years and the intensity of our unions is amazing, but neither of us is very concerned with the frequency. Every time we do it, we say we should really do this more often and then we don't...I have always chalked it up to the fact that our relationship and friendship is so intimate, we just never needed the *** to get to the intimacy...From your post, it sounds like you want more than you are getting and THAT'S OKAY... remember that you are with your best friend and you can tell him anything...I can't imagine that he would be upset to hear that YOU WANTED HIM MORE OFTEN...LOL...Good luck!

  • Hey Changes! Thanks so much for your quick and insightful reply!

    My h and I are still chuckling over your post!

    It's exactly how the sex is for us, and we even say " wow, we really should do this waaaay more often"! Then we don't!??! LOL ! I mean, exactly the same deal. I think you nailed it, too...the deep and all-around intimacy along with being really best friends together; the intimacy needs are met via all that we share and just always know amongst ourselves. I get it now! I know, duhhh right? LOL...!?!

    Now, I found it intriguing what you "got" from my post, re: me wanting IT a little more...

    I didn't mean to convey that, coz it didn't even occur to me!!!

    Then I read your reply, and I thought hmmmmmm...?!

    You have helped me a lot, and thanks again!

    Take Good Care, my Scorpian confidant,


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