Virgo man not sure 100% that he wants a breakup

  • Virgo man and I have been going for 4 years long distance relationship. 3 weeks ago he said he wanted to breakup but is not sure 100% because he has to work and he has financial problems and cannot make time for me. Not sure what he wants for now. His D.O.B. 02/09/1963, my D.O.B. is 25/03/1954. I have my things at his place but I have not received any contact from him. He said I would get my things back.

  • Hi Arieslost, I did a reading for your present situation and cards surrounding the present. This man is speaking the truth. Patience and understanding is what will help this situation. I drew temperance above the situation. I feel sometime in future his finances will improve but he's going to have to work hard at it. Shows he will pull thru. Shows there are some life's lessons to be learned thru all of this for both of you.

  • Hi, he just called and left a message that he wants me to call him back tonight. He had a weird voice and I am very vulnerable and weak and don't even know what to say. Can you help me/

  • I think everything will be ok, if you're patient and don't fret. I think he has a lot on his plate. Maybe his circumstances are dictating his feelings. I think everything will be ok, take a deep breath call him and tell him the same--everything will be ok. Try it check back...

  • Hi , yes I did call and he is still having weird thoughts. He told me his feelings for me have not changed, asked how I was doing and I told him that week he went missing I was really worried because I could not reach him and then when he did call to breakup it was the cherry on the sundae. He asked me if there was someone new in my life and I replied no. I asked him the same and he said no. I told him I'm not ready for that and he said he thinks he did not make a good decision and that he's all f******** up. Then I told him my feelings for him have not changed and that I still do love him and I will respect whatever decision he makes, that you can't force love. We spoke for 2 hours and at the end he was tired and said he will call me again and I said fine. Bye.. There were no I love you's like there have been for 4 years. He also asked me if he showed up here if I would have let him in and I said yes. He said he thinks he's going through male menopause because he's sweating a lot and his hormones are out of whack. He said he wants to see me but he's busy with work. So I still don't know what to make of this situation. I am so lost and still in limbo. I did not get emotional. I only told him I still loved him once. Please help me figure this out.

  • My body reacted to this phone call in that I threw up after hanging up with him. A very sick feeling came over me It's rare that this happens to me. When he told me that he still has weird thoughts in his mind I aked him if he had dark thoughts (suicide) He reassured me that he didn't. I just don't know what to make of this and I'm not feeling very well. This took me off guard, I expected him to ask for the remote and key and that he would bring me my things. He mentioned that he did not make the right decision 3 times during the phone call and I told him that only he can do what is best for himself and he also apologized for breaking up over the phone. He told me he wouldn't have been able in person.

  • Remember, I'm looking at this from the outside, you're on the inside. You're emotionally attached. According to the reading I did, he's having issues relating to financial concerns. The reading was calling for patience. He initiated this and in time will work thru. Let him do the calling etc. It's hard but this is something he has to work thru. I have a lot going on at present. You might want to contact BluMoon or Watergirl, they're helpful. I'll check back in later. I think a reading for you would be helpful.

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