First date...bit bizzare with gemini man

  • Can anyone shed any light...

    I recently had a date with a gemini man, It seemed to being going really well...actually scarily well.He seemed really genuine. I mentioned if we should go and call it a night but he said,lets have another drink,i agreed and then i nipped to the toilet. On my return he had disapeared...I thought that he had maybe gone to the bar so i waited a small while. I was convinced Id been ditched so i just text saying im not meing to be rude but at least have to decency to say im not your type. A little while later he text to say that he had gone to the bank,couldnt get into the club and his battery had died... and that had waited ages for me to come outside- this just seemed like a line. He followed by saying he thought it was going great..all a bit bridget jonesy. He has text me since to see what im up to but thats it really.

    Does any one think its a typical thing for a gemini to just feel bad and say that type of thing so he doesnt feel quily...

    To be fair im not gonna lose any sleep over it but it has been bugging me,lol

  • callingtheangels,

    Lets call the angels now and tell them to bless you with no more of this type of gemini man who was under the wrong impression about you and many other women that a dinner and a drink does not include a bedfellow for the night. Honey he did you a favor believe it or not.

    Let's move on now and not even text him again.

    I'm Shuabby a clairvoyant reader on this site when I have time to donate readings.

    You have someone waiting in the wings for you feels like someone you knew long ago he has dark hair and eyes and feels tall to me. He will reappear in your life soon and you will not only have him to experiece but another man whom appears older than you by a few years and treats you so well , that you feel like a call was made to heaven and the angels answered in the form of a heavenly choice between these two men.



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