Plsssssss help! need reading! my life seems upside down at the moment!

  • there is this guy im seeing at the moment and i am confused and dnt know if its going to go anywhere. could someone pls help me? does anyone see a future for me with him or will i meet someone else. im sad right now. this guy has me confused.

    my name serena

    DOB 21-5-1984

    his name enda

    DOB 19-9-1981

  • Hello Serena,

    What a beautiful name you have been given. I'm Shuabby a clairvoyant reader here on this site when I have time.

    Enda is a bit confused himself as there are so many things to do and see in life he does not want to miss much as I feel he likes to experence as much as he can. You on the other hand would only end up confused because you are wanting a stable life with a know he is my man man. Is this going anywhere> Only if you want to experience life to the fullest and possibly burn your bridges as you go. Ask yourself: Can You? There you now have your answer.

    You need to open your heart to having more than one suitor as I feel you are a pretty young woman who needs to express herself a bit more and watch how the bee'es flow to the honey.


  • thank you shuabby!

    well he had his heart broken badly 2 yrs ago. he was in a 5 year relationship. he is finding it hard to let anyone close to his heart yet. he says he really likes me and wants to move on in his life with me but is finding it hard. he told me his is scared. he has no other women in his life his friends say he very down at the moment and confused. i dnt know if i should believe what he tells me but i do love him very much.

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