HELP, can someone give advice, in life crisis ?

  • Hello there everyone. I wanted someone here to do a reading for me if you may. I just want to know about my financial crisis. I am currently out of work right now and is wondering when

    will I be employed again or if I will before the year end. I am in the US. Southern region.

    I had some ups and downs in 2011, but I am maintaining. But most of my problems come

    from me not having enough money to pay my bills and move into a new home. I was in the food and service industry before. I did have someone tell me about a job this fall but I am not sure it will come though.

    But there are things that I have been trying to do, like a project or something of that nature.

    I really wanna go further than where I am now, but I need to take care of my finances now.

    Can someone please help me ! Birthday is 12/18/76. I just want a reading from anyone.

    It is appreciated.

  • Hi Robot1, Your reading is indicating that you can be carefree and childlike. You are also creative and there is something new to come. Things are getting better/something on horizon. In some ways, you might be closed to situations that can help you. Don't close yourself off. Don't cling to old ways or ideas. Having difficulty reading your environment. I feel there is something in environment blocking, that's putting ideas etc. on hold. Maybe you're at a standstill (wait and see.) Your reading is indicating success as an outcome. Somewhere in future a possible partnership, possibly marriage. Maybe affirmation of a relationship. Also see woman as positive influence in future but not necessarily part of partnership I spoke of before. You are shown in present and near future as your own force, so to speak, then a partnership later on.

    past--3 of coins

    recent past--Chariot

    present--page of rods

    below--4 of cups

    above--ace of swords

    near future--3 of rods


    you--6 of Cups

    environmnt--4 of swords

    hopes & fears--lovers

    outcome--ace of rods

    Your reading, in a lot of ways, is speaking of branching-out on your own I feel as far as career. Surprisingly, the material aspects that you were asking about didn't come thru. This is a good reading, indicator for you as you move ahead.

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