To Paddifluff

  • Hi Sheelagh

    How are you ?,i thought i would start another thread as no one is conversating on the other one ,

    actually no one is conversating period its like a ghost town here , its the worst ive ever seen it .

    How are hubby and the girls ? I hope all is well on the homefront . i hope to hear from you soon

    Take care love and hugs Mags xx

  • HI Maggie, how are you, I keep missing your chat messages, my kids are on holidays and they are usually on the computer round that time of day. I have not planned to take them anywhere, no money at the moment to do anything major so am trying to arrange day trips, taking one day at a time. Thing are a bit better with me and hubby, we talked and things improved, but you know how it is, in a couple of months we will be back where we started. I am still going to drag him through relationship therapy though come September when the kids are back in school.

    I hope you are well, I really miss our close communication, it is such a pity that we live in different time zones, actually you probably have more chance of getting me in your morning time after the kids are in school, at least I will be online late this week as I have a translation to do which will pay for Christmas lol have to think in advance.

    Love you lots and many hugs,


  • This post is deleted!

  • HEy Sheelagh,

    its great to see you at the ghost town i just read about your visions , you are really opening up on all levels . Do you know Princess Mary of Denmark ?I love her .

  • Hi Mags, no I don't know her, I will google. Yeah those visions are scary though, talking of which I continue to see fire when I think of you so can you please be careful, it probably is nothing but if anything did happen I would never forget myself. Fire, especially your kids especially Jonathon.

    Hugs honey, Pad

  • Omg, Sheelagh

    I nearly burnt the house down the other night what happend was, i left a pot boiling on the stove and forgot about it and it was like something guided me to get up peacefully and go into the kitchen and low and behold the pot was surrounded in flames, i was screaming my head off i picked up a wet tea towel and kept hitting the flames and it put them out but was pretty bad , smoke was everywhere and my smoke alarm didnt go off what a wake up call that was for me .Ive told hubby to go out and get a new smoke alarm . Do you feel this was it? please let me know if you continue to see the vision im on red alert now especially around little j

    Thanks Sheelagh,.Love and Hugs Mags xx

  • Hi Mags that could be it, I saw it on the day we were chatting. Mind yourself pleeeaassseee!


  • Sheelagh

    Im trying to remember what day it was, i know it was earlier on during the week i am on gmail now and would love to chat with you to see if you are still picking it up .

    Love Mags xx

  • Hi Mags sorry I missed you we took the kids swimming.

    Hugs P.

  • HI Paddi ,

    I miss you my friend this place is not the samw without you 🙂

    Love and hugs Mags xx

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