Need of wise phsycic perspective

  • my situation is very weird and unusual and I am trying to get some closure because I feel very disoriented by it all and it seems like I always attract very bizzare extreem situations with weird circumstances into my life the people are not normal and it traumatizes me to the point i cannot function. okay I have known this man for 4 years ever since I was 18 years old he was basically my first real love interest but for the majority of the time we were just friends he is a very busy man you can call him a business man that has alot of businesses to overlook so because of that we hardly see eachother but whenever we talk on the phone we can talk for hours and when we see eachother we talk for hours and hours we always have so much to talk about and I love him so much I really do and his family and friends love me I used to spend alot of time with them and I love them even though me and him arent together his brothers often see me and wave at me so it seems like me and him really belong together but our relationship is always so spurratic it dies but then is reborn like the pheonix out of the ashes so I decided at one point in time that I wanted to leave him move on find somebody that wasnt so busy find a normal person and so I came into encounter with this guy at this party but it wasnt one guy it was 7 men came into the room and I really didnt know anybody at this party but i was sitting on this couch and they came and sat around me and I knew all eyes were on me so I felt so nervous I couldnt even look up at them they sat down and began to talk ABOUT ME saying that I am the girlfriend of the president and they were looking at me admiring me and I couldnt say anything my tongue was tied and later one of the guys that was there contacted me to hang out

    so i said yes so he came to pick me up and I was not even suspecting that my love interest was hanging around watching me disguised as someone els this guy from the party intrduced me to this guy named willy and I tought nothing of it at first (but it turns out willy was really my boyfriend of 4 years but i did not even recognize him and i continued forming a reletionship with this guy from the party i had met but it was a really weird relationship in which he asked me a bunch of weird questions and told me weird things and after awhile i decided I didnt really like this guy and I started feeling like I wanted to talk to willy even though i didnt really know him but I didnt because i had so much i was dealing with on my plate already and one nite willy came over alone and I didnt think nothing of it I gave him half of my cheseburger because i thought he was hungry and I still didnt see it so he stayed and ate and then he left on his way out the door he turned and asked me for a cigarrette and Igrabbed one and as I reached up to hand it to him our eyes met and locked into eachother so strong I couldnt look away or break eye contact it was so intense and then I recognized him but I had loved him all along without even knowing it was him but then he dissappeared and now I am freaked out to look for him again who is he and why didnt i recognize him now everyime this guy i met from the party comes around I feel like its to reunite me and my love but for some reason I cant say anything or even aknowledge it

    the other night he came over to pick me up and in the bakseat was another man sitting and i felt this was my love but I couldnt look at him i sat between both of them scared out of my mind and me and who i believe was my love interest were left in the backseat while the other guy ran into the store and so i scooted into the other seat from being in the middle so maybe i could sneak a peak at this guy next to me and when i looked at him we both busted up laughing at the same time its like we read eachothers minds but I dont even know what we read but obviously it was a joke between us it came out of no where there were two people sitting in the front seat quietly when we shared this hillarious experience but as soon as we were both done laughing (and by the way the laugh felt so good it felt like a release from deep in my stomach) but as soon as we finished I looked away and i realized i didnt get a good look at him instead we shared a moment so what should i do I want to get past this road block I want to recognize him but now i feel so confused and not just that but i am scared and tongue tied but i know i love him and I cant move on we are tied togther i realize and I will never love another so if I dont get him back than I will be forced to spend the rest of my life waiting for him and loving only him unable to love anybody as i do him i need to know what to do what would a normal person do in this situation

  • Hi Nikki. I would suggest to you that none of these people are your love. I feel that you put yourself in situations that are not healthy, and yes indeed are bizarre, as you stated.

    I want you to imagine a spiral, like the twin helixes of DNA. Got the picture?

    Now, imagine yourself as a spec on the helix, a miniature YOU. Imagine dusting off your body, head to toe, and then effortlessly moving up the spiral a tiny little bit. Just enough so that you reach a curve in the spiral.

    I see you are managing things okay right now, and an opportunity is approaching for you as well, probably in the work or career area of your life. This is an important oppty so keep an eye out for it. However, I would like to suggest to you that your contact with these people is not to your benefit, despite your interest and feelings. Move yourself slowly away from them. If there are substances involved, consider this your spiritual "warning before the fall". : )

    You have a bright spirit; do right by yourself by doing right by it. When you back away from these bizarre situations, you will begin to notice that the "normal" ones you mentioned come to you instead.



  • Yes, there are alot of wierd situations out there. I'm concerned about your safety. Get with some of your girlfriends when you go out. Concentrate on the positive. Although you do have a connection with the friend on the phone, that is all he is--a friend. You will only find happiness when you are happy on the inside. This is not a serious relationship. I wish you much happiness.

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