• Hey, something really odd has happened. I'm only 19 so it can't be alzheimers, can it? But I've been forgetting some things, it seems it's all to do with a guy I supposedly dated for over a yr. All my friends are telling me that I dated a guy called Dylan, for over a yr, and it was really serious. But I don't remember him, or anything to do with the relationship. When they try tell me something I did, or said, it's blank. I can't remember half of anything I've said or done lately..

    Does any one have any insight?

    My name is Chantelle, and DOB 5/7/1992 if that helps?

  • Chantelle, do you remember even knowing anyone called Dylan ? Ask other friends ,or family mambers outside that group if they could confirm it. What else do you remember about the same year ? In my opinion it's either a practical joke, or you should indeed go to see the doctor and check your health thoroughly as soon as possible. It could be all kinds of things, health wise. Please do it.

  • I remember a few people called Dylan, but they say they're not the guy. I asked my grandmother about it and she said he was a insert swearword and that it's good I've forgotten about him.

    I just remember, school and work, that's about it.

  • Tikirose, go and talk to the neuropathologist about it. Better safe than sorry, you know.

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