Family tree astrology..Lots of scorpio!!! All siblings Cap moon.

  • My grandmother -- Leo Sun/Scorpio Moon

    My Mother -- Cancer Sun/Scorpio Moon

    My Stepfather -- Aries Sun/Scorpio Moon

    Biological Father (not that it matters) -- Scorpio Sun/Gemini Moon

    My Granfather -- Capricorn Sun/Cancer Moon

    Me & My sister (twins)-- Pisces Sun/Capricorn Moon

    My brother -- Aquarius Sun/Capricorn Moon

    Childhood best friend - Scorpio sun/Gemini Moon

  • hahaha love this, my family also inherit Scorpio Moon. People say that we are unemotional and cold, but we're just not emotionally demonstrative. I have heard it say that I am like this because my mother didn't show much affection towards me and my son is like it because I didn't show affection towards him. I say that is rubbish, we all just keep our feelings to ourselves because we have Moon in Scorpio!

  • Me too!!!! I cant believe me, my sister and my brother all have cap moons!!!!! Once I got further into astrology I new it that my Grandmother, Mother and Stepfather all have Scorpio moons!!! I knew it!

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