Shuabby.. need your help agian.. pls?

  • Well, me again is Apr 1, 1982 (initials VL)

    Man is Sept 2, 1972 (initials NC)

    I reached my limits with him and we said good bye to each other after 9 month of relationship.

    I feel like I truly got him out of my system by now, but here and there I still feel his presence, like random signs every other day that he still around. (We do not communicate anymore)

    Just strange feeling of his presence..

    Also I met a new man. b-day July 18, 1977 (initials GL) We are attracted to each other, but I do not feel that connection that I had with NC...

    Please clear it up for me.. is NC truly gone and my mind plays tricks on me? Should I give my new guy GL a fair chance?

    Thank you so much!!! You helped so many ppl here.. I read lots of your answers..

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