Can someone interpret these cards please?

  • I asked "will he ever speak to me again"

    1st card ; reversed 8 wands

    2nd; 7 wands

    3rd; high priestess

    4th; reversed emporer

    5th; page of swords

    6th; reversed nine of pentacles

    7th; page of cups

    8th; the chariot

    9th; reversed kinight of wands

    10th; reversed page of pentacles

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear inconclusive,

    I do not know if he will ever speak to you again, but the cards indicate that there is nothing you can do at this time to make him do anything he is not prepared to do.

    I see a lot of confusion right now about hopes and dreams for the future, and that things are in flux.

    Please remember that right now we are in an INTENSE Mercury Retrograde, which among other things, deals with botched or misunderstood communications. There is a lot of information about the current retrograde on this website and how each sign of the zodiac is affected. That may be the greatest help to you right now in trying to understand how to navigate this difficult time.

    In any event, the wisdom of the High Priestess is available to you should you wish to delve inside to find out what she is showing you at this time.

    Wishing you the best!

    Peace and Light,


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