In need of help..

  • I just need to clear my head and figure out where my guy friend and I stand.

    He's a good guy over all and has respects me, I've known him most of my life and he knows my family I know his.I been thinking about him so much more lately and can't stop thinking about him, I've liked him before but now since we are in College doing our own thign I know it's more then a high school crush.I just need help understading if we will ever be more..feel free to ask me any questions and I really appreciate it.

  • This post is deleted!

  • What are your birthdates?

  • Mine is April 30 1991

    His is August 1 1991 🙂

  • This relationship is best for friendship and worst for marriage or a longterm love match. The relationship is characterized by an idealistic pragmatism. As friends, you two make a strong couple, resistant to outside influences. A lifelong friendship may result after the dust has cleared from initial confrontations.

    A love relationship however is likely to be stormy and filled with conflict. The differences between you can prove divisive and lead to misunderstandings - you KrazyKc are generally more sensuous and fond of repose, while your partner is more passionate and dynamic. You KrazyKc have a fear of abandonment and possess poor communication skills which can mean you have trouble expressing your feelings appropriately, while your friend will often run away from it all, shirking his responsiblities towards people and work because of his fear of being drained and overworked by the 'system'. You two do however share a common goal - to find a place where you can feel safe, protected, cared for and doted on - somewhere you can truly belong and be yourself.

    Given your equally stubborn and rigid natures, marriage here will prove difficult, particularly since each person has a need to rule the roost. In rare circumstances, you two may be able to share the dominant role, but it more often happens that there will be periodic struggles for power. You both have conviction and commitment aplenty, but destructive emotions can tear you apart.

  • Thank you so much Captain! it means alot to me that you took me out of doubts.

    I think I really have to do some "me" work at this point, for some reason I always have this need to be right and I'm very stubborn not going to lie. I'm not sure how to do that though I get so "hot headed" and need to prove my case I've notice it but I go off so bad it's terrable.

  • Why do you think you need to be right all the time? How does that make you feel? How do you feel when you are wrong?

  • Good questions..I feel like I have to be right all the time bc it's like a need to defend myself from others or it's like impulses get the best of me.That makes me feel better in a sense although it doesn't sound right at all I feel like I'm correct and I proved a good case.When I'm wrong I always fine a way to be right at that moment but after awhile a realize that wasn't right at all and feel bad. I know it's not good at all but it's honestly my impules I can't stay quiet and go off badly.

  • You must have to spend a heckava lot of energy trying to be right all the time. How exhausting! But it's something you will never achieve as no one on this planet is perfect or right all the time. So it's a wasted effort. Why not come down from those perfectionist heights you are reaching for and just relax and enjoy yourself with the rest of us faulty humans? No one is going to judge you harshly for being wrong occasionally - it's only you who is your own worst judge and enemy. You don't have to be performing or putting on a good front all the time. People might actually be relieved to see your faults and know that you are human just like them.

  • Very True! I will do my best to settle down in any situation, I really don't like the kind of person I am but I'm willing to work at it and change it.

  • That's the main thing!

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