Captain Please help me

  • Hi Captain,

    My birth details 01 April 1982, 01:00 AM,Female.

    Nothing seems to be right in my life.I had a decent job before marriage, but had to quit due to marriage.Now i am homebound not able to get a job.Feeling very depressed.Also my relationship with my husband strained to a greater level, where there is zero love between us.I don't know where is my life heading to.

    Can you please tell me if i will get a job in technical field again or will it be in someother field.(I worked in technical field before marriage).When will i get a job?Is my relationship going to improve with my husband?Will he love me again?Please captain I need your advice badly.Sorry for the long post.Thanking you in advance.

  • I do not do predictions anymore because they change as you change. but I can help you see if there are any inner blocks that are holding you back from success, to see what your weaknesses and strengths are.

    From your astrological and numerological profile, I can see you have great creative potential, coupled with a much greater degree of spontaneity than many on this same lifepath of Originality. Your biggest fulfillment professionally will come when you work on your own, formulating original ideas or products. Yet you will have to work hard to overcome your need for approval and your need to be taken seriously before you can see your potential come to fruition. Issues with authority figures may also cause you trouble. Unless you deal with the pain of childhood issues, you will experience problems with personal relationships and in your marriage. You are inclined to manifest your need to explore your subconscious drives through some really bizarre choices of partner. Yet you need a partner who is a bit unusual or original like you, for a traditional lifestyle will only confine and limit you from finding true happiness and success. You may seek harmony, balance and completeness through joining with a partner because you don't feel harmony and completeness in yourself. But you can find it by living honestly and by doing what you want to do, not by doing what everyone else wants you to do. Do whatever inner work is necessary for you to find your own sense of self-reliance and wholeness. And when you come to trust self and God, you will open to true relationships with others.

    You are not here to conform or fit in. You want to be in complete control of your life all the time but the truth is you can never control people or situations enough to feel safe to be yourself. You just have to take the risk and let others know the truth of who you are and how you feel - to show all your insecurities, fears of rejection or abandonment, and feelings of inadequacy. Once you risk letting others see who you truly are and have nothing more to hide, you can take charge of yourself on a deeper level than you could have ever hoped or imagined.

    Once you realize that many of your feelings and fears of being misunderstood will ease considerably once you understand yourself better, all will go well for you. Don't let any fear of being different hold you back. Examine your inner life, dreams, fantasies and imagination, for it is there that you will discover a wealth of inspiration that will allow you to live an authentic and creative life. You can use your innate common sense to give your dreams creative form.

    You are here to delve into and assimilate the content that lies in the realms of your unconscious. As career-minded and ambitious as you may be, you must overcome your fear of being different from others in order to pursue your own individuality. Though you will never give up your orientation towards the practical or your literal/linear-mindedness, you must draw on the imagery found in your imagination, expressing it through some form of artistic endeavour. Your core lesson is to vanquish the fear of your own unconscious and to release the need for material security. Your goal is to tap into your creative fertility, using your gifts of resourcefulness, determination, and originality.

    You have the gift of being able to nurture and support others so any profession that offers you a chance to nourish people will be a joy for you - working with food in a restaurant or hotel, the hospitality industry, buying and selling real estate, investments, and working in the home are all good choices for you. You have good business sense and an excellent capacity for bargaining and shrewd negotiating. Writing, acting, research, high-tech fields, chemist, surgeon, lawyer or choreographer are also careers you would do well in. Any career that requires world-class thinking and skillful hands (and especially if it allows you some quiet space), like the work of a craftsperson/artist, scholar/professor or computer expert, will be suitable. Whatever you do, although you tend to trust your mind over your heart, you must follow your very good instincts - your 'hunches'. You would like work with a high degree of privacy and independence, and also enjoy time spent alone personally, although you still will seek to remain connected to your partner which requires a delicate balance. Any financial problems you might have are linked to a lack of self-trust, to scattered thinking, or to spending more than you earn in the quest for experience.

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