It's hard being a cancer with oracle's gift of sight

  • About five years ago I began to really notice how I can see problems through, or the intentions of most people just by looking into their eyes, or how knowledge is given to me with out actually having the experience. I had a reading through that told me that I have the gift of sight. It told me key things about my childhood, like how was very mature for my age, and one of my parents would get my unconditional love even though it seemed it wasn't returned. I seem to know things like, in a packed parking lot and I'm looking for a space, I'll turn down a row and there's a space for me. Like I knew where to go. People just talk to me, for some reason they tell me their problems. Strangers many different nationalities just begin to talk to me out the blue. I don't know what they see. Lately it's been startling though. I know I give off good, pleasant energy but wow. I have always been cool headed and I seem different from other cancers that I know. My birthday is on July 10. I was born at night. I have a birthmark in the center of my forehead. Almost as if I had a third eye. It stood out more when I was a child but it's still there. I really am in a quest to tune my gift, I don't want it to go unused. I don't want to seem like I'm crazy either. But I would like to help out as much as I can. The gifts that we are blessed with are meant to be used for good. And they are given to us for a reason. If anyone has any remarks or comments I am open to hear. I would like to know if anyone has any experience in this that I am going through.

  • kaamill sounds to me like you are on the right path. use your gift for good not evil! lol. you have great intuition. i suggest trying things such as meditation. just close your eyes and breath slow deep breaths...then relax every part of your body starting from your toes and working all the way up. visualize each body part as you do this. you will increase your psychic awareness by doing an exercise like this one. pay attention to any reoccuring thoughts you may have when you do this. maybe even keep a journal about the thoughts and feelings you get in this state of mind. just try not to control your thoughts while doing this just let your mind flow freely. you may be suprised at what comes to you. by doing this exercise regularly your intuition will become even clearer. whatever reason you have this gift you will be led in the right direction and it will be used and it probably already is being used without you realizing it. make sure to protect yourself in white light also. or carry a will know which is right for you. you must protect yourself from negative energy. good luck and god bless.

  • Amazing...I feel the same way and as I read your post I wondered what your birthday was..then to my surprise we share the same day July 10..I've since noticed this gift of intuition throughout my life and lately have become more aware and so I've since decided it was time to tune into my gift..I started reading tarot..mediation more..daily and for sometimes hours....

  • I too share this problem with you. My reaction and action towards it is to dive in and allow all my gifts to freely show themselves. Sometimes I am blown away at how advanced my gifts really are. I consider it a blessing, but, just like everything else in this world, it takes time to hone these abilities. Patience, tolerance, openness, and intuition, these are the four things we need to develope our gifts properly.

  • You know they say cancers usually do have "special" powers and I've found this true in almost all cancers that I meet that are level headed and myself as well

    I'm July 18 and ever since I was about 13 I could really notice how I had a "sharpened sense" about things.Like being able to tell whats about to happen next almost like advanced de ja vu.Or being able to look in to someone and know what type of person they are without actually knowing them or even what they were thinking.Here's my problem with this.I know what I can do but I don't know how I do it.Also lateually I've been feeling like I was put here for a specific purpose but I just don't know what that purpose is.I've been learning more about davination and something has just been calling to me about TAROT.Does anyone here know how to read tarot cards and would be willing to explain them a bit more to me?

  • I'm July 10th also and agree with all of you! 😃

  • Hi everyone... I was also born on July 10 and I can see that there are many others too! hehe..yes I do too have a good 6th sense and also see things in my dreams. Actually I just wanted to share a dream of mine which I had just 2 nights ago on Friday June 26th. I dreamt of

    seeing two full moons in the sky. They were side by side and very clear. I believe I was in some kind of spaceship or sumthing of the sort because I was looking outside a window. Then all of a sudden what ever the vehicle was, started falling towards the ground. I also

    remember seeing one full moon REAL close in the end of the dream. I want to know if anyone else has seen the same dream..or something similar. Or if you know someone who has.....

  • No ...I haven't dream't that! what comes to mind is the full moon and the Blue Moon if that means anything to you and your Dream. There's 13 full moons in 12 months! One month always has two full moons.

  • Thank you everyone for your comments and expressions. I greatly appreciate the help. I know it's going to be a lifetime of getting to learn my gifts, but taking things one day at a time and having the understanding that I'm not alone, makes it all worth while. This good, positve energy is part of why I love to use my gifts and help people. You know keep this energy flowing. Thanks again everyone, God bless and keep you in your journeys.

  • i to have a gift at times rather a curse as i have dreams and relive that dejavu many times over .as my grandfather told me i would be the seer of the family and started bout age of 13 i started having visions and dreams ,usually foretelling bad things to come . ive witnessed a few close members of family in dreams before they died and its scarey at times when dejavu hits my mothers and grandmothers deaths ive relived twice due to visions .im also a empath and can feel peoples emotions and tis been hard when i first noticed it overwhelmin at times but has helped me see others as they truley are when they tried to hide truths .which that in turn allows me to help them best i can even when they think no one knows .i dont know what caused it or why but being a cancer sign makes life hard to keep my own feelings in check . depression can set in quick if one doesnt keep positive even in the worst of times .good luck with your gift and dont let it become a curse ....

  • Practice with me, I will let you know if you are accurate.

  • I have had similar experiences as well. As a child, I would also just know things. As an adult, especially since I have begun menopause, I have had experiences that scare me sometimes beyond belief. I can tell when people are lying to me because I can 'hear' them talking even when their lips aren't moving. There are also times when I can 'hear' what someone next to me is thinking and respond to it out loud. It's kind of interesting because then I can tell that they hadn't said it out loud, just thought it. Guess what? Some people think I'm strange and have stopped talking to me altogether. There are times when I think I'm going crazy so I have begun spending lots of time by myself. I have also begun to feel how other people are feeling: when they are angry, all of a sudden I am too, even when I wasn't until they came around. A friend of mine told me I sound empathic, but I don't know, I just think that I'm going crazy. How do I deal, is there some secret to blocking out other peoples emotions and the noise of other people in my head? Any suggestions?

  • Hey cancerfunnygirl, I know exactly what you mean, I think you are an Emphath, you can see peoples souls, or feel them anyway. Also when you see or hear thoughts without people actually speaking I think this is just a way for you to understand what is really going on in their heads, as you do have a lot of intuition and imagination also. I sometimes see just peoples heads in my dreams. these people are from all walks of life and expressing all sorts of emotions, laughing, crying, sad, happy, scared, even malicious sometimes. There have been so many of them, but I have never met any of them in real life and always wondered who they were and where they were from.

    I am not a cancerian, my sun is in aquarius but my moon is in cancer. Anyhow I also noticed that sometimes what other people were feeling were not my feelings but theirs. The only way I can get back to myself (as you would surely need to do for your own peace of mind)! is to try and keep grounded somehow by maybe visualisation techniques. Try to walk somewhere on the earth in bare feet, feel the earth beneath your feet and release tension and negative energy through breathing exercises. Take in white light as you breath in and exhale negative energy as you breathe out. I think all of us have guardian angels near us at all times so ask yours for help and protection, then listen for the answer (which may come to you as a feeling to do something or an idea).

    I hope this helps you. Love and light, B.

    Ps. I have found bursts of game playing on the pc helps also! Helps me get back to me! Good luck.

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