Confused by taurus man

  • Hi, I had been dating a taurus man that i met online and we had been talking for about three months before we met. everything was great at first until i made a mistake and mentioned my ex on different occasions. The first two he had asked me a question and the answer involved my ex while the last one i made the mistake. Since it was LDR kinda thing we would see each other at least every two weeks but communicate everyday. So after my 3rd mention. he pulled away and tried to cover it up. I ignored it and hoped he would forget about it by morning but he stopped talking much. I asked what was up and if we were moving too fast and he said he wasn't sure if we were moving fast or if we should figure a way of how to make the time and distance thing work.

    Since i had fallen for him and am sure he was falling / had also fallen for me. He probably thought i was not over my ex and so he pulled away and because it was LDR. he probably started to doubt and have trust in me. I tried to apologize and he said he was ok with that and just avoided the topic. So i stopped talking to him for about 2weeks and he text me asking me what was up like nothing had happened. i ignored him and replied later but he ignored me again. so the same thing went on . and this time i initiated the contact. he was happy to hear from me but we just talked as friends would. then a friend of mine text him with my phone(without my knowledge) pretending to be me and expressing my love for him. I guess he freaked out or something and i dont know what he replied to the text she sent but he was now avoiding me. My friend who had been staying with me at that time. continued sending him messages acting like they were from me for at least 2months (still not aware of that). so i decided i would go to his town and suprise him and tell him i could move there so we wouldnt have this problem with LDR.

    But because i never knew what was going on. He acted cold and told me we could only be friends. so i was like ok. but i never got to tell him what took me there. I went back home sad. and my friend came clean and said it was her fault.

    when he found out it wasnt me who had been sending the messages. he was eager to chat online.

    anyways to cut it short. I told him what took me there and asked if he wanted to make it work and that i would love to continue dating him as long as he wasnt seeing anyone but he never replied. Days past and i sent email and apologized for asking it rude and asked if he wanted to make it work and i was willing to make dinner to apologize for my behavior and he replied and said he would love for me to serve him dinner but he prefered if we were friends. I told him as long as he would stop ignoring me. He was like i will try.

    So a week later i get an email from him(at least so i thought) declaring his love and asking me all sorts of questions and how i felt about him. I decided to reply but i did that after a week. I replied on his other email and thats when he called and said it wasnt from him. (OMG). i felt like i would die. anyways. he asked me not to be too nice because people take that for granted and asked me not to trust people easily. He asked when i would go visit his town and i was like i am not sure and he told me he would let me knw when he was coming to mine. He never mentioned anything about what i wrote in the mail(i had written how much i loved him and that i wanted to take things slow and also that i was sorry about mentioning abt my ex and it wasn't that i was tryna make him jealous or sth)

    So now he knows how i feel but i still dont know. I was on NC for 3 weeks and then sent a msg and told him i thought of him and wished him a gdnite. he sent a message next day asked what my plans were and told me he would be coming to my town but stll wasnt sure but he would confirm the next day. So he doesn't and i sent msg asking where he was. He replied later and said he was at the center but he had to get going back soon.

    So i asked him where exactly he was he was so at least we could say hi and even offered him to stay over at my place for the weekend and he replied after an hour saying he had to go back since he had to be somewhere the next day.

    So i call him ask if he really had to go and he said he promised "a girl" then i was like ok. have agreat time then. just as i was hanging up. he asked whats new in ur life. i was like nothing same old me. and he was like i will call u back in a few. so i was like ok. he calls back but my friend answers and said i was in the bathroom. asks her to ask me to call him back. she didnt . so he text me and ask me to call him back, i reply after an hr. when i saw the text and said. i was already asleep and would talk to him the next day. so we actually never met.

    I try calling him next day and hes on voicemail. i sent msg ask him to call me back. he doesnt so the next day i call like 3times and no answer but later answers. he asks abt my weekend.i ask about his. asks about how work is. and all. and then we talk about his game.then after he says he has to go and eat.

    next day i sent him message telling him something about what we talked about our game . and ask him to let me know if he would be coming. no reply. It has been almost 6months when this hot cold thing has been happening. i love him and i told him so. i dont know if he feels the same. and why ask me about my plans if you wont show up and meet me?

    I am confused. what should i do?

    move on? be patient and wait? and does he love me or is he playing with my feelings. does he just want to be friends as he claims or when i declared my love for him did things change even if i told him that being friends when we both have feelings is tricky? help.

    can i get any readings on this?

    Him april 25 / 1983

    me feb 14 /1986

  • This is bad for young love and works best as a later-in-llfe relationship or marriage. In other words, this would have had a chance if you both had met much later in life when you were a lot older and more realistic.

    It is an action-oriented relationship and the two of you are likely to find yourselves on the move together. Exactly what you are moving towards is the big question, since neither of you are comfortable with self-analysis. Is this movement a going-toward or a running-from? Because the relationship is most at home with things and areas new, when you two are romantic partners, it's likely for one or the other to have been involved in an earlier partnership, or in a string of exciting but ultimately unfulfilling love affairs, from which you then approach each other with a feeling of "This is the one." Whether that feeling is reasonable or advisable is open to question: too high an expectation of a love relationship is likely to backfire. Aquarians do not commit easily and certainly not from the start, and your roving eye and your frequent inability (in early adulthood) to settle down will probably make your relationhip with your Taurus just one of many. He on the other hand tends to commit and stay committed. Breakups are very difficult for him and indeed if he holds onto you, he may refuse to let go, though it will be a futile exercise if you really want to leave. If he senses any lack of commitment, reluctance or hesitation on your part, however, he may be the one to back away. Unrealistic choices abound in this relationship which is unlikely to go far at this point in time.

  • Thanks Captain. I am aquarius and its true that we don't settle easy. like taking things slow. and i am sure Taureans love to take things slow too. Its just that its now almost a year and am still stuck not knowing if i should move on or be patient with him. I really like him alot but its just that am confused as i dont know how he feels about me.

    Even though the last time before i sent him mail telling him how i felt, he said he prefered if we stay as friends. He never initated contact and still acted distance. Why does he still behave this way and yet he is the one who opted for friendship. when i ignore him. he comes around but when i communicate back with him. then i think maybe he gets this kinda vibe that i am too available so he doesnt have to work. Hes the kind of guy who loves challenge . But i guess i am failing in that part. Its never been hard for me to offer challenge to guys even other taureans. but this particular taurean. i think its because i fell for him. and hes actually the first guy i have truly fallen for. I honestly dont know what to do now. Is it possible to have a reading?

    Thanks again for your help i really appreciate.Are there some things i should look out for this taurean?

  • I'm sorry but I just don't feel you two are very compatible at this point in time and that there is nothing that can cement this relationship except maturity,

  • Thanks Captain for the reply. I appreciate.

    Is it possible to have a reading if i have another chance with him later on or its all gone? Do you think its best if i ignore him completely just as he is now ignoring me and move on?

  • "Do you think its best if i ignore him completely just as he is now ignoring me and move on?"


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