Gemini woman & Cancer man...Gemini desperately needs help!!!

  • At the end of this April, my friend hooked me up with a friend of his (born 07/06/78) and we really hit it off. For almost a little under 2 months, we constantly texted each other every day (probably over 50 texts a day) and hang out every weekend (whether it was him spending the weekend with me or hanging out sundays after he dropped off his son.) He told me things like he was glad he met me, It's like we found each other when we needed to find each other, I was one of the best thing to ever happen to him, I think I'm falling for you, I feel empty without you, I hate being away from you, I only wanna be with you, I want you and need you, your very special to me, you make me very happy and I'm just happy you're my lady. I could go on and post the rest of his texts, but I'm sure you get the point: He just said all the right things. The last time we were together was for my birthday (I was born 06/04/86.) After that his schedule at work changed so he was required to work saturdays and Sundays. Mind you, when I met him, he worked 10+ hours a day, five days a week. After that change, things between him and I became different. Any kind of communication between us because less frequent and he was unable to come and see me. I told him I understood and we would find a way to work through it. Then things just got worst in his personal life and he just began to speak to me less and less despite me always telling him I was there for him. Because of a past of bad relationships. I have a bad habit of jumping the gun when things get bad and say things without thinking them through. Three days before his birthday, out of fear, I told him I thought I was in love with him. Yeah, stupid me I've only known him for 2 months. After that, he slowly started to fade away despite him saying I did nothing wrong just cause I told him I thought I was in love. And now that brings me to one of our last conversations...

    Him: hey sorry things have been so crazy lately, i might lose my job, might lose days with my son my family is hating me, just a long story i might be going away for a few days too.. i need some time ya kno

    Me: ok

    Me: I'm sorry things suck and if there's anything i can do i'm here for u

    Me: My brother is getting married and wants to invite u to the wedding.

    Him: Tell him I said congrats

    Him: I have trying to do alot of thinking lately and I am all screwed up, I am not sure what is going on and stuff but somethn is def off. I know that you also felt it too and I am sorry. I keep thinking back to when you said that you were in love and I think that was a bit much for me and i never really recovered ya know. I have alot to deal with and I am havn a hard time doing so .I really dont see anythn happening right now bc my mindset is totall off, I have to worry about my job and myself right now and i know that sounds greedy but its not and i am truly sorry, you are a great person but i just dont think its fair for either of us right now., i dont even have time for me how will i have time for you ya kno. im sure i sound like a jerk but i am ust being honest... I am sorry

    Me: So it’s over

    Him: see its not like that

    Me: that what it sounds like

    Me: U once sent me a a text that said...Well I have an empty spot in my bed in my heart and in my life with ur name on it... and i still have it saved on my phone cause it means so much to me...In fact i have almost every text u sent me and i read them over and over because I just felt so lucky that I met someone who actually wanted to be with and not just use for sex...I know I'll never find anyone as good as u ever so I guess i misinterpreted what u said as u didn't want me anymore. I'm sure u don't now cause I have to keep saying stupid things cause I get scared. Not matter what I do in this life I'm always gonna want u m***, but i'll probably will never have u ever again after this. As sad and pathetic it's sounds ur always gonna be in my heart and i'm always gonna want u

    Him: I am not sayn I don't want the same things

    Me: ok

    Me: What do u want

    Him: I DONT EVEN KNOW What i want but i know this is not workn for either of us, i mean i havent seen u in 6 weeks ya kno

    Him: and i am not sayn it can never work ust right now its not workn and im sorry

    Hours after this, he blocked me on facebook. When I asked him about this his exact words were, 'I put my account on hold. I just have sooooooooooo much going on." The problem is the friend who set us up said his FB is fine and I went on under my mom's account only to find out he did block me. I'm hoping he made a mistake, but from past experience I feel he just choose to shut me out. I have done nothing but cry trying to figure out what did I do wrong and whether he will come back around like he lead me to believe because I have such strong feelings for him and at one point he made me believe he had really really liked me. I seen posts on here about cancer men just up and leave ,but I don't know whether to believe what the posts say or keep hope in my heart we'll get back together. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  • THIS JUST IN: I now just found out from a friend she couldn't find him on Facebook so I guess he really did put his account on hold.

  • What is your birthdate?

  • Oh sorry I see it now - I missed it the first time I read your post.

    Your astrological compatibility is easiest for friendship but hardest for a long term love match. A romantic relationship will often manifest here as a short fling, in which case vivid memories and perhaps some disappointment or bewilderment are the best and worst to be expected. While it lasts, this relationship has a magical quality that can provide inspiration and light to each of you. Discussions will be lively, but an underlying emotional sensitivity can keep you from becoming combative or wounding with each other - the relationship brings out caring attitudes. Its richness in fantasy can make it great fun but also unrealistic or unstable in the long run. The two of you are not a very practical team together. You BB will enjoy your partner's lively imagination and sense of humour but you may not care to have financial dealings with him. He will probably find elements of your personality exciting but may ultimately judge you too critical and conventional. Both of you have a dark side (You - your need to win, your addictive personality, and your harsh self-criticism and self-judgment. Your friend - his attraction to the more primitve aspects of life, his superficiality, and a chaotic devious personality) that you two rarely, if ever, share with others.

  • I don't his moon or rising signs, but my moon sign is Taurus and rising is Virgo. My Venus is in Cancer so i thought that might help somewhat lol.

  • The reading is the same.

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