Captain - Need Dog Whisperer

  • Captain,

    Recently we've had some issues with our dog growling and generally being extremely irritable. In the last few days she has planted herself beneath my chair and at times if disturbed even by a person moving near or around here she will break into a growl or almost an attack mode. She is about an 8 month old pup, is extremely good natured under most circumstances. Recently I am opening up more meaning I am seeing more of what or who is around in our home. I have not had the sense that anything negative is there however the dog is not herself. I was attributing it to the poor thing suffering the heat we have all endured lately but perhaps it is more than that. I was wondering if you might have any insights as to what is bothering her or what she may be seeing that we are unaware of. I hear you have some dog whisperer talents of sorts. I would welcome your input. Thanks.

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  • Ok well that didn't work somebody sent me a site to adjust the size of a pic, can you do that again please? Otherwise I guess this is futile.

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