Thank you all for your input, and my opinion of reversals

  • I do believe using reversals is a matter of prefernce. When my mom first started doing tarot we followed the instructions of our decks and thebooks that came with them. and have grown comfortable with it every since. For me when I tried doing readings for myself and friends using only upright I found was getting overwhelming amount of positive/happy readings and outcomes when some shouldnt have been. I had noticed that of the 78 cards in thedeck the majority of them were positive/happy cards lol, so Iwent back to reversed and we noticed a difference. for example the court cards, in their upright meanings are all good people for the most part, but which cards would indicate the cruel, mean ***** out there? lol or the negative side of personality,which we all possess at some points in our life? So I suppose if you can get meaningful,accurate readings doing only upright then wonderful, I am just a novice and have no psychic abilities like some do so for me I need use a method that clear cut and specific.:)

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