Ex Virgo back after 2 years..

  • An ex virgo I was with who left me really hurt 2 years ago is back in my life. He says hes having relationship problems.. they mutually want out of the relationship. Living terms are keeping them together. Id like to ask him if we could give it another shot. You think I should? Never did I think we'd be in contact again.

    Me -- 3/8/83

    Virgo -- 8/27/90

  • According to his astrological profile, your friend loves to be in love and, if you get back with him, it won't be long before he is seduced by some pretty girl with long eyelashes who promises him eternal adoration. He's desperate to be loved and adored so he chases gratification and personal validation in all the wrong places - it's his undoing, really. But these 'crushes' he gets lead him into all sorts of relationship disasters after he realises it was not true love at all. Even though he ends up getting hurt, he cannot resist the lure that the next person he meets might just be the great love he has been searching for. This sort of romantic dreaming will only keep making him - and all those he gets involved with - miserable. It's a dangerous escapist dependency.

    Carly, you need to find someone more mature and faithful.

  • Hi,

    I don't have the correct answer for you but i will give you my thoughts. I am not a relationship expert but why did you two break up? If he hurt you before don't you think he can do it again? What are causing his current problems? Is it him or the girl he's with? And because they still live together don't you think they still sleep together?

    Maybe he just needs a friend to talk to and you are the first person he thought of since you two shared something previously.

    So for now i suggest that you can offer your friendship and support and wait until he's completely out of his current relationship. then maybe he will come around ask if you. Dont be the one to ask him to take u back. let him be the one. Men love the chase . He will realize that you are an amazing girl and that he took your love for granted. Men need a tragedy for them to have a wake-up call. In the meantime. always look hot and good. have fun. do those things you love doing and he will see how great you are doing. Be positive and focus on self improvement. Then he will want to relate to that.

    Hope this helps. Takecare

  • Thanks Captain. By your response I see that it did end in devastation for me the last time. I had never been so heart broken in my life. Simply because I had originally at 20 decided to be celibate and save myself til marriage and it left me hurt completely and you seem right on with everything you said. He barely spoke to me or considered my feelings.This is also the same guy I talked about in a recent post. The one that was lead in my total melt down. My life went completely down hill then.

    I became totally detached from my feelings after that break-up. It hurt me I hurt my family when they needed me the most.

    Thank you AquariusGirl... Love your uplifting post! I think he has realized that cause Im being the bigger person here I actually sent him the friend request. You're right he could do it again.

  • He also has issues with his mother leaving him. I wont be taking him back. I cant bare to he hurt like that again or make the same mistake twice.

  • Good for you!

  • And the mother issues would indicate how he will no doubt mistrust every woman he meets and believes they will all will abandon him, which is why he so desperately searches for his mother's love everywhere yet at the same time fears being involved with any woman for very long.

  • Thank you!

    You mind doing a reading on this guy for me -- 3/23/78

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