Blmoon, would aprpeciate your help :)

  • Dear Blmoon,

    i hope you do not mind, but id really appreciate some help or advice on some things.

    if you have the time, and your not busy, I am still having trouble with my health some, at the moment, its getting worse. and feeling dizzyness, and hurt my knee as well this weekend, so its all kind of gone funny, but hoping to sort that out soon, visiting the doctors, and get that sorted. what i was wondering on, was i have the friend i mentioned to you before, i think, and she has given me some clues, about the emotions and connection we seem to have, but im still a bit confused, been there this weekend, and always strange things happens when i am with her, actually hurt my knee whilst i was at hers too. she is going through a lot too, and i want to help, but not sure how, and she wants to help me, but she doesn't know how either, its a little confusing, she's going through so much, with her daughter and her family, my friend alyson I have known for 12 years. and still am going to hers, she is a lot like me we are very similar, i'm not sure what kind of feelings i get from her, but they are definitely there, though she is an alcoholic too, and its more evident when she is drinking, think that she has some kind of trouble with showing me fully her feeling during the day, don't know why. its just a feeling i get, that's why im confused, not sure where to go with this, she is a family friend too. I am guessing you know who im talking about, I could really use your help, I am not sure how connected we are as i dream about her often, as she said she does with me I don't what i am suppose to be doing there, exactly. I get stuck when i am there, my mind goes blank, and i cannot think clearly. I hope you can help with this, or give some advice on why i am feeling these things for her, and what is going on, If not i understand it is just taking its toll on me, and feel that i wont get a proper answer from her either. Thank you for taking the time to read. Love and hugs Bee/LP.

  • woops spelled appreciate wrong 🙂 Sorry about that.

    Love Bee xx

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  • You have come a long way--then in an instant nothing has changed. Change means change--doing things different. I gave you my thoughts on this attraction a long way back and it has not changed. Your obssessions and addiction to this inner life of isolation. How long have you lived this relationship in isolation--does she or doesn't she? ASK HER. Just be open. Talk to her about your feelings. Directly. No inuendos. No flirting with the truth. Free yourself. It is that easy---unless this energy consuming obssession serves a purpose. You know the purpose. You have gotten all the answers from both psychic and earthly scientific advise. This pain of pining is nothing compared to the pain you are trying to drown out with it. Your attraction as it stands is selfdestructive. She' is either good for you or not. You are smart enough to decide that truth. Be brave Please accept help.BLESSINGS!

    Dear Mother Mary hold in your strong gentle arms this woman who remains that child still craving what was taken. Fill that empty place with your touch Let her heal in the safety of your embrace. Nurture her with a mother's wise advice---teach her to receive. And dear Saint Michael lend her your brave fortitude so she may face her fear knowing she is safe in that truth--set her free from the fear that keeps her stuck in her wound. Protect her from herself when she chooses pain. She really does want to change--give her strength. Thank you. Amen.

  • Thank you Blmoon, Beautiful cards and loved the prayer 🙂

    Love and hugs Bee xx


    thought id share these music videos with you. Just to say thankyou too. 🙂

    Hope you have a good rest of the week, Hugs Bee xx


    ill repost that one, try again, link didn't seem to work. 🙂 x


    ill try another one, if this one dont load properly, then its ok. 🙂

  • Okay i give up with the music posting, doesn't seem to work with the links i am sending

    ah well, hope you know i appreciate your help though.

    Was just trying to post, stardust, track by take that,

    and Enya- may it Be. a few good songs that i know.

    Love n Light Bee Xx

  • Blmoon,

    one more thing if you dont mind, iv been having some trouble with my dizzyness lately, and i am a little worried about it, i know i said im sorting out doctors, but mum is busy lately, and that may take a while, i also have dentist to go to on monday too, and slowely walking on my knee now too. mum doesnt take me seriously at the moment, and im getting a little worried. My health has been low for a while, but its on and off. stomach not to bad at the moment, as im of the teas, caffeine and cola. But its still a struggle with the health, sorry for so many posts before, youtube wasnt working with the links, for some reason, so it j kind of went funny. I guess im kind of wondering, if it is worth going to the doctors for, mum thinks im a hypocrite lol, and my sisters dont believe me anyway, so its like okay, so ill have to faint to prove it first. Nice. I guess, im just trying to understand whats going on with the dizzyness, and things. iv never had it before, even know its not good. I hope you dont mind me adding this one, but i feel a bit worried about it. i just wondered if you can pick up anything from it. as its getting worse too.

    Love and Light Bee/Lotus. Xx

  • I remember you asking before---and you are feeling sick for two reasons--one is physical and the other has to do with you absorbing outside energy. If you are trying to give up sugar--avoid diet stuff--no sugar substitutes as they can cause joint pain and inflamation in sensitive people--they bother me---I had joint pain and abdominal pain--it was a very unusual pain like nothing else and it took me awhile to make that connection. I use Stevia as a sugar substitute. It's natural and no side effects. The dizzyness I still connect to you not breathing deep enough--you make yourself small around family and tend to not breath enough--you are not aware of it. I once had vertigi for two years--it is connected to the inner ear. I have allergies and suffered congestation issues. At the time I was under a lot of stress--working with little ones and my father had just passed so often the immune system is low when there is stress. There are certein vitamins that helped my vertigo and coffee helped--but you have to not substitute coffee for rest ---that gets you in trouble. Niacin helps for dizzyness. Often a sinus infection will be ongoing and draining your strength--it can make your teeth hurt and it can cause dizzyness. I have delt with these things that come with allergies and you can have a sinus infection that lingers and just zaps the energy out of you. Even with antibiotics it is hard to get rid of it. I used to suffer a lot at your age. Now, I use salt water--it sounds gross but it works to snort salt water--some use a netty pot from the pharmacy--it has a little spout. If you have had sinus issues in the past consider an infection. You definetly need to see a doctor--get blood work to check your iron level. Don't wait on family members to mother you sweet Bee --you are on your own--take care of yourself. Say a prayer and start clicking in on the computer your symptoms and see what pops up--you have to be your own advocate--I sense your spirit is still crying out for mothering and nurturing. Also, your environment is draining you. When looking online--avoid sites that try to sell you something---go to the health sites that just give info and specially the blogs can give you ideas. You'd be surprised how many others who have had the same issues can give you some help and ideas for treatment. Make a doctor's appointment. BLESSINGS!

  • Hey Blmoon thankyou.

    ill try my best to sort out a doctors appointment, sinus is always been a bother to me since i was little, so sometimes when i talk, its like i am speaking with a cold all the time, though its better than it ever was. I guess i never thought of a sinus infection, I dont get out much, in my neighbourhood, unless i walk the dog, but even that is exaughsting. I do feel like i have so much fear, worries and doubts about things. and im not very good at looking after myself, which is proberbly why i feel bad in the first place, my dreams have been kind of crazy too, and i dont get them. I have been trying out meditation some, but im not feeling much from it at the moment, thinking im not quietening my mind enough, so much going on here. sometimes i do feel like running away, but i know that dont solve things. I do let my family get to me, mum split up with her boyfriend too, a few weeks back, already kind of new that would happen. Im not sure ill be feeling better soon, i guess im having trouble thinking if im going to be feeling good again. I am a little isolating myself too at times. as im not sure what to do with my job now iv finished college, though im still writing things, now and then. When i get the chance to, ill sort out stuff with my friend aly too, as thats getting on my mind a lot, from the weekend just passed. So much is going on, im doubting why i started getting into things like this, my family probably doesn't help with my absorbing energy, some days its okay, and others i just want to sleep. I know before three weeks ago, i was doing well, and i had a routine going, but iv lost it completely. and not even sure if i can get back to how i was feeling before. I have a lot to work on, but i dont know how to start, or what to do at the moment. I now im supose to take action to help myself, but i am little bit lost at the moment, and my depression is coming back, on and off. when i was doing well to keep it away. I am not sure why im into the spirit idea or spiritual thing yet, i just kind of got lead here, i know a lot, yet i know very little at the same time. Guess its difficult doing most of it on your own. and not sure if your doing it right. Hope you dont mind me tallking, just feeling a bit lost, at the moment, and the only person who has helped me some, is my friend, and she hardly talks to me, unless im at hers. which is another thing i dont understand. and your proberbly right about the mother and nurturing thing too, im having some difficuilty understanding things as they are. I do feel like giving up sometimes, but i always seem to bounce back. hope your okay with my thoughts and feelings here, i dont want to overwhelm you. Love to you Blmoon. Just needed to get some things out. Love and light lotus/Bee

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    I am still kind of feeling a bit stuck at the moment, but I am still going, sort of. lol.

    still hoping to hear from you again.

    Love n light Bee Xx

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