Cancer man retreats he loves me or doesnt care

  • Im new to this. I want to apologize for another cancer man question. This is my first experience and different from most with a cancer man.

    We dated 22 years ago in higschool...havent talked or seen him since then..the feelings were stored away for that time. Just got in touch on fb we have talked. For three months now non stop everday..those feelings came back so fast. We both told each other we love each other.

    He is divorced wife cheated on him. No mother figure she left when he was small. No contact with father either. He would beat him. He has nobody but ex wife of 3 years and 2 kids..

    He is hurt.scared to get in a relationship with me but wants to as long as I trust how much he wants me. We live 5 hours away from each other. He said he would come see me planned on it. I questioned him asked him if he was really comming he got so mad at me didn't talk to me for a week wouldn't answer my txts email phone call nothing. We work it out he says you have to believe in me in us.. you have to want this always.. I said I do. A week goes by he says he is comming here again.first 3 days then can't only 2 days.. so I say its ok if you can't but I miss you just be 100% sure your coming before you tell me I miss you. He got so mad didn't talk to me for a week again. Why? How do I handle this? Does he care that much? I don't understand why he goes away like this.what is he doing? I just left him a message and said you have a couple days. This is bull your not doing this to me again. Im a strong capricorn woman.. im trying to understand and deal with him. I lime a challenge but will he always do this? Will he come back to me?

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