Captain can you do a reading on my Virgo and Me (Scorpio)

  • He was born 9/14/61 and I was born 10/28/47. Wondering if you see any future for us romantically. We spend a lot of time togehter and are very close. Even though people tend to think of us as a couple we are not sexually involved at this time.

  • This matchup can do well for marriage. There will be some self-consciousness about this relationship as to how it will fit into the family or group hierachy of which it is a part, so that its thrust is social in nature. An interesting molding dynamic is at work here, more so than in other relationships. You two have the ability to adapt yourselves in serious ways to each other and to your environment without compromising your essential individuality. You achieve this through a taste for quiet reflection and the thoughtfulness that your relationship engenders. However, you two will periodically need to withdraw in order to assess the situation in which you find yourselves. Having done so, you will reemerge more malleable, fitting either into some new form or more comfortably into an old one.

    A friendship here often casts you Tempestuous as an observer, a role to which you are well suited. Your natural attentiveness may lead you to obsessive examinations of your friend, who may be flattered by this at first but will ultimately be made quite uncomfortable by it. He is very stable in this combination, which can make you quite dependent - you must be careful not to let the matchup assume too much importance in your life. Both of you may come to resent the relationship if it binds you too tightly.

    A love affair or marriage between you will be highly social. Rather than burying yourselves in secretive and hidden activities (which both of you might do in other relationships), you will thrive on interactions with other people, perhaps during parties, dinners, outdoor events or vacations. It is usually through your social contact with outsiders to your relationship that you really get to know and appreciate each other. You must be careful however to foster intimacy between you and to give it time to develop. Leave enough time for personal matters and don't neglect each other. Be less concerned with how others see you. Beware of obsessive tendencies and promote equality.

  • Thank you. We are definitely taking things slow. I am not even sure where it is going? I have always ended up being the dominant one in my previous relationships. It seems I start out not being but somehow end up being the stronger one. I am pretty independent and need a strong man. Can you give me a reading just on him? Maybe it would give me some insight. He says he has a scorpio rising.

  • Though he may adopt an air of confidence, this guy has an attachment to low self-worth that needs to be resolved as it can make him very insecure, approval-seeking, even cold at times. He must develop more self-acceptance and self-assurance. He often feels different or set apart from others. The need for greater self-realization, self-esteem and a sense of control may exist at odds with his need for harmony and some rather self-effacing and defeatist attitudes towards fulfillment. He can shore up his sense of self through the mastery of a craft or a dedication to a profession. On-the-job training and self-education are thus likely to figure prominently in his quest for self-fulfillment. Yet whatever his skills, when the call to assume a mantle of leadership comes and he is thrust into the spotlight in some fashion, he will be most unprepared and may shy away unless that role also offers him a practical advantage of some kind. If he takes care to better acquanit himself with the sometimes terrifying or unfamiliar landscape of his own emotions, he will find the strength to face down even the worst of personal demons as he makes his way along his life journey. His big challenge will be probing his own sensitivity to criticism before he is in a position to criticize others. His fulfillment will come when he discovers in himself the inner strength to lead, releasing all his insecurity and at last believing in himself.

    Until then, he may have a problem giving to or sharing himself emotionally with anyone. He may also have a fear of letting go and letting the Universe take care of him with its plan. He has an almost insatiable need to receive love, yet he can hold himself back by his other overriding need to feel the acceptance of his peers. However he can never get enough support, approval or adulation from others to break out as an individual and take advantage of what life has to offer. He must become his own best friend and supporter so as to encourage himself to go after those things that will make him happy. Part of him desires stability and security so much, yet another part of him has difficulty staying put and making a real emotional commitment.

    When he can come to see relationships as a process of ups and downs, entailing learning, maturation, and mutual support, he will come to appreciate them as a challenging form of spiritual training rather than 'the same old thing'. Sexually too, he must overcome issues of insecurity, self-doubt and lack of commitment. Past experiences of abuse or a subconscious resistence and physical tension can get in the way of sexual satisfaction and expression. However on the positive side, he can be a strong, vital, earthy and creative lover.

  • Well this would explain why he confuses me with the way he acts toward me. I have been hanging out for over a year and we did take a 3 month break at the end of last year. The communication and closeness was better when we started hanging out again. We are even closer but he is holding me off sexually. He says all his sexual relationships don't work out. He has been burnt a lot in his previous relationships and says he doen't want it anymore but we are spending more and more time together. We really get along well and he is revealing more and more of himself.

    I was a little mystified by what you said about the molding dynamic going on between us. Is this about the fact that we come from very different backgrounds? This whole relationship is like no other I have had. Sex is usually first & predominate but I find I am at ease with this journey of discovery for the most part and I am trying not to pin it down. It seems there is a lot more to know & I almost feel like it would take a lifetime to know him.

  • By 'molding dynamic' I meant that the two of you have the ability to adapt to each other's differences and ways.

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