May I have some insight on this, Captain?

  • I enjoy this person a lot, mostly, but it also stirs a lot of emotion in me. I was wondering if perhaps you could tell me what you think about this relationship as a friendship or something more?



  • There is an empathic connection here that binds the two of you tightly. You sometimes may feel related on a soul level - should you part, you both may feel the relationship's loss for a lifetime. Other people will be confused by your apparent incompatibility - there are great differences between you, and you two rarely understand or sympathize with each other's ideas and feelings. However, you usually come together around a drive to control and ultimately conquer your environment. The Cancer will exert this drive in their career, the Gemini in their immediate surroundings, wherever in the world they happen to be. The relationship is challenge-oriented and can hide underlying insecurities.

    Your love affair will defy social edicts in its expression of passionate desire (assuming such desire is present). It will demonstrate more than a hint of rebellion, showing little respect for stupid rules and outworn creeds. Both of you believe that what happens between you is your business and yours alone, yet curiously you make little effort to hide your affair from outside scrutiny. The exhibitionism and unprotectedness of this relationship may prove its downfall. The two of you are rarely interested in marriage, but a Cancer who does want a Gemini as a mate can be powerfully persuasive. Even so, a free-spirited Gemini will ultimately only agree out of their own choice, and attempts to manipulate or control them may only put them off. A subtler Cancer will let Gemini think they have come up with the idea themselves, not realizing that the idea has been gently planted in them.

    A friendship here is not immediately suggested by this combination, but the relationship's empathic connection can take the two of you a long way. A frequent theme of the friendship will be talking about feelings. Although you may not see each other consistently, friends in this combination will be there for each other in times of need. Your selfishness in getting your own way often leaves little room for any third party in the equation.

    If you want this relationship to succeed, you must both try to see things from the other person's point of view. Do what you need to do quietly. and don't be guided by rebelliousness - instead, follow your hearts.

  • Thank you.

    At this point I feel like if I open up I'm just going to get hurt (I'm the cancer). But perhaps this attitude is why he said I was flighty the other week. At the time I was like, "WTF, your the gemini," but I've reacting more the the vibes he is giving off in different situations then being more grounded. Certainly a lot to think about.

  • It's fine to be self-protective - to a point. If it stops you from enjoying honest and deep relationships with others, then being closed is no longer helping but harming you.

  • I invited him out to karaoke tomorrow night with a couple mutual friends, we'll see what happens.

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