A troubling spread.. need your experience and advice:)

  • Welcome everyone,

    I always felt respect for this cards, it took me almost 2 years to learn tarot history and it connections to kabbalah and alchemy.

    the question was: Will I regain her love? (Yeah I know, sounds cheesy but it is something that really matters to me right now) I decided to go with a horseshoe spread from J.W. Suliga book:

    1. Past. The circumstances and events that led to the present situation.

    2. Present. The current situation.

    3. Future. The near future.

    4. The key card of the spread. Shows the way to handle the problem, what to do, what to avoid.

    5. Friends and Family. How other people see and affect the situation.

    6. Obstacles. The obstacles that must be overcome.

    7. Outcome. The most likely outcome of the current situation.

    The cards where as follows:

    1. VI of Dinars

    2. VII of Batons

    3. Ace of swords

    4. The Star

    5. The High priestess

    6. VI of batons - reversed

    7. 10 of Dinars.

    Can someone help me to understand this? At the moment I'm quite confused. I got a pretty clear understanding when i saw the cards, but a lot of people i talked to had different opinion. I'd really like to hear yours. Please write your honest interpretation of this spread, i don't want to give any clues that mislead the interpreters.



  • I know you asked for Tarot but I was drawn to your post as a psychic. And since I really believe you do have a good intuition about this and already have outside input perhaps something from me will give clarity to what already is there as far as validation. First, your question needs tweaking---as it is not the nature of love to be regained. Love is constant---what interfears is the choice to close ones self off or a choice to protect oneself from something or love ends when it is tested and found that the core motivations were not really love but the attraction was made up of other needs. Underneath your question I sense you are still a bit in the dark about what went wrong. That you felt safe in her love then it was gone. You blame yourself to a degree because she did have complaints that you ignored-- not to be intentialy crue---l but you both had different ideas about the rules of love. There was a bit of a stalemate as to you compromising with her felt unatural for you. She wanted more validation and proof and more of your attention. Where you felt like she needed to just "know" you loved her. Unfortunetly at some point your shadow side--that can't stand weakness or being pushed or controlled lashed back in a way that did hurt her. I feel the jelousey issue came up. A grave misunderstanding of both your natures---she decided you did not love her and in her pain she counter punished and did something back. The big sting! I see communication was the big problem and she is more insecure than you can understand or tolerate--that's your nature. Her emotions often needed an outlet and you prefered not to go there and when avoiding that you gave her the wrong message--as if you didn't care but really you just wanted not to deal with messy emotions--you think differently---you go logical--it's either fix it or stop whining. Her shadow side harbors abandonment issues so in a way that wound would have kept creating conflict with you as relationships mirror our wounds and hopefully as a partnership each heals or breaks up and moves on to the next relationship often repeating the same patterns. Spirit says the cards reflect an urging to focus inward not outward. To work on yourself--towards higher concieseness. To let go of the past and not dwell on regret. The future asks you to meet it from a wiser point of view--as in lesson learned. Your biggest challange is dealing with emotions--you have all or nothing issues and feel out your comfort zone or fear your own level of intensity---fear being made a fool of--ego---these are very silent things you prefer not to think about and you must face them as they are the things that betray you into doing "stupid stuff" you regret. Your challange is to understand your needs and your faults without self punishment--but as a knowledge of self love in a unconditional way so you can manage your choices. All that intense emotion has to go somewhere otherwise it can bite you in innapropriate ways. I do see a female more your equal on the horrizon---someone who does not put up with much yet is very nurturing and vulnerable in a way that forces you to get a little crazy in a good way as it will open you up more. She will know you better than you know yourself but you will be ready for that. I'm being shown a small woman with a mighty presence---artistic--strong like a man--stubborn and a real powerhouse of energy. She comes from a family that has prepared her for anything--her father was dominating and raised her like a son--no crybaby stuff--yet he loved her strongly---so she has a thick skin for contradictions and spirit shows me you often confuse women with "contradictions". I'm shown the number 6---so that is important between you. Also, October will bring news from the female you asked about. Spirit shows another "sting" on her part. You will hear news through the grapevine and feel a sting but be advised not to let it shake you as it is all superficial. If you follow spirit advice starting now it will not be an issue. The advice is to work on you---spend more time living in the now and leave the past and the future less a distraction. You have put off some goals ---something started about 3 months ago got pushed aside. Spirit advises returning to a goal situation but not so all or nothing--do not set yourself up for failure---let up on yourself yet keep the momentum. Be aware that you have an underlineing fear of screwi ng up. It freezes you up or sends you into a spiril of self punishment--you can be very hard on yourself. Again this all goes back to that core issue of not knowing how to deal with the intensity of your emotions--the all or nothing thing. The relationship that will help heal you will push your buttons in an uncomfortable way but it will help you learn to diffuse apropriatly in little bits. This woman will understand you enough to forgive your inapropriate energy bursts of defense enough so you can feel safe and she will hold you accountable yet will not punish you in the way of past relationships of hurt and hurt you back. Again--spend this time focused on higher concesniouse and loving yourself in a unconditional way--understanding it's a journey and mistakes are not all Fups but lessons and growth--so to move ahead do not dwell on fixing the past--it's gone. Redirect your energy in a passionate way that feeds your soul and your journey will move along faster---BLESSINGS! PS--I.m also shown the numbers 11 11 (twice)

  • For you! Blessings!

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