Blmoon, Somethings happening

  • Hi Blmoon,

    its been awhile, thank you to you and your spirit for posting messages that serve others not only the one seeking answers.

    hoping you are going to be out and about on this New moon:)

    I'm in a transition of some kind:( not a good one...flashes of people, animals, i can't shake these images...I don't know what to do?

    love and light



    PS thank you for being you:)

  • 🙂

  • Sorry to hear your feeling fearful. Right now part of it is very universal---like heavy traffic for a lot of us who are sensitive---the energy is buzzing fear for a lot of people

    there is a universal fear of what the future holds--money wise---there is a lot of security fears. It is very close to a mass hysteria right now that keeps rippling. As you know there is always a parrallel spiritual agenda as well that these earthly and planetary influences amplify so it's not unusual. Right now is not the time to take any emotions too seriously--or even doom and gloom predictions as Spirit says it can all turn on a dime. A lot of todays drama will pass. A lot of housecleaning will come of it---some people will have events push them into making desicions they put off--others will feel the peace of learning not to give in to fear--like a spiritual excercise--now is the time for tests on all levels. Tell me exactly what is scaring you and I will sort out for you what is real and what is fear. BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks Blmoon,

    every person/spirit I'm seeing has passed on, and its freaking me out, i am trying to figure out what they want from me...

    The other day, i saw a pet being carried out in a large bag, i live right across the Lane way from a pet doctor. He just through the animal in a back of a white van like it was garbage, but i knew differently.i cried so much and i can't get that out of my head...My partners mom passed away last month and she won't let me be! she stares at me with a smile, near the end of her life it was brain cancer that took her. I was never close to her at all...I keep also seeing my partner Jeff who passed and my father from 5 years ago..i feel like I'm loosing it thoughts are not good anymore depression,anxiety...i was on a really good spiritual journey and poof..i am so stuck with one foot on earth and one foot in the universe...i am trying desprately to ground myself, and i feel like something/someone/me perhaps is holding me back...all of this is affecting my spirit:(

    thanks Blmoon.


    love and light


  • Blmoon, i wanted this gift so bad so i could help people...Its been awhile since I've been on tarot to spread love and hope:) I know thats my mission in life and i have excepted that...I feel my purpose is to plant the seed in people, but it comes with a price also! I am finally OK with that, i make a lot of really good acquaintances/friends then when they are healthy enough they move on...There was a time i resented that, but now I understand a little more of my purpose...Does that make sense.

    Now i can't feel like i can give that hope,because i don't have it myself. its not like a pitty party I'm in, its a feeling of no control, and that is my biggest fear.

    love and light


  • MyJourney

    you know the program "the dog whisperer" ? Spirit is jokeingly saying you need that! But not for your dog but for your gift! You are fearful that the open door leaves you out of control and so your gift has a mind of it's own you can't feel safe with. First, your gift was always there and you chose to ignore it early on as most children do until some life event forces them to open back up--it is a very hard gift to ignore as it is not selective--you also tune out your higher help and guidence so at some point you must open up the airways. Some psychics fill their lives with chaos and distractions just to keep from seeing things they rather not know. Also it is a hard weight--others pain. The dead dog--it was not the dogs pain or the death that filled you--what you picked up was the intense pain of it's owners and their fear and heartache at the reality that yes they had to walk away from their beloved pet--which went in an instant from spirit to just a lump of remains. A psychic is often hit with emotions and have no idea where they are coming from and confuse them as their own feelings about the situation. There really was no crime in the disposal of the dog. That dog was not in it's diseased body. You are being challenged to walk through these moments--let it wash through you but then you have to let it go. Right now you are drained---burnt out. You missed the signs way back as to when to detach. It's a healers responsability to not ignore their needs. It is so hard to be selfish or even seem unreasonable or a bit crazy when it comes to needing to be alone and detached. Being overdrawn often is deceiving because you may not feel tired but instead the signs lie--and you may suddenly feel really buzzed with energy--this is a sign of overstimulation and that is a warning---part of you will feel like giving out more but really it is time to be alone. Ignore that and the next warning will be anxiety--and ignore that and depression comes and then you're in deep and it's very hard to push through that stage. Rest is essential. I always know that when my dreams start feeling like they do not belong to me anymore and I'm dreaming of people I've posted with that it's time to break away. I know all this well and still struggle at times as do all psychics--empaths and healers. It's not just about having and using the gift --you have different needs. You may be accused of being selfish or moody or distant at times when you cancel an outing--or require your own room. Many psychics sleep alone. To be sensitive and a sponge comes with boundries. And you can't expect others to always get it so you really have to be ok with yourself--believe in yourself. If you don't honor your needs you invite illness. Also, be aware but without fear that there is evil out there and people who use their gifts in dark ways---sending poisen arrows. They can drain you as well--specially if you are trying to help someone who is a tortured soul--has a mental illnesss--those energys can suck you dry. Feel safe in knowing that in your full power there is nothing that can harm you but letting your energy get low will leave you full of holes and other energies have room to invade your space. That's how I visualize it---that everytime you give out you must replenish or you end up full of holes and outside energy can take over--and suddenly your overwhelmed with fears and grief and feel trapped. Right now--you are not yourself--you gave too much. The spirit visitations are actually trying to help you and protect you. You need to accept these aspects of being gifted without fear. I always sleep with a nightlight on so not to be distracted by visits. Your motherinlaw is smiling at you because she wants you to know only the good stuff went with her and not to dwell or remember the confision of understanding her--she is her true soul self and she left all that distorted aspects of her earthly life when she passed--she feels a great loving need to send love to all those she hurt because she was insecure and imagined the worst of others--wasn't good at receiving love. A lot of your anxiety is a lie---you are over stimulated with others fears. You are depleted. Fear is always the last warning befor illness and then comes loss of faith. The cure? Bliss---and letting yourself receive--spend time with people who feed your spirit--are givers and have positive energy. Take a break from all drama and no tapping into helping others. Spending time with children--playing is helpfull--enjoying music or art and time with nature. Avoid drama and stress. You will know the moment you are ok again as fear will be lifted and you will feel sadness and feell empathy for others but it will be in flashes that do not last--they are felt then released and you are more driven by your own true emotions. It means you are filled up with your own sense of self and other people's energies have no room to latch on to you. You just need to rest and receive for awhile---this too shall pass!

    my prayer:

    Dear saint Michael please lend your strength to this giving Spirit who with her big heart so needs to rest and find her balance again--give her your courage to see past the fear of her weakened spirit. Be her protector as she gathers strength so she may be the voice and messenger of the angels. Dear Mother Mary please nurture this child of God and show her how to mother herself so she can nurture others. Let the child in her receive the bliss that keeps the heart an open vessel of unconditional love---a bright light that heals the wounds of others with it's innocence and purity of intention to heal. Dear guides and Angels give this tired woman who serves faithfuly the wisdom to carry the weight of her gift so she may be a servant of God without harming herself. Dear guardian Angel--who never leaves her side--please fill her with your Golden presence so she can feel your promise---it is good to feel safe it is safe to feel good. Thank you for hearing this prayer. Amen.

  • PS--Saint Michael sends this helping gift. To calm anxiety there is a very short healing prayer that brings you back into the moment and detaches you from imagined fears. ALWAYS US LIVING LOVE. Say it as many ways as you wish and as long as it takes to bring peace. In your head or out loud--it doesn't matter. It is a gift and it works! As soon as peace comes fortify it by going outside and being aware of the nature around you---ground your bare feet with the earth and be open to receive. BLESSINGS!

  • Namaste Blmoon,

    Words cannot describe how i am feeling right this moment, "talk about Goose Bumps" LOL...,

    you have definitely put my life in perspective, Just knowing that i may have to take some time to get where i was and "WALK PAST MY FEAR" at last,

    i feel its going to be OK. All of which you had posted was step by step the warning signs that i did not pay attention to.

    I will treasure this post and place it in my heart as a guide for when my spirit is recharged once again

    . I felt lifted as i was reading your words/spirits words to me, this leads me to tell you how grateful to the universe/God/Angels etc. for you and your guidance.

    Across the ocean I send you a gigantic hug:)

    BLESSINGS! Blmoon




    Some information on the Blue Rose and the Blue moon, i wanted to find the right picture for you to express my appreciation

    The next Blue Moon, according to folklore, will be August 31, 2012.

    Blue Roses

    Accomplishing the impossible, fighting all odds and new beginnings can also be represented by the blue rose meaning. When we tread on a path which has an untold, unexplained beginning, our heart is filled with feelings and waves which fall short of words to be described. Such an excitement can also be expressed through a blue rose.

    Peace,Love and Light

  • You have given me much pleasure! And I have searched for ever for a true blue rose! Thank you!

    Always us living love--BLESSINGS!

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