Cleansing cards!

  • Hi, I have this problem and was hoping someone could help...

    I am living with a friend at her parents house and they know I do the tarot, so I wanted to do a reading for someone and the star card was missing and I know I didn't misplace it or lose it!

    But anyway after I had to go away for a weekend and when I came back the card was back, so I found out they took the whole deck to someone who does “white magic” and this person told them I put something on my friends mom , which I DID NOT! Telling them that its devil cards, lol! And apparently this woman did something with the cards and did a reading with the cards and told them that I will be having a lot of badluck which is currently happening!, so I want to know how do I cleanse the cards or what can I do???

  • Hi chichi000chichi000

    There are several ways to clear the cards of negativity. Get some sage and burn it in an astray or glass container and pass each card back and front of card through the smoke. Saying as you do it negativity be removed form this card. Do it a couple of times till you feel they are cleared of the negative energy.

    When a situation such as yours happens. Maybe it is time to get rid of the cards and buy a new deck.

    You can also place them in a container of sea salt for 24 hours. Place the cards in the container spread out as best you can and sprinkle the sea salt on them. Say again negativity be removed from these cards. You can also use the full moon and the sun. However the sage is the quickest way.

    Sage is a pruifier and cleanser of negativity. You can also sage your area of living space with it as well.

    So very sorry to hear about your problem. I personally would shred or burn those cards and get a new deck.

    May the light of protection surround you,

    your friend in Tarto,


  • I agree TheQueensofWands with her last comment.

    What I am wondeing is what else they took without you noticiing. Also make quick plans to move out of that house to be on your own. Get a new deck after you leave.


  • HI chichi000chichi000

    I should have mentioned this in my last post. A white witch practices good magic and follows the wiccan creed. One thing in the creed is Do as ye will but Harm none. Second when I think about it no tarot reader of wiccan would use anothers tarot deck. Nor would just a tarot reader. Reason for that is not to take on the negativity that could be in the cards from someone else.

    As with the cards sage yourself as well be carefully passing the sage around you, saying nagitivity energy and bad intentions be removed from me. Say that till you feel that your are cleased.

    Get your self a candle with the picture of Saint Michael the ArchAngel on it. Litght it and and Say his prayer. It should be on the back of the candle. Ask him to protect you agains all evil from others. Burn the candle for a good 3 days. At night when you go to sleep pray to him and ask him to stay in your life and always protect you. Say the prayer in the morning and again ask him for his protection. before you leave for work and start your day.

    Now remember what you "GET SO SHALL YOU GIVE". For the protection that he will give you. Give something back in His Name. Anything you choose volenteering at a food shelter, Helping someone out making a donation to a charity. You will know. Something done in memory of Saint Michael the ArchAngel thanking him for helping you.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • Also I agree with Flowsco MOVE OUT. I personally would not trust them after this incident. They should have never have entered your space uninvited. That is the creed of renting a room to someone. Might be part of their house but you are paying them for that space. That space is now yours. They were very wrong to go in to your space.


  • Thank you for the advice! But now when you mentioned what else they might have taken, there is a silver ring that I have that went missing with the cards, I had someone pray for it for protection a while back because I had a feeling that something/someone was trying to harm me and it just magically showed up with the card that went missing!

  • chichi000chichi000,

    Wow that sounds interesting. I wonder if that ring was used for spell casting. If you have it take and sage it as well. If you know someone who uses holy water or if you can get some from a catholic church. Take that ring and set it in a container and pour the holy water over it. let it set there again praying to Saint Michael and asking him to remove the evil intention energy that could have been placed on it.

    Other then that you can find a newage shop in your area and ask them if they can remove the spell if there has been one placed on it.

    This is not white magic this is black magic. White witch I do not believe would ever perform evil spell casting. Not to frighten you, Depends on what you believe if you believe it can harm you then it will. If you believe you are and have protection from evil and hurtful people then you do. Keep Saint Michael with you at all times. Believe me when I say he will protect you, He will I know it for a fact.

    I am sending you lights of protections and have asked myself for Saint Michael to protect you and remove all the evil intentions from you. For him to fight it off with his sword and his shield to cover you with its shielding light. I am going to type out the prayer to him that you should say. I will post it next after I submit this one.

    My you have the strength of Saint Michael with you and around you and in you.

    Your friend in love and Light of protection,

    The Queen of wands

  • Here is the prayer to say: Please say it and use it Please.

    Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our safequard against the wiles and wickedness of the devil. Restrain him. O God we humbly pray and do tho, O Prince of the Heavenly Host. By the power of God cast into hell satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin and destruction of souls. Amen

    Say this pray at night when going to sleep and say it in the morning. and during your day. Again he is the Angel of protection. He will protect you. Just believe in him to help you.

    May you have the strength of Saint Michael with you around you and in you.

    Your friend in love and the light of protection,


  • Once again I agree with TheQueenofWands and please move out A.S.A.P. these people doesn't have your best interest at heart and I sense they jealous you for some reason. Otherwise they wouldn't go to this length to invade your privacy and personality.

    I hope you haven't had the ring on. And to make it clear you need WHITE sage and not normal sage.

    Don't lend out your clothes and if you have let them keep it. And try your very hardest not to make your moving plans known up to the moment that you have left.

    Good luck and take care.


  • Yes by all means white sage and yes get out of there as soon as you can. These people are greedy, evil and selfish. I am getting something that you did to displease them. You did not do it or say it intentionally. I know you did not do anything evil to them. YOU are not that way. They have totally misunderstood you. They are now seeking revenge which is a sin.

    In the wiccan creed it also states that what harm you think of and what harm you do it will come back three times fold. This is why I do not think again it was a white witch. No way.

    Again sending you all the white light I can over the wires.

    Michael be with you now and for ever.


  • here is a picture of Saint Michael the ArchAngel.

  • The first picture did not come up. It was to large. I am going to try this again.

  • Chic000,

    Finally I got it to upload. You can print the picture of Saint Michael out and carry it with you or place it in your space.

    Love and the Light of Protection sent to you


  • Thanks again for everything :-)!

    I will definitely print the picture get the sage and do the prayer!!!

    I haven't had the ring on since, something told me that I shouldn't,and the cards also doesn't give me clear messages if that makes sense.

    I don't know what I might have done to offend these people or whatever it is they think I did,but as soon as I can I'm going to move out!

    As for the white magic I don't believe it either, because the woman who took the cards also works with a woman who is an sangoma and that is definitely black magic!!

    Funny enough these people are the ones who is always telling me that they are protected by God, but now they do things like this.

    Thanks again!!

  • Ah african shamen. Herbel magic, etc. Interesting. Oh my. Ok well then it is Saint Michael you need.

    Do not forget to get the candle of him. You can get that in a grocery store in the international food Isle. Please light it. If not then at best get a white candle to represent it. Light it and burn it for the three days. Then do the rest. White for purification and also protection. Representing the white light.

    Now do not confront these people of this issue. Just do what you need to do for you. God he is a forgiving good and loving god but he is also a Just God. So we know this What goes around comes around.

    This issue could have been triggered off from something to do with rent money and something to do with who you might have had with you in your space or what you have been doing in or with your space. I really feel that it was a total misunderstanding.

    The parties in question Forgive them for they know not what they do. You now must forgive them and not be revengeful. I know you know this. Just had to say it.

    Things will look better once you do all that was suggested here. Find a new place and move on. Till then stay out of their way. If approached and asked about it.Keep the mind set with them of forgiveness.

    Love and the Light of protection sent to you,


  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance

    I have cleansed some of my cards by the light of the FULL MOON. Sometimes after a sage smudging or sea salt.

    Also, I have charged my new cards in the light of the NEW MOON. With the new cards, I ask them to be empowered with universal light and used only for the HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL.

    The same for my crystals. The sage or sea salt can be used during these times

    I totally agree, one who is a WHITE WITCH or WICCAN would not have touched somebody elses possesion or tools. It is unethical.

    Also, Now when I do clearing, I avoid negative phrases.

    Blessing and may all be well and protected with the UNIVERSAL LOVE AND LIGHT .


    Loving silver wings

  • Hi lovingsilverwings,

    Glad to see you up and all done from the shingles. Yes the full moon does wonders for charging and clearing the cards, crystals etc. Same as sea Salt. I also think sea salt can be used to protect an area by sprinkling it around door ways and window sills to keep the evil out and away.

    I understand Basil will have the same style of protection if sprinkled on the floor and then swept out the door. Thym is also a good herb used for protection. Many herbs are good to be used for different things besides cooking. I hope all is doing well for chic000chic000 the inquirer of this thread.

    I am glad to see you up and about.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • angel hugs TheQueen of Wands

    Thank you for the warm thoughts.

    Rosemary and Lavendar in or near the doorway are also good for protection.

    Yes, it feels good to be up and about and off some of the medications. Some had me sleeping a lot. Now, I am working to regain my stamina and energy.

    Mercury retograte is affecting my computer as I did attempt to write this message..


    loving silver wings

  • chichi000chichi000 if you have some crystals and any of them repel negativity carry them on you. Black tourmaline, amethyst amber,aventurine are all used for dispelling negative energy. They don't absorb it.

  • Hi all here,

    Lovingsilverwings, Oh my you really had a time with the shingles. I hope you will be completely better real soon. I just love the smell of both rosemary and lavender. I grew rosemary last summer then I dried and saved it. I would run my fingers down the stem and what a fragrance. I also planeted a lavender plant by my door and just loved the smell from that as well. However my lavender did not winter well and I lost it.

    Last winter I made some home made candles and used some of the dried rosemary. I was experimenting. I was hoping it would capture the fragrance of it but I did not get a real strong scent.However the candles burned nicely.

    Rosemary is also remeberance. You can take both of these herbs and use them for cleansing as well. I also grew basil and used that too.

    Good one on the cystals LibrasLair yes it is good to carry a protection one around. I too think that would be most fitting in this situation. I hope chichi000 has gotten their cards cleansed and all is well with him/her.

    Love and Light to you all,

    Your friend in tarot


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