Cleansing cards!

  • Hi, I have this problem and was hoping someone could help...

    I am living with a friend at her parents house and they know I do the tarot, so I wanted to do a reading for someone and the star card was missing and I know I didn't misplace it or lose it!

    But anyway after I had to go away for a weekend and when I came back the card was back, so I found out they took the whole deck to someone who does “white magic” and this person told them I put something on my friends mom , which I DID NOT! Telling them that its devil cards, lol! And apparently this woman did something with the cards and did a reading with the cards and told them that I will be having a lot of badluck which is currently happening!, so I want to know how do I cleanse the cards or what can I do???

  • This post is deleted!

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