• Carly83

    In life we have wants and needs within us that drive us sometimes to a point of willy nilly. You have reached such a point. With this man the answer is Yes you need to leave him be and move on. Ask yourself just what it was about him that you wanted so much. His charm= his wonderful way of handling himself and other people= the feeling he gave you with each touch and kiss? Do you not think that you will find someone else that will give you even more than you need and ask for without begging them for it?If you believe not than I can not help you for you see Iam a spiritual person whom has faith and has been through a lot in life, that has taken me to this point of knowledge to give and share with others,

    If however you do believe that by letting him go you will recover and move on to a man that is meant for you on more levels than one, I have tell you that in six months from now you will be entering into a new way of thinking and draw to you a wonderful man and love mate that you will just know was sent from heaven above. When and if you deceide to let that happen, please write on this site to me and tell me of the happiness you have found.


  • Shaubby,

    Thanks!.. I sure hope so!!! It seems this one is going to get me in a lot of trouble.

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