Scorpio Women Loving Leo Men

  • I have been knowing this guy since I was 7yrs old. Best friends since we were 14&15 & started our relationship at 16 & 17. Now at 20yrs this Scorpio fem has some real different, twisted views on pleasure. I'm curious whats the freakiest episode this dynamic duo has conjured. lol They say some Scorpio women wish they could have been born men subconsciously. I know I damn sure do! Just so I could live as fairly as men do! But back to the matter at hand, some Leo men are into analingus pleasures. Licking and rubbing their anal. Well as far as me and mine we have elevated a bit much past that. I'm curious about this pair because I pray in my heart he will never need a man for the job. Excuse my frankness but I just wanted to know if there are any other couples under this sign that go over the edge. We are very different from the norm and I enjoy it just as much as he does. Scorpios are known for their ulterior motive the one no one can quite figure out. I just hope I'm not his cover up! See I had bisexual tendencies, but everything works out for me because I get to do all those things to him. Anyone else familiar with this, PLEASE RESPOND!

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