Please help interpreting

  • what do these cards mean for me(GN) and him (JGC))


    The Hermit


    The Fool


    The Hierophant


    Wheel of Fortune


    The Devil


    The Chariot


    The Emperor

  • Hi

    I was once told that the cards ones spread and chooses is an reply for that instant moment. It changes the next moment. If you draw the same time n again u ought listen to the message given. Have u googled them? The meaning of the cards is found online as well as on here,

    I feel the comminucation is you and this person walk around the hot stew avoiding the hot topic that may explode n burn you both. yet u both know they need to b adressed. Question is who is the bolder one.

    Upfront would one shy n walk away from teh fool, but the fool here is the brave one on a glance as it useally has no care unles its taken on.

    im not so good on tarot cards as i once was as i ve moved from cards. But ill say this, without communication u got nothing. So hon if u want something u start talking n dive into the hot topics.

    what u face is fear of what if´s, but trust me once uve dove in n said it, ull see there is no what ifs nor fear.

    Again, without communication, what have u got?

    cwb attempting to help, if im way off i apologize.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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