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  • Over the last 2 years I have had several posts about my husband and I separating. Well, he's back and poor. He screwed up financially. Everyone thinks I am crazy for letting him on my couch. He's still emotionally involved with the woman that broke us up (Ithink). I want him to get on his feet financially and get out. He has turned my household upside down and I would like to move far away from here. Can anyone see anything good for me. I am stressed to the max.

  • Marsc135

    Have you ever heard the old saying : We ask for what we get? In your case that is just what is happening to you. You now have had to face that his heart still does not belong to only you and now you feel like you want to flee far away. You always have GOOD around you if you look for it. EX: You now have your ex back and showing that other woman that you can have him back in your life. This should have made you happy but now you are stressed to the max with him there. My advice as one woman to another, is start to think ahead and what life will be like for you in five years? Got a plan for your life? Don't just breeze along with the wind and end up ship wreaked. You have to believe there is a purpose for everything and for every person in your life. I am on your side here OK I have higher standards than most and married a man that has even higher expectations than I do. Marriage is no game or playground without rules to be followed and RESPECT given on both sides. I hope that you can see the forest for the trees now and start a new life without your ex. Love yourself enough to leave him and start anew with another man that will grant you a wish or two in the happiness arena of life. Your ex has family members to help him or friends, cut the cord and let freedom ring.


  • Believe me Shaubby, I want to meet that other man like yesterday, but in the 2 years we have been separated I haven't met anyone. I am ready, but at one point you had mentioned a name John. Well shortly after that post I did meet JOhn, but he was my husbands old boss. When he found out who i was he wouldn't even go out with me after a night of flirting. I see him at work sometimes and he will only say hi.

    Besides that, my husband had to leave this womans house because he had no money to even eat. I just want him to get his head straight. I have a problem with always taking people in. For once I want someone to take care of me. I know even if I get him straight this time he'll screw up again. I did this for my daughter, she has been hurt by all this.

    Please tell me some good things for my future. I also would like to move to Florida, not sure if that will ever happen.

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  • Marsc135

    You are a good hearted person when it comes to family. You say that your husband will do it again even though your helping him. You did this for your daughter, whom will live right on and have her own life one day soon. I suggest again that you START a new life for yourself and when you do, you will RELEASE your ex and know that your daughter will be fine too. FL certainly can be in your future if you work towards it. Noting is handed to many of us.

    Some of us get to be Stars others get to twinkle. You have some money coming to you not a large sum but I see a $ sign in front of you perhaps a raise in pay. I see you out dancing in a group almost like square dancing or line dancing. You will have trouble meeting another man until you release your ex, I do not feel another man around you at this time, not saying that you can not go out and meet men , just do not feel your heart is ready for it.

    When it is ready you will meet a man that has something to do with a ranch and horses around him he either owns the ranch or trains horses. Beautiful country is what Iam seeing. This will be a slow and easy romance , ones that blossoms out like a flower in the spring. He is a tall man and wears boots. Feels like dark hair and eyes. Look for him to happen when you least expect it to.

    Luck and Love Be With You


  • Hi important notice, can you tell me more about the spread you have posted.

  • Once again Shaubby, Thank you. But your right, as soon as I get him out the door and on his own (because I feel like his mother LOL) I can get on with my life. But the funniest part I just started line dancing.

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